Central bank September to carry out a total of 275 billion yuan MLF operations ekdv-273

Central bank: September to carry out MLF operation a total of 275 billion yuan in September 2016 to carry out the interim lending facilities in September 2016, in order to maintain reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, combined with the demand of liquidity of financial institutions, the people’s Bank for financial institutions to carry out the medium-term borrowing convenient operation a total of 275 billion yuan, including the period of 6 months 194 billion yuan, 81 billion yuan for 1 years, the interest rate respectively. 2.85%, 3%. At the same time, back to the middle of 123 billion 200 million yuan loan convenience. 9 at the end of the loan balance of 19063 yuan. People’s Bank of China in the provision of medium-term lending facilities, while guiding financial institutions to increase support for small and micro enterprises and the three rural and other key areas of the national economy and weak links. [read] interim lending facilities: interim lending facilities (Medium-term Lending Facility, MLF), the middle is the central bank lending facilities provide a medium-term monetary base monetary policy tool, object to meet the requirements of macro Prudential Management of commercial banks, policy banks, can be carried out through bidding. Payment method for the pledge, and the need to provide high-quality bonds as collateral. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: