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Live fire over the world to watch the number of live YouTube surge by 80% 魔界骑士イングリッド

Google broadcast Huobian global Youtube watch live number jumped 80% in the field of social status, determined to live in head-on Facebook and Snapchat. Over the past year, the number of live viewing Youtube surge 80%. According to the British financial times, Youtube Product Manager Neal Mohan said the live video upload also increased by 30%; in May of this year’s Champions League Cup final live 2 million 200 thousand people watched live, is one of Britain’s biggest: Youtube has been successfully broke into the broadcast field. When consumers think of video, whether live or on-demand, Youtube will emerge in their minds. And Youtube live is part of it." Neal Mohan told the financial times. The live broadcast of Youtube’s revenue is still advertising revenue, Youtube’s advertising revenue rose 30% in a year. At present the foreign broadcast platform has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation "situation. Twitter has brought brand marketing gains Periscope, Facebook Live, and Google’s Youtube live broadcast. With the homogenization of serious, mostly rely on anchor attract the flow of domestic broadcast platform, the three largest foreign broadcast platform and not from the brokerage company "production line" anchors and presents a reward function, but by virtue of their original large user groups, different profit model has been rapid development. Google back in 2011 on the Youtube launched a live feature Youtube Live, when the live broadcast based on computers. But with the growing popularity of mobile video portal, in June of this year, Youtube will be added to the mobile phone features on the application, the user can click on the application on a live broadcast. Google to develop Youtube live, on the one hand, is based on the existing Youtube quality video content platform, on the other hand is also because of the growing competition Facebook and Snapchat live broadcast. Google has lagged behind in social terms, but also to ensure that the user traffic on the live. As early as last summer, Facebook began to try live video. In January this year, Facebook officially opened the video broadcast capabilities, launched with Facebook Live live features of iOS applications. Facebook said the day before, users watch live video of the average is three times as long as other types of video. Midia Research senior analyst Tim Mulligan told the financial times, by actively attracting influential companies and celebrities, Facebook live audience has more than 1 billion 600 million people. The form of fresh live content helps to retain the user, and the longer the user stay, the more advertising revenue, in addition, Facebook before the insertion of the longest 15 seconds of advertising further.相关的主题文章:

300 thousand only a few rear wheel drive cars, the highest discount actually has about 100000 auto – dxperience

300 thousand only a few rear wheel drive cars, the highest discount actually has about 100000 Sohu – you should know after the car drove over the previous drive control performance is better, and better control of the fun. But now the car in order to cater to the market after the flooding is less and less, in addition to some micro drive cars, the cheapest to close to 300 thousand. Today, take a look at these few of the cheapest car after the drive, there are up to 10 of the tens of thousands of concessions oh! Comment: Uncle brick can be said to be resolute the cheapest car driving after the young, sporty appearance, about 200000 starting price, there is a substantial discount, the market can do these points it is perhaps the only, but also adapted very large space. After the news blog will be discontinued at the global scale, although the last official sources said in the long term will not stop, but also explains the resolute replacement on the agenda, we will wait and see. Brick uncle comments: Q50L is a domestic version of imported Q50, enjoy 4 years or 100 thousand km free maintenance, but also with a rare one of the 7 block manual transmission, front drive in the form of considerable control fun. Now there are more than a few million discount rate. Brick uncle note: ATS-L is the absolute main Cadillac brand models, directly to the big three (Biao BBA Benz C level, the BMW 3 series and Audi A4L). ATS-L now there are many concessions, less than 250 thousand yuan after the offer can be scored. Brick comment: BMW 3 series is the benchmark level of control, strong power with excellent chassis, and then there is a precise point, will make people feel different places BMW. Now the 3 Series in many places there are many concessions.相关的主题文章:

BYD Dynasty series to take you on the grass! – Sohu car googims

BYD "Dynasty" series to take you on the grass! Sohu motors recently, BYD joint WeMedia from the media alliance jointly organized a cool Hailar, Dynasty driving tour activities. In this activity, BYD provides a listing of the latest series of "Qin Dynasty, Tang, Song Yuan," 4 models, with more than 30 well-known people from the media, self driving traveling to Hulun Buir prairie grassland is one of the four world. Group photo! Ready to go! The autumn chill grassland. The cold wind blowing, coerced the smell of the earth at the foot of the grass blowing, rustling sound. The wheat in the ground also starts to be suffused with yellow, along the wind to the wave of a wave of ups and downs. Head has been opened up, with slight MaiRen. The sun cast a warm and languid golden light, all over the mountains and plains. The distant blue clouds, surprisingly, gigantic crowded together, along with the wind direction at the walk. Stretch out on the grass, quietly watching Yunjuanyunshu, really cool days in autumn! The blue sky and white clouds, grass lawn, Ryo Meijingnaha every day like Qionglu, covering the grassland and grassland to the most important thing is to experience the X-Tour — no limit! I often listen to the old drivers early zounanchuangbei said: "in the city opened what is called the car to drive to the grassland!" You’re right! There is no limit, no traffic lights, no traffic, no Pengcier, just fast speed and stimulation to scream! As the whole team’s strength and strength to play the role of BYD Tang’s surprise! Tang who carry a power system of a set of "three mode". The "three" is the three power sources, respectively, is a 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine, front axle and rear axle motor motor. Engine maximum horsepower (151kW) rpm, the maximum torque for the cattle * m 1-rpm, while the maximum power of the motor is 150 horsepower, the maximum torque is $250 * M. "Dual mode" is the Tang can be mixed and pure electric mode, the two models can also be free to switch. Whether it is EV or HEV pure electric mode, hybrid mode, BYD has a strong Tang power performance, 100 kilometers acceleration of 4.9 seconds is absolutely not blow! The hybrid had no effect on the speed of power, whether it is up to speed when 100km h, or in the mud, potholes and other complex terrain, "Tang" can easily cope with. BYD km h Tang Dukes of Hazzard firmly in addition, since the another significant experience driving process is very stable: Center of gravity. BYD Tang is used before and after the Mcpherson independent suspension structure, and the batteries are also placed in the chassis, therefore, the Tang is more solid chassis, and a low center of gravity, is the so-called priceless low gravity, gives the feeling in the running very smoothly. Whether it is high speed, or high speed chicanes, speed of more than h in KM performance is very smooth, do not feel the slightest flick roll. BYD Tang low center of gravity chassis steady, point like this, a man driving the BYD dynasty.相关的主题文章:

Hongkong insurance company to suspend the mainland UnionPay card payment premium

Hongkong insurance company to suspend the mainland UnionPay credit card payment premium We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Hongkong insurance company to suspend the mainland UnionPay card payment premium! Source: good risk public today (October 28th) afternoon, a message began to spread in the Hongkong insurance circle: UnionPay has the opportunity to stop the mainland customers in the brush UnionPay card payment premiums. The news came out, immediately caused a hot discussion circle. Immediately, the news was confirmed, China UnionPay will be held at 0 am on October 29th, a full suspension of the payment of insurance premiums to pay the Hongkong unionpay. Hongkong insurance company products (including savings and life insurance critical illness insurance and other insurance premiums), can not use the UnionPay card payment mode. Another source said, because the liquidation channel domestic VISA and Mastercard by UnionPay payment control, business related to the clearing and settlement business, therefore, from October 29th onwards, the domestic VISA, Mastercard credit card will also likely cannot be used to pay the insurance premium in Hongkong. As of now, China life (Overseas) has suspended the UnionPay card to pay premiums and policy loans; Hongkong MetLife, AIA Hongkong from tomorrow suspended mainland customers UnionPay card payment; and yet there is the UK’s official news, but the verification center and payment center temporarily extend the working time to 11:59 at night. I believe other insurance companies in Hongkong will also continue to introduce relevant policies. Data chart. Affected by the high dollar, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar continued to fall, low innovation. Recently, the dollar index rose, the devaluation rate began to accelerate, also accelerate the continuous fermentation of emotional exchange. In order to circumvent the State Administration of foreign exchange supervision on domestic individual purchase of foreign exchange, the huge mainland continued influx of capital to buy large amounts of cash and insurance in Hongkong. Previously, this channel has been concerned and found to be limited, but according to the report, although UnionPay card single card limit effect, but there is no limit to the number of credit card credit card pen, brush hand soft large swap "sea" policy is still in Hongkong accelerated stage. I believe this is also an important reason for this major adjustment. Data chart. And the adjustment for the mainland to Hong Kong to buy insurance customers set a lot of obstacles, but also to continue fiery Hongkong insurance market in the future of a whirling. Is this a temporary or long-term? The future of the mainland to Hong Kong to buy insurance will be how easy to pay premiums? Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

Holiday leisure 18 years — we count together through the golden week – Politics –

Leisure holiday for 18 years — the inventory of golden week – Politics – original title: leisure holiday we walk together 18 years — we count together through the golden week in October 7 Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: holiday leisure 18 years — we count together through the golden week reporter of Xinhua News Agency on September 1999, the State Council issued the "measures" national holidays and festivals, decided to increase public holidays, the formation of the Spring Festival, "51" and "eleven" for 3 consecutive 7 days of holiday. Golden week was born. For 18 years, golden week has brought us? How can we change the golden week? A large amount of holiday travel across, normalized when the first arrival of the National Day golden week, holiday travel craze swept the country a surprise. According to statistics, the number of people traveling in the country within 7 days to reach 28 million passengers, tourism revenue of $14 billion 100 million. But at the time of the 7 days of accumulated astronomical in the present, less than half a day can be broken. The volume, golden week has been over several orders of magnitude. According to the China Tourism Research Institute predicted that this year’s National Day golden week domestic tourism market will receive 589 million passengers, tourism revenue of $478 billion 180 million. People is 20 times more than 18 years ago, revenue grew 30 times. Numbers are boring, memories and feelings are real. Born in the last century 50s yingzi still clearly remember the first comprehensive national Day golden family climbed Taishan scene. It was the first time her family had gone out. Although the conditions are very limited, but the family’s happiness and a sense of freshness of the first holiday has been stuck in memory. "It was very difficult to stay at that time, so it took a long queue to get it. Before departure, home cooked a pot of stewed chicken as "food". The top of the noodles 20 dollars a bowl, we only bought a bowl for the children." Both hard and yingzi about a sweet. Since then, the word "travel" has jumped from the dictionary to life. Later, yingzi every year traveling together and the family. After her retirement, she became obsessed with photography, hiking…… From the first trip to Taishan now, yingzi footprints have been all over the world. "The first golden week I booked by telephone. 18 years later, I still booked by telephone. But now it’s called App." Talk about 18 years of golden week change and unchanged, just retired Shanghai citizens Tao Zengrui said. From 18 years ago in the hotel line or telephone booking, now click mobile phone booking travel, tourism has realized from the hectic to simple. Ctrip Travel started from the call center, then just phone reservations and store sales. To the first 10 years of the new century, the tourism industry from the line to the line, people booking travel products from the store consulting, booking to the computer Internet, independent booking. From the beginning of 2010, the emergence of smart phones has brought new changes, the path of tourism has undergone a revolution. At present, Ctrip App cumulative downloads over 2 billion 300 million times, about 70% of the transaction amount from the mobile terminal. Liu Simin, vice president of the China future research council Tourism Branch, gold相关的主题文章: