Changchun house prices fell 140 yuan per square

Changchun prices down 140 yuan square meters this week that Changchun commodity residential market will be singing all the way, did not expect that only last a week once again declined. 1, 2009, the Changchun evening news reporter learned from the gram and Rui Changchun institutions, last week, the city’s commercial housing transaction price fell again, fell from $7090 square meters to 6950 yuan square meters, a decrease of $140 per square meter. Last week, the average price of commercial housing market in Changchun has declined, but the magnitude is not large, mainly to improve the transaction of individual projects, so that the overall price is still maintained at a high level. Just need products with the arrival of the winter break, reduce the concentration of bulk transactions." Grams and chief analyst Su Xiaoxiao Rui Changchun agency told reporters, since still maintain a more popular trend Changchun into the second half of the real estate market, either volume or price has increased considerably, but for a single project, the price increase is not too large, the overall market is still stable. She said that from the beginning of March, Changchun market quickly pick up, house prices have started to rise, on the one hand, because of favorable policies lead to improved product ratio has increased, on the other hand some hardcover room, the school district housing and other high value-added product sales also have a certain impact on the overall price, but overall prices are still showing a Changchun the trend of steadily.相关的主题文章: