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The postal savings to draw the first show bar code a penny to play all

The postal savings first show "bar code" to draw a penny to play all day long hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The postal savings bank (01658) as of 2016 so far the world’s largest IPO, on September 28th officially landed in the international capital market, but the first day of the listing price trend is very boring, the foreign media has been described as "wet firecracker fried ring". The postal savings bank no price in the auction period, at HK $4.76, after the opening out of the magical "bar code" time chart, a penny to play one day, at the close, up 0.21% price of HK $4.77, 969 million shares traded, turnover of HK $4 billion 615 million. Excluding fees and commissions, 1000 shares earn HK $10. Do not go up the simple truth from the postal savings bank itself to analyze asset quality indicators, the postal savings bank in the domestic leading position in the banking industry. The postal savings assets, loans accounted for only 14, exposure is also smaller. While the postal savings in 2015 net profit of 34 billion 900 million, more than the industry level. However, even in the low-end price range, the price is the postal savings is heavier, the valuation is higher than the book value — the market has almost formed a consensus. At the end of March 2016, the postal savings bank unaudited net assets per share of 3.99 yuan, price 4.76 yuan, the postal savings bank, the net rate of 1.22 times. In view of the current stock price of Chinese banks than the net assets of about 1/5 lower, the postal savings bank is an exception. Hongkong hedge fund manager Yang Yande said, the postal savings bank is 0.66-0.83 times higher than the city Chinese four bank net rate overvalued risk. East Asia Securities analyst Paul Sham also pointed out that the postal savings rate of return on equity is calculated as 15.2%, profitability in the same industry is not particularly outstanding (four banks to 14.5% to 17.3%), the valuation is too high. Even in the industry is expected, the postal savings bank shares will eventually return to the industry average, which means that there are 10-20% to fall. Can not fall down the market is expected to be so bleak, why the issue of shares did not fall down? First of all, thanks to the sponsor Goldman warm heart support. That transaction Zhitong financial access to the postal savings bank joint brokerage, as joint lead managers, the postal savings bank listed joint global assistance and joint bookrunners, sponsors, Goldman Sachs Asia is almost the whole "care" on Wednesday, as the only "then set man, no matter who will take over the ship,相关的主题文章:

The door phone ten years down small world cups to save Serie A – new network-clazziquai

" telephone gate " ten years down the small world cup " " " " weight loss; save the Serie A? Beijing – "telephone gate" ten years down the "small world" once, Serie A dubbed the "small world" reputation, very popular, but ten years ago, Italy "Milan sports newspaper" the exposure of the former Juventus general manager Moggi and the referee designated member calls between Serie A in Serie A, exposed individual teams by selecting the control referee to match-fixing, because the team’s telephone recording as evidence of exposure, is reported, it is referred to as the "telephone gate" event. Although the Calciopoli outbreak of the year, AC Milan broke into the semi-finals of the Champions League, and the Italy national team is in the unlikely case of miraculously won the world cup champion, but in the next season Milan AC even won the Champions league! However, at that time almost a serie a final glory, and then inter won the Champions League champion 2009-2010 season under the leadership of Mourinho, the more is considered to be the last radiance of the setting sun. The phone door for Serie A effect is quite profound, Juventus serie a downgrade led to become "Star Supermarket" has been rampant poaching. In addition, due to the decline in the credibility of the League leading to the reputation of Italy football damage, the reduction in investment and sponsorship of football in Italy, and further accelerate the decline of Serie A. Many serie a team due to their own economic strength, the problem is difficult to survive. In this regard, a group of Italy football reformers have been seeking to change, want to bring back the Italy football again, the small world cup brilliant. According to the "Italy football" news, said the Italy Football Association President Kobita Vecchio in an interview, he will further reduce the number of Serie A team plan, he believes that if the league can be reduced to 18 teams, will improve the overall quality of the league. The 73 year old Kobita Vecchio in 2014 with 63.63% votes to beat AC Milan legend Albertini, was elected as the new president of any league, he previously served as president of the Italy Amateur League for 15 years. After he took office as president of the Italy Football Association, has been advocated to reduce the number of teams in the league, but his plan was opposed by many people. When asked to reduce the number of teams to 18 teams after what benefits, Kobita Vecchio said, "for each team, their technical and tactical level can be improved, the number of fans will increase. It is clear that it will not be possible to implement a plan to reduce the number of teams in just one year, which will take four to five years." Kobita Vecchio also said that the number of the team Italy three league will need to re arrangement, "according to the plan, there will be 18 teams in Serie A, Serie B and 20 teams, Serie C will be divided into two groups, each group of 20 teams." West China Metropolis Daily reporter Yan Wenwen serie a really depressed stand half empty now how bad the Serie A? Look at these data 20162017 new season, it can let you be startled at. Attendance: only 51% dew相关的主题文章:

Guangzhou’s first CBA Basketball Team was born with 18 registered players-9c8921

Guangzhou’s first CBA basketball team was born in the existing 18 registered players – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 23 (Shen Zhao Chen Jian Group) 23, the signing ceremony of Guangzhou securities and dralions Title Cooperation held in Guangzhou, Foshan dragon and lion basketball team was officially renamed Guangzhou stock men’s basketball team, this sign with the birth of the first CBA basketball team in the history of Guangzhou. It is understood that the Guangzhou men’s basketball team existing securities 18 registered players, 15 domestic players, foreign players in 3, with an average age of 23.4 years, the average height of 1.98 meters, the team coach Major served by the italian. It is understood that Ma has repeatedly led the team in the Champions League, and in the Italy League, the Greek League and the Champions League to get the best coach honor. A team of 3 foreign aid, 33 year old Bahrami was the Iran national team striker; 25 year old Alex? Cook in the 2014-2015 season, signing NBA Cleveland last season, played in Italy’s top league club of Pistoia; and the 24 year old Ryan? TOZEN bleomycin in the 2015-2016 season, Brooks signed NBA nets. Party secretary, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau Luo Jingjun said that the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau will fully support the occupation basketball development, support the club brave success in the occupation basketball league. Guangzhou securities chairman Wang Shuhui said, Guangzhou securities will fully support and cooperate with dralions landing and promotion in Guangzhou, enhance the club in Guangzhou city and even the national brand influence, make a contribution to the development of sports in Guangzhou. The dragon lion basketball club chairman Zhong Naixiong said, dralions will deliver the goods carefully, choose the coaching team, selected players, build the team and to strengthen international cooperation, to build a good team in Guangzhou this hot brand, has become a domestic first-class team, the fans support skills. Next, the team will go to Malaysia in October 4th to participate in the 2016 Kuala Lumpur Xuan Champions Cup Basketball tournament". October 20th, the team will go to Sichuan, Mianyang to participate in the preseason CBA. (end)相关的主题文章:

Slaughterhouse boss to pay for the quarantine workers in exchange for the seal cover-bloxorz

Slaughterhouse boss to the wages of the workers in exchange for the seal of the original title of the original title: slaughterhouse boss to the quarantine workers wages? The slaughterhouse of Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Wanli bridge in the town of Shengjing in the livestock market, "inspection and Quarantine" should just cover chapter. Last week, the newspaper reported the matter, causing the relevant departments attention, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and water authority said it would increase inspection and quarantine personnel, strict management. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, at present, the inspection and quarantine personnel in the market has increased from 7 to 9 people, of which the night of the night shift of the people of the 3. Market owner Mr. Chen said, the 9 men from the market to buy insurance, the wages of the 9 is the market to the town, the town issued to them. In other words, the slaughterhouse owner to quarantine workers wages? Yesterday afternoon, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and Water Bureau official said, indeed". These quarantine officers are contract workers, the monthly salary of more than 2000 yuan, and now people are nervous, people do not recruit ah." He sighed. The morning after 10 may Zaiyang yesterday afternoon, before the bridge in the town of forestry water authority responsible person told the reporter that, slaughter livestock market in Qiaotou town of Shengjing in the inspection and quarantine quarantine useless, and seals to the slaughterhouse workers free to use, with the shortage of staff have a certain relationship. Now, an increase of two people have been in place, a total of 9 staff, and arranged a working time, there are specialized in the evening of 3 people. Prior to the report referred to the slaughterhouse also slaughtered sheep during the day, and no inspection and quarantine officers during the day, not to mention the inspection and quarantine official seal. In this regard, the relevant departments have also introduced the relevant initiatives. "After 10 a.m., you can’t kill the sheep." The official said, in order to prevent someone taking advantage of inspection and quarantine personnel are not present when secretly slaughtered. The responsible person said, in addition, this time in the market also increased the sampling, supervision and other livestock products on the market are strict. Market owner Mr. Chen said that for this issue, the market is very seriously, and actively cooperate with government departments for rectification. "If you don’t have enough manpower, you’ll have to work 8 hours a shift for a long time, and it will take you 6 hours." Chen said he tried to meet the requirements of the work. Mr. Chen said, the whole market inspection and quarantine personnel’s wages by the market on time every month to the town government, then the government issued to the market inspection and quarantine personnel, salary is about 2200 yuan per person per month to 2400 yuan. Inspection and quarantine personnel insurance is also to the market to buy them. "It can be said that inspection and quarantine personnel wages are issued by the market." Mr. Chen said. Is it true that most of the inspectors are contract workers? Yesterday afternoon, Qiaotou town, agriculture, forestry and Water Bureau official said, indeed". He explained that the original bridge in the town of Shengjing livestock market in 7 inspection and quarantine personnel only a formal staff, the other 6 are all contract workers. They serve the market, the market each month to pay a certain amount of money to the government, the government to take this money to pay these people. Inspection and quarantine personnel within the market wage is only about 2000 yuan per month, very little." This name is responsible for"相关的主题文章:

Sixty beat the 91 year old mother-in-law son-in-law was taken online video transmission – public cha-iptd-651

Sixty beat the 91 year old mother-in-law son-in-law was taken online video transmission – public channel 19, a nearly 2 minutes long "Yangxin County Mizuochi slope of an old man beaten son" video circulated on the Internet, the reporter confirmed, beaten old man Po Zhen Wu Cun Hou Yangxin County Water Village people 91 years Hou Defeng, darenzhe for its sixty son-in-law sohn. This 2 minute video display, the old man sitting on the ground, Sun Mouxian’s hand fan old head and back, trying to help the elderly person fail, Sohn and the old man down to the ground, and then kicked the head, the elderly sit up and kick it back, the whole assault greatly, the old man uttered groans of pain. After the video shoot by Sunmou acts of violence. Video photographer Sun Hongjun said, happened at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, he had originally planned to sew in the yard door nets, but see the door Sohn drunk, because Sohn usually for the elderly is not good and not by the villagers to be seen, so moved to the yard and shut the door. Sun Hongjun heard the old man groans from outside, aware Sohn may "beat the old man again", and went in to take mobile phone video evidence retained, Sohn will be announced to the villagers act of violence. During the filming, Sun Hongjun worried that the old man accidentally opened the door stop. Video display, the elderly right cheek skinned, is bleeding. The reporter saw Hou Defeng, Hou Defeng the wound scab, right face palm area black. Reporters in the village visited that, Hou Defeng had adopted a daughter, over sixty years Sohn is a young son-in-law. Villagers told reporters that the sun usually elderly is not good, bad temper, because the elderly usually may be somewhat confused, advanced in age, the old man Sohn abuse cases have occurred, the beating of the old man’s situation also "occasionally", "don’t drink can drink and get drunk easily beat the old man". Number of villagers said that Hou Defeng’s daughter is not due to sun and jumped into the river Dutch act, but because the time has been a long time has been unable to confirm. The village gathered together to talk about the incident the villagers said, Sohn once riding a tricycle with the old man, the old man somehow get off the fan a slap in the face, fellow villagers see after sun swearing. Another time, the sun will be locked out of the old man outside the house, did not eat at noon, Sun Hongjun couple let the elderly at home to eat, the old man said, the child, I’m not hungry, give me a drink of water on the line." A village of Hou Defeng cell Pro also confirmed to reporters, Sohn grumpy, usually abused elderly, especially after drinking more easily beat the old man, "I own people could not stand up." At the same time, the villagers told reporters, Hou Defeng at ordinary times is very good, very high prestige in the village, who have what thing, the old lady will come to help, usually on the person’s name is basically very cordial "children". The villagers said, because the elderly helpless, can only rely on the son-in-law of life, as long as the sun is not too much, outsiders are not so much, lest the elderly suffer more unfortunate. After beating the old man’s video spread, the villagers are very angry. Villager Sun Changshui said, "I and the newspaper相关的主题文章: