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Salesman Bangdai insurance has become the disease while helping others secretly Tang – Beijing hamimelon

The clerk helped " while helping others secretly sick insurance; " insurance into " Tang " – Beijing Zhang Hao cartoons, insurance companies use loopholes in the management, the insured, insurance salesman, litigation agent collusion, false evidence, gang up, by playing the "false lawsuit" to obtain illegal benefits. This thought did not want to be a seamless heavenly robe, prosecutors found. Recently, with the sick insurance fraud litigation case of principal, Neixiang County of Henan province Wanggang legal services staff Li Shumin, an insurance company clerk Li Zhenhai guilty of contract fraud, were sentenced to two years imprisonment and five years. It is understood that since 2015, Neixiang County procuratorate carried out the insurance field of civil fraud litigation supervision activities, handle insurance sick insurance false litigation supervision of 12 cases, including 9 cases involving personal insurance claims, 3 cases involving property insurance claims, more than 150 yuan in economic losses, a strong blow to the potentially fraudulent crime. Supervision of the case dug up 12 false lawsuits in June 2015, a domestic insurance company on behalf of Yao came to Neixiang County Procuratorate, the application of the company and the Neixiang residents Jeong insurance contract dispute case supervision. According to Yao reflect Zheng in the company handled two insurance, the existence of false litigation suspects. After that is the case, the court learned that access to relevant files, May 2014, Zheng and the insurance company signed a two insurance contract, Jeong died soon. Zheng’s husband Liu claims, the insurance company to Jeong sick insurance exclusions by Liu Mousui to the court. Master the case, prosecutors visited the village where Liu, Liu learned for the workers, the procedure of legal documents without the knowledge of the delivery receipt are legal representative agent Li Shumin. Originally, in November 2014, that Jeong terminally ill news, insurance salesman Li Zhenhai advised the insured, and claimed that Zheng is not a penny, all the premium by him to be delivered, the future can be divided into the proportion of indemnity. Zheng promised, Li Zhenhai took her to find a legal worker, Li Shumin, the 3 parties reached an agreement and signed the agreement on the sharing of insurance. Later by China Insurance Company, Li Shumin, and Li Zhenhai respectively to the litigation agent and the identity of the witness, to Jeong husband Liu in the name of the insurance company sued to court. After the court sentenced the insurance company to pay 160 thousand yuan insurance. According to the agreement, Li Shumin, Li Zhenhai has been divided into. To find out the truth, after in-depth understanding, prosecutors found that Li Shumin not only acted together in this case, the local countryside, sick insurance premium is not a cheat. The hospital of the area in recent years to follow it, the insurance industry civil case review one by one, were found and investigated 12 cases of false lawsuit insurance. Sick insurance hidden mystery behind April 2015, the villagers Wang and an insurance company signed a contract of insurance. Wang unlicensed driving without a license motor vehicle, the occurrence of unilateral accident death, is an insurance exemption situation. And after that, the insurance salesman相关的主题文章:

[map] the sale of 5.69-6.69 million furthermore steam Kai Teng V60 officially listed Sohu car actv

[map] the sale of 5.69-6.69 million furthermore steam Kai Teng V60 officially listed Sohu Sohu [car car new car]2016 in November 8th, the new Ma Fu steam new 7 seat SUV – Kai Teng V60 officially listed, launched a total of 3 1.5L dynamic models for consumers to choose, the price range of 5.69-6.69 million. Fu steam Kai Teng has launched a small passenger car Kai Teng M70, pure electric derived models M70 EV, MPV models Kai Teng EX80, will now take the opportunity to further open up Teng V60 passenger car market. [deputy general manager of Fujian Province Automobile Industry Group Co. Ltd.   Wang Zhiyong []; Fujian automotive Limited by Share Ltd marketing department Minister Yang Dong] [Photo] leadership       Model Description: appearance: Design Kai Teng V60 in front of the three banners, black and silver under the shield of the front bumper increased its SUV visual effects. While the body is added to the double waist line design, add a touch of sports atmosphere for the car. Body size, car length and breadth were 4505× 1730× 1788mm, the wheelbase is 2721mm, the wheelbase and cash Kai Teng EX80 consistent. Interior: Kai Teng V60 interior to red, black color tone. The control layout is very simple, the design of T type of symmetry, with the multifunction steering wheel movement, set navigation, radio, SUX, SUB and reverse image function 8 inch screen intelligent vehicle, to a certain extent, improving the car’s temperament. Power: Kai Teng V60 will be equipped with a Dongan 1.5L DVVT naturally aspirated engine, maximum power of 85kW. Transmission or matching five speed manual gearbox. It is reported that the car 100 km fuel consumption 6.8L, the maximum speed of 150km H. Summary: with the increasingly fierce market competition, the new automotive V60 positioning in the "big seven quality price ratio SUV, the Almighty" 7 varied space, rich technology configuration, both household and commercial utility, the Kai Teng V60 competitiveness be guaranteed. Kai Teng V60 as a new automotive new flagship model, not only is the new automotive flagship models, but also further improve the product layout of Kai Teng, a great tool to enhance market competitiveness and attract more young consumers. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章:

The car quickly shared a new journey first car bank operation ajviewer

The car quickly shared operation a new journey of devaluation car banks in August, Didi announced to enter the car rental industry, many people have to sweat for the P2P car industry. From the progress of the past two years, the development of P2P car look, there is no outbreak, there is no air, it seems that this will be the car into the car industry, the first rolling object. But the fact is that, although the drops have a million level users, but drops chose to OTA model approach, delivery vehicles and high subsidies Yazhen, drops not choose P2P mode. Because in the P2P car, C side of the vehicle is the most uncontrollable, the highest risk factor. C side vehicle operations, is still the crux of the current P2P car rental industry. In the face of low-frequency user behavior, how to operate a good vehicle to improve user matching, P2P car rental companies have their own exploration and attempt. Southern China’s largest car rental car sharing platform quickly, will choose the right to operate social idle vehicles in hand, leveraging the user demand for fixed income. Car Steward: a full range of operational management of car rental car since 2015 launch of the hosting service, the right to operate the car to the platform, then a monthly unit to provide fixed rent to the owners. During the custody period, the vehicle is responsible for the management of the platform, including the order response, vehicle handover, accident handling, illegal handling, etc.. After more than a year of operation, the car quickly summed up the pros and cons of the hosting business. Because there is a certain custody of the vehicle resources, directly improve the speed of the car in order to respond to the speed and flexibility of vehicle deployment. In the current domestic P2P car rental industry, fast car orders matching rate has always been maintained at a high level, the user experience is the best. The vehicle can be hosted on the company’s customers for higher requirements, some day rents high, the deposit is high or less popular vehicle is difficult to maintain a high occupancy rate, the car quickly formed a burden for it. August 2016, car rental business will soon be a refinement of the car, through the big data statistics rental rate is higher, and is ready to further expand the number of such models. Compared to last year’s orders in response, vehicle handover, illegal handling and other services, the car is also a fast car hosting business also joined a series of car maintenance and more comprehensive services. "The car is now hosting the equivalent of a car steward, the owner of a car is a vehicle to be assured as long as the car, we like the same housekeeper for the owner take care of specific issues associated with the car rental, car rental to responsible person said, it is the car managed operating experience of the past year, just let go the car has experience and confidence in the car can be a good housekeeper. Fixed income: if the car can also be deposited in the bank in addition to worry in the operation, for the owners, this car steward and the equivalent of the bank’s role. As everyone knows, the car because of its characteristics of consumables, the depreciation can hardly be avoided. Many small and medium-sized car rental company vehicles are difficult to achieve high occupancy rate, vehicle depreciation generated during idle rate cannot erase. The C side of the individual owners can not prevent the loss of value of the vehicle in the idle period. Time is money, and it is also useful for cars. Fast car rental car business is"相关的主题文章:

CBA league tournament soon Liao basket players will be punished – Sichuan Channel – People’s pullip

CBA League start soon   Liaoning basket hit players will be punished – Sichuan channel — original title: CBA league players will start soon hit the distant basket punished the original title: Liaoning basket will be punished CBA league players at the office of the relevant responsible person in an interview yesterday made it clear that the association will be announced in the near future China for the final event outside the punishment during the conflict on season finals Liaoning team players and fans of Sichuan. In accordance with the League discipline regulations, the Liaoning team players will likely be more games of severe punishment. In addition, the new season playoff also has two important changes: semi finals to seven games four wins finals tournament in 2-2-1-1-1. During the last season, Liaoning team and Sichuan team finals, the Liaoning team in the process of returning to the hotel in Sichuan and the fans had a fierce clashes, it caused a great disturbance. Later, the local police conducted an investigation on the matter. According to the survey results and Chinese Association will announce the final results related to the punishment on this matter in the near future in accordance with the League discipline regulations, in accordance with the regulations of discipline, Guo Ailun, Liu Zhixuan, He Tianju and other players may face 8 to 10 game ban. If so, it will certainly have a very negative impact on the new season of the Liaoning team. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

2016 Chengdu auto show Grace mx5 presale 103 thousand and 555 – Sohu car gamelink

The 2016 Chengdu auto show: Grace MX5 sale 103 thousand and 555 – Sohu 2016 Chengdu auto show car car [Sohu] the Chengdu auto show, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Nissan officially released MX5 also announced the new style, the pre-sale price of 103 thousand and 555 yuan. It is reported that the new car will be launched 1.4T and 2.0L two displacement of a total of 4 models, is expected to be listed during the year sales. Appearance, the new car in front of the hexagonal mouth grille, its headlights were the eyes of design. The rear part of the car, the taillight group uses the right and left through design, making the car has a strong identification. It is reported that the car length and breadth were 47201850 1727mm, wheelbase 2712mm. According to the configuration of different car configuration, equipped with automatic air conditioning, hand fabric leather seats, 7 inch screen 9 inch screen intelligent interconnection system, 46 speaker, keyless entry, a key start, electronic handbrake etc.. Power, the new car is equipped with 1.4T and 2.0L two engines, the maximum output power of 140 horsepower and a total of 146 horsepower, peak torque is not for the other 196 cattle · m and 200 cattle ·. Transmission system, 1.4T models will use 5 speed manual gearbox, and 2.0L engine matching is the speed of manual and 6 speed automatic gearbox.相关的主题文章: