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Know More About Sri Yantra Mandala Symbol-zhongguorentiyishu

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Sri Yantra has been around for well over 12,000 years, used for worship, devotion, and meditation. In the Hindu religion, the Sri Yantra represents the meeting between the physical universe as we know it today and the source from which the universe came. However, nobody knows just where this .plex and beautiful example of sacred geometry came from. Read on to get more information about it. Among all the mandala symbols, the Sri Yantra (known by some as the Sri Chakra or Chakra Raja) is considered the most fundamental or "prime" mandala. Yantra is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as "Power Diagram" or "Instrument," Sri Yantra as "Holy Instrument" or "King of Power Diagrams" depending on who you ask. (When referred to as the Chakra Raja, the term translates to "King of all Chakra"). It’s both symbolic of Hindu Tantra and a core part of the Shri Vidya subset of Hinduism, adherents to which make the Sri Yantra an object of worship. The central figure of a Sri Yantra consists of nine triangles, interlocking and connected to each other at their .mon points. The four isosceles triangles pointing upwards represent the masculine form or Shiva. The five isosceles triangles pointing downwards stand for the female form or Shakti. (The Sri Yantra therefore can also be seen as standing for the union of male and female divinity.) The center "power point" (bindu) stands for the invisible center that is the origin of both the figure and the cosmos, while the interlacing of the nine triangles forms a web of 43 more triangles: a web meant to symbolize the .plexity and interlocking nature of the cosmos, expressing non-duality (Advaita). Surrounding the center are two lotuses of eight and sixteen petals (the lotus of creation and of reproductive vital force, respectively) as well as the "earth square" reminiscent of a temple with four doors. While it seems simple to draw when you first look at it, the .mon connections between the triangles make drawing the Sri Yantra exceedingly difficult without running into errors at the intersections. Sometimes it’s concurrency, where the triple intersections fail to .e together at one point. Sometimes it’s a problem of concentricity or centeredness, where the "bindu" isn’t at the center of both the innermost triangle and the outer circle. And sometimes the problem is as simple as the innermost triangle not being equilateral. Making matters even worse for the student of sacred geometry, there are many different variations in the way the Sri Yantra has been drawn over the years. This is probably because the best-known historical methods for drawing this intractably difficult figure were quite imprecise and a little in.plete. However, modern researchers have largely solved the problem of creating accurate Sri Yantras. We now know three different forms: the flat, the pyramidal, and the spherical. Both the flat and the pyramidal date back to antiquity… the pyramidal just .es from interpreting the Sri Yantra as having nine levels (at which point it’s called the Nav Chakra). The spherical is by far the hardest to draw, and even today is mostly drawn with .puter aid. However, drawing a flat Sri Yantra is easily done with pen, ruler, and paper if you have access to modern instructions. After 12,000 years of research, it’s finally easy for anyone to re-create one of the most famous and certainly one of the oldest mandala symbols . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

How To Choose Your Webdesign

Web-Design Online, you can find many different individuals and companies that profess to be webdesign gurus; however, there are many that only do it for fun or as a hobby. When seeking someone to complete the design of your website, it is best to opt for someone that is a full-time webdesigner. Those who do this as a hobby tend to not be as serious as those whose full-time living comes from their abilities. There are also individuals that perform webdesign and have not been formally trained in such. Those that are self-taught webdesigners have gained much of their knowledge from the internet, which can tend to have inaccurate information from time to time. It is best to only hire a webdesigner that has been formally trained from an accredited school. When choosing a webdesign company for your design project, you want to choose a company that has the relevant experience that you require to set up the type of website that you are seeking. All professional companies and individuals will have a portfolio of the sites that they have designed. The company that you are interviewing for this project should be prepared with a site proposal and contract for the work that would be done. Be wary of those that do not submit a formal contract. The contract will be your proof of what the webdesigner has promised to provide and how long they feel it will take. It will also show the charges for the work, as well as any materials or ideas that you have agreed to supply. This contract will be the best means of avoiding any disagreements that may come up between you and the designers. The contract should also specify any and all scenarios that could possibly be a problem and how they would be dealt with should they arise. When choosing a webdesigner, you should have a face-to-face meeting to discuss exactly what your expectations are. Sometimes, this is not possible, as some webdesigners are overseas or in a different city or state than you; but, this can help avoid unforeseeable instances before they occur. You can also use this time to provide sketches of what you would like your site to look like, and pictures of other sites that you like that your site could be modeled after. This offers the webdesign team an opportunity to give you a more accurate representation of what your site will cost and how long it will take. Another question you should ask the designer is if they have a package to update your site if you choose and how much that will cost. It is an unspoken rule that once your site has been built, it will from time to time require updates for different reasons. Some will be small; others may not be so small. If there is not an update package available, it is wise to ask how much each update will cost when it is required. Also, the timeline for the entire project should be realistic. Be wary of companies and individuals that state too short of time periods for jobs that should take longer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

A Guide To Picking Domain Names – Things To Not Do And Aspects To Remember-mycoolboy

Internet-and-Business-Online When people are setting up their online presence, they need to ensure that they bring into consideration many different things. A web site which needs to be seen as stylish and attractive is important to put the best face on a business. For most, this is the first thing that any potential customers see when they visit a business. Everything needs to be tip top: the text which fills each page needs to be grammatically correct and perfect, and the images and videos which adorn it are also needed to be of a premium quality. However, getting the correct choice from a list of domains available. There are many things which can go smoothly – and more which can go wrong in the process of picking a good domain. This decision can totally alter the way a site is seen and resultantly how it is linked to other good brands in their mind. People who own poor quality URLs will find that their website is stuck in the morass of other .peting sites. That is why it is important to know what to do and what not to do when picking a good site name. DO ensure that it is relevant to the brand. If a .pany is selling double glazed windows, then there is the option to go for either a name which fits the brand name itself, or the product they are selling. Some variation on "the best double glazing in" a particular place might prove popular as people using the internet do sometimes type in cursory phrases which can end up as website addresses. DO cover all bases by getting other endings as well. Someone might own joineryalaska.., but should also try and register . Net, . Tv and other endings. Nine out of ten people do not know the ending that they are typing it – they simply presume that it is one of the more popular ones. That means that if a web site uses a less popular ending, it is likely to be overlooked by people. DO make sure that it does not mean something else. There is a very popular pen manufacturer called Pen Island which has seen inordinate amounts of traffic to its site which has resulted in precious few sales. Why? Because when you run the words pen and island together you get something entirely different. .mon sense checks are done before a person decides to name a child, and so it should be the same with a website address. DON’T make your name too long. People can get confused the longer a website address is. Also, the majority of people are not brilliant spellers. If they have more chances to make a mistake, the likelihood that they will rises. Avoid that with a short, pithy name. DON’T make it too similar to a .peting website address. The worst thing that could happen is someone goes searching for a certain manufacturer, and accidentally stumbles upon a .petitor because of the similarity of their names. They then go with that .pany. An all important sale is lost. These, then, are the dos and don’ts of picking domain names. It is important to follow them to best succeed online. It is too important to fail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

A Discussion Of Residential Wind Power-sunny came home

UnCategorized Residential wind power is a topic on many peoples’ minds today, especially given the renewed interest in green technology that has taken place over the past few years. A person can cut down on monthly electricity bills while simultaneously helping out the environment by installing a wind turbine on his or her property. When considering whether or not to install a wind turbine, a person has to plan ahead and determine if it is the right choice for him or her. To begin, a location needs to be found for the wind turbine on the person’s property. The space chosen should be a free and open area, away from roofs, trees, and more. With this said, an open back yard is an excellent place for the turbine. Next, the individual who wishes to install the turbine needs to make sure that there is vertical space around it. With this said, there should not be anything above it, including power lines. As the higher the turbine is the more wind it will get, it is ideal to put it in a place where there will be as much exposure to the wind as possible. At this point, a person needs to plan on how the wind power will be used. There are two options available, and they are using either a direct line or a battery bank. Each of these areas will be discussed in detail below. When a battery bank is used, power is stored inside of batteries. Appliances can be run from the battery bank through the use of an inverter. With a direct line, on the other hand, the wind turbine’s power will run into the same power supply as that of his or her home, in the same manner as it does through the power .pany. There is an added advantage to using the direct line method, and it is that any extra power generated by the wind turbine will flow right back to the power .pany. The .pany in turn will .pensate the homeowner for this extra energy. Nonetheless, a very large turbine is needed in order for this to even take place. A person next needs to think about the amount of power that he or she wishes to generate through the use of a residential wind turbine. In order to do this, it is best to check out how much electricity that he or she uses each month by looking at past energy bills. On average, most families tend to use approximately one thousand kilowatt hours or KWH, or energy each month. An average wind turbine can produce about five hundred watt hours of power. This would cover about ten percent of each family’s energy bill. This of course depends on how windy their homes are. Multiple wind turbines can be installed to produce more energy. For those seeking additional information, the Internet is an excellent resource on wind power technology. The main search engines can direct people to many solid resources on this increasingly popular topic. In conclusion, residential wind power is gaining in popularity as people seek to install more green, renewable technologies in their own homes. Installing a wind turbine takes a lot of planning ahead. One of the main considerations is whether battery power or a direct line will be used to power the turbine. There is the advantage of being .pensated for extra energy created by using the direct line method. The Inter. is a great source of information for people considering the installation of a wind turbine or more in their own homes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Guidelines For Handling Fine Art Paintings For Sale-shishangqiyi

Photography In case you have bought fine art paintings for sale then here is some re.mendation for handling these paintings. If you are the person that is very fond of paintings and you have bought fine art paintings for sale then it is very significant for you to be careful about handling it. Maintaining these paintings carefully is very important. At the time of handling it you need to make sure that your hands are free from lotions or grease. If your paintings are not framed then you need to make use of gloves or tissue for carrying it. With this you will make sure that the paintings has no finger marks over it. Make sure that you have taken care of the framing of fine art paintings for sale. You need not .promise when it .es to framing ensure that high quality of materials are used for it at an affordable price. You also need to make sure that acid free material is used. At the time you are purchasing any kind of these paintings you need to make sure that the framing is done in the right manner. Good framing paintings will be worth the cost that you have to pay. For getting the best view of the fine art paintings for sale that you have purchased it will be good for you to hang them on the bare wall. In case you painting is very big then you need to have two hooks in order to get proper support. Apart from this you also need to make sure that you have utilized quality oriented strands, picture wire and hooks. With this you will ensure safety for your paintings. You need to take care that direct light does not reach to the paintings. It is highly important for you to protect the paintings from getting light directly. This is because it can hamper the appearance of the painting. This is the reason why paintings are usually kept in the rooms where there are curtains and blinds placed. One thing that you need to know is that fine art paintings for sale are very sensitive towards various types of climatic changes. If there is any sudden change in the climate there are chances that the paintings can have adverse effect. This is especially true in case you love in the coastal region. In such case it is always good to use dehumidifier. It is essential for you to regularly clean the fine art paintings for sale that you have applied in your home. You need to gently clean the painting. In case you find that it is difficult for you to clean then you need to call the professional for cleaning it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: