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You need to know the charity law, these things — the rule of Law — original title: charity law, you need to know these things, the Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing August 31 charity law, you need to know these things, Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Si north, Shi Yucen, Wu Jing September 1st, charity law formally implemented, the healthy development of charity. Will be subject to legal norms and protection. Charity is closely related to you and me. How to do good for everyone? You need to know about charity. [charity donations], not only the charity law, charitable activities, refers to the natural persons, legal persons and other organizations to donate property or services etc., to carry out voluntary poverty relief and relief; help the old, disabled, sick, homeless and pension allowances; relief of natural disasters, accidents and public health incidents the damage caused by emergencies and other public welfare activities. National People’s Congress, the national moral model, said Sun Donglin, charity initiative to raise money, strong output. At present, China’s charity from poverty, relief, disaster relief and gradually to promote the development of education, science, culture, health and sports, protect the environment is conducive to the activity of the social public benefits and other areas of development. In addition to donations, donations, helping the poor, help the disabled old, a form to participate in charitable activities, volunteer service is also involved in charity. As long as there is good, everyone can do good. Do people want to raise money? The need for cooperation] charity charity law is not clear, public donations to qualified organizations or individuals based on charitable purposes, can cooperate with public donations to charitable organizations with qualifications, by the charity fundraising and carry out public management raised funds. China Beijing Normal University Institute of public welfare charity law center executive director Li Yinglu said, if it is in order to rescue himself or close relatives on the Internet help information, should be regarded as the individual help seeking behavior, the law does not prohibit. And if it is in order to save myself and other close relatives of the other people on the network launched a personal fund-raising, illegal fund-raising, you need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. "People want to raise funds and materials for people to carry out fund-raising activities, neither relative nor friend, or by charitable organizations to do." Law Committee of the NPC Standing Committee and former deputy director Kan Ke pointed out that such legal provisions is to guide to do charitable activities through charitable organizations, so as to better regulate the charity activities. Initiated fundraising, charitable organizations can not be self willed charitable donations, including the public for the public to raise funds and targeted directed fund-raising. As a participant in the charity activities, charitable organizations to raise funds can not be "willful" and. According to the "charity organization identification measures (Draft)", was identified as social organizations, social service agencies, charitable organizations, shall comply with to carry out charitable activities for the purpose; in line with the provisions of laws and regulations of the constitution; have its own name and domicile; necessary property; internal governance structure and improve the decision-making, clear the execution and supervision mechanism, a sound financial system and other conditions. Was successfully identified as charitable organizations on the Everything will be fine.? When)相关的主题文章: