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CITIC Securities three quarterly net profit fell 50% for a slight reduction of gold-y580

CITIC Securities three quarterly net profit fell 50% for a slight reduction of gold CITIC Securities Disclosure evening October 28th three quarterly show, the company in 2016 1 to September operating income of 27 billion 40 million yuan, down 36.24%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 7 billion 941 million yuan, down 50.33%; basic earnings per share of 0.66 yuan. As of September 30th, the total number of shareholders of the company was 560 thousand and 900, of which A shareholders of the shares of, H shares shareholders of 166. Contrast semi annual report data, China Securities Finance Limited by Share Ltd in the three quarter of a slight reduction in the company’s shares of about 18 million 567 thousand and 100 shares, the number of shares fell to 323 million 455 thousand and 700 shares, the shareholding ratio of the semi annual report of 2.82% fell to 2.67%. The Central Huijin asset management limited liability company, the number of shares remained unchanged, still with a 1.64% stake in the company’s sixth largest shareholder. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [] or [fupan588] multitray master  相关的主题文章:

Men dreamed of his wife derailment reporters beat frequency of domestic violence (Figure)

Men dreamed of his wife derailment reporters beat frequency of domestic violence (Figure) Qilu news network October 8th (reporter Lv Wei) that originated from Changle Liang sister a pass calls. According to Liang sister said, married 10 years, every two or three days suffered domestic violence, causes the husband Wang hands is all sorts of strange things, "dreaming that I ran with others, he began to beat me, I don’t know what. I tell people to learn to do micro business, for fear of him suspicious, just do things for women, sometimes in the evening lectures, he thought I was chatting with others, the phone grabbed and fell on the day that someone outside of me." Liang sister suffered domestic violence intolerable, half a month ago Liang sister divorced. However, Wang had become her ex husband, still don’t let her go, even the dormitory units do not let go, divorce is not home, the divorce and what is the difference? So, the elder sister to "chat" reporters for help. Changle County in the Hexi Village village, the oncoming a truck, one beam of the car is the recognized sister wang! Reporters immediately get off that had come, unexpectedly, then get off to the Pharaoh, straight outraged the reporter, reporters on hand, let reporters surprise, Wang even chase out a multi period, also want to pick up stones to hit people. Don’t chase the Lao Wang did not give up, sit on an electric car, the reporter behind Kuangzhui, all the way to catch up with journalists after it back.相关的主题文章:

NOPA soybean crush in August was lower than the same period last

NOPA soybean crush in August was lower than the same period last year, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The national oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) monthly report released Thursday showed U.S. press, August soybean processing capacity is lower than market expectations, but also below the level of the same period last year, because crushings southwest continues to decline. NOPA said the association process 131 million 822 thousand bushels of soybeans in August than in July 143 million 715 thousand bushels. The 2015 crush for August of 135 million 304 thousand bushels. Before the introduction of the report, analysts on average expect NOPA August soybean crush of 136 million 233 thousand bushels. The prediction interval ranged from 1.28000 to 142 million 200 thousand bushels, median 136 million 848 thousand bushels. NOPA said the August soybean meal exports fell to 574802 tons, down from the year of 579417 tons in July. August soybean meal export volume of 491510 tons in 2015. August 31st soyoil stocks of 1 billion 620 million pounds, analysts expected to be worth 1 billion 606 million pounds. Soybean oil stocks for the same period last year was 1 billion 606 million pounds. At the end of July soybean oil stocks for 1 billion 743 million pounds. (is oil sink) agricultural products purchase network trading platform provider 16988- national agricultural commodities; [sugar, oil, corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resource release, purchase and docking; quote – click to view the quotation, the bulk of agricultural products into the market [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章:

Do you think depression is rare Which is not a little depression! Sohu –hit5杨帆

Do you think depression is rare? Which is not a little depression! – Sohu maternal and child Qiao Renliang after depression suicide, circle of friends began to test the prevalence of depression. A group of children in the mother of the test results sent to the group said: finished, I 44 points, mild depression, how to do? Several other mothers are scrambling to test, and found that not everyone is mild or moderate depression, and even severe. You ask me how to do? I said: worry about what? Since the birth of a child, which when the mother did not point depression? Don’t think that postpartum depression, depression associated with each stage of the growth of the baby, but there are several times more serious: Bao Baogang was born is the first stage, the second stage is the three year old park, the third stage is the baby school, followed by puberty! Just gave birth to a child that a few days is not often feel like a changed person? They once had the happy and confident, strong and optimistic, womanishly fussy become sensitive and suspicious. From the beginning of the baby born in that moment, the heart is with the baby’s every act and every move undulator ups and downs with. Doctors holding the baby to take a bath when the measurement began to worry about his height and weight are not up to standard. The baby to his bosom, not happy with early experience as a mother, as efforts to prop up the weak body to a full body check nervously for the baby: baby’s hair is black and thick? Nose enough enough? Eyes enough big enough? Slender fingers slender legs? Of course, but also carefully check whether there is more than a small ear ear on the baby’s ears, fingers and toes are not good is the ten? Every inch of your baby’s skin will be seriously looked at, any one mole should consult a doctor with him. When to check, pediatrician B, BCG, heart clutches in my mouth? Don’t hit it, these are for a certain disease, if unfortunately caught a lifetime of guilt! Fight it, the vaccine does not move out of the situation, in case the vaccine itself is not safe to do? If this time the doctor told you baby which check out not to say, to look at the moment you will feel like a thunderbolt, surrounded by a dark, life will lose hope there? I remember his born second days, giving him a pediatrician examination of newborn ear, left ear does not check out. Finally, the doctor gave up, let me 42 days to take a detailed examination of pediatrics. Although the doctor a lot of comfort I said nothing, a lot of babies are like this, it may be the amniotic fluid blocked the ear canal. But I felt like I had lost my life. I am a person lying on the bed, tears Hua quickly flows into the river, my mind is to imagine all kinds of terrible. The next more than and 40 days, every day I panic wondering spent 42 days to check when the heart is pulled to the throat, until the doctor said everything is normal, a heart to calm down, only to find the day is so blue, the sun so bright? The wind blows on your face how so good! How my mother sent a message to the yard said I feel depressed? Baby don’t take milk — always depression; not sleep, toss about people相关的主题文章:

Luyi, a truck out of control into the morning market crowd caused 2 dead 3 injured-easeljs

Luyi, a truck out of control into the morning market crowd caused a village 2 dead 3 injured [Abstract] Zhoukou traffic accident, a truck out of control into the crowd, causing many casualties. Traffic Police Brigade reported the situation is 2 dead and 3 injured, the initial determination of the driver fatigue driving. Yesterday morning, a netizen to Dahe broke the news, Luyi County Highway 210 Hu Village section of a traffic accident, a truck out of control into the crowd, causing many casualties. Dahe reporter learned from the Luyi county government emergency office, as of 12 noon yesterday, Luyi County Traffic Police Brigade reported that the situation is dead and injured 3, the initial determination of the driver fatigue driving. According to insiders, what happened yesterday at 5 pm, at the time, a pull corn truck traveling from south to North on highway 210 (Dancheng to Luyi) on Hu Zhai Road, Liang Zhen suddenly, truck out of control into the morning market crowd, resulting in many casualties. At that time the truck hit live after want to run, then run to a tricycle, truck tires were slashed rotten, stopped." Several witnesses said, hit the pedestrians are mostly over 60 years old, the hair is white. Reporters from the eyewitness photos, the left front wheel truck tire was severely damaged, damaged, blood on the section of the incident, and hit the pedestrian lying on the ground beside the wheel. In addition, the middle of the road guardrail have hit the mark, the scene has a blue tricycle was knocked on the ground with vegetables. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Luyi County Public Security Bureau. Before press time yesterday, Dahe reporter contacted the Luyi county government emergency office director Sun learned that as of 12 noon, Luyi County Traffic Police Brigade reported that the accident caused by the death of 3 injured. The report said, "this morning, for a number of Henan LF1× × 8 trucks traveling from south to north, two men riding a tricycle pedestrians killed." Director Sun said the report quoted content, the truck driver Zhao Department of driver fatigue, is Shenqiu County Zhi Dian Zhen people. (reporter intern Yang Li Yukun) (River – newspaper) related: Zhengzhou runaway truck runaway 4 car pushed a runaway truck rollover at Anyang Lianzhuang 4 car truck rollover goods scattered on the ground in Jiyuan a runaway truck hit the car in front of the Ministry of personnel mound jump injured Henan recommended: Video solicitation: Eleven golden week to go? The annual national day drama – where will be staged, is expected seven days a small holiday is coming, what are you going to do? Will you make eleven informative video sharing with us! [collection] public number delivery: public concern number: Yu hong. Please specify the author’s name, telephone number and other personal information. QQ (mailbox) delivery: 1464759747 (@qq) link delivery: upload video to Tencent video, the link to us on ok! [active time] with immediate effect – October 10th [sincere words adventure] Go alone with Me! In the next five years, what is the most hope to change? In life we all have an invisible secret, an irreversible regret, an impossible dream and an unforgettable love. Daily topic, invite you to "wave"! "True words.相关的主题文章: