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Luohe 22 villages were selected in 2017 the beautiful countryside pilot has your home-ca1805

Luohe 22 villages were selected in 2017 the beautiful rural pilot has your home recently, the Provincial Department of Finance announced in Henan Province in 2017 beautiful rural construction pilot project list, the city’s 22 villages selected. The city of Luohe province in 2017 in the beautiful countryside construction pilot project counties project name Luohe city Linying County Fancheng Hui town of Luohe city Linying County town of Luohe County of Linying City Wo Guo Xiang Hu Qiao Cun, Luohe City, Linying County, Luohe City, Linying County, Wang Meng Zhen Chen Zhuang Xiang Luohe County of Linying City, three Dian Zhen Luohe Yuanhui District asked the ten township of Luohe Yuanhui District Liu Zhen Da Chen Cun, Luohe City, Yuanhui District dry river community Chen Ge Dang Liu Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Dry River Community Village Chen Pu Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Yin and Yang Zhao Zhen Xia Wei Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Yin and Yang Zhao Zhen Cheng Zhuang Cun, Luohe City, town, Yancheng District taking Luohe Yancheng District Meng Miao Zhen Luohe Yancheng district towns Pei Luohe Yancheng District Li Ji Zhen Luohe Zhaoling nest town of Luohe City Youth Shaoling district town of Luohe City Zhaoling Ji Shi Zhen Luohe Xiang Zhen Ge Tang Zhaoling Zhang Dang village of Luohe City Zhang Cun Deng Xiang Zhen wa Zhaoling Luohe City Zhaoling Deng Xiang Zhen Guo Zhuang Cun Luohe buddies find your home? 22 villages will inevitably lead to a better life in Luohe! (Luohe daily)相关的主题文章:

Shishou Gaoling Ming Tomb opened coffin memory exposed site map large effusion (video)-twoo是什么网站

Shishou Gaoling Ming Tomb opened coffin memory large effusion exposed site map of Jingzhou TV station of the latest reports: Recently, a Ming Dynasty coffin unearthed in Jingzhou Gaoling Zhen Xu Jia Gang Cun in Shishou City, open the coffin, a sleeping for about 500 years of the Ming Dynasty woman delivered from oppression! The face of the corpse is clear, even the eyebrows and hair are clearly visible. Subsequently, the staff to clean up the funerary items in the coffin, clean out the clip a quilt, 2 quilts, pillows, 1 pieces of silk and cotton clothing 22 sets. Shishou City Cultural Relics Bureau deputy director, deputy curator of the Museum of Peng Tao according to the female body, bones, teeth, hair roughly calculate its age at 60. The experts were surprised to find the woman in the outermost untie the clothes, a woman with a suspected chest pressure paper items, what specific significance need further study. In addition, the woman who dress a total of 13 sets, including 1 parts: silk hat, coat the 5 pieces, 4 pieces of silk, a cotton; over 7 sets, of which 2 pieces of cotton silk dress, dress 1, silk trousers 2, knee 1 sets, 1 sets of bindings, shoes 1 set. Most of these costumes are well preserved, especially in a set of silk blouses and trousers. In addition to these costumes, the experts did not find other words, so the identity of the owner is still a mystery. Why is the woman after 500 years, will be preserved so well? Experts, in addition to lime slurry protection glutinous rice thick outer coffin, the coffin was found beneath the herbs and red dates. Shishou, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of cultural relics museum deputy director Peng Tao said, this study of the south, especially valuable significance in Ming Dynasty in southern Hubei’s funeral customs, costumes, and the Ming dynasty. The morning of October 30th, with the Jingzhou City Center for the protection of cultural relics experts, the staff will use liquid medicine for protection of Ming Dynasty complete woman into glass coffin after. At the same time, all unearthed apparel finishing seal bagging after refrigerated protection, to further study. Gaoling shishoushi video site of the tomb being opened! With video speed Jingzhou Security Center experts came to the museum and the local security personnel in Shishou today to clean up the coffin, the coffin found in the preservation of a large number of effusion. Currently, the clean-up work is still ongoing. It is understood that the three ancient tomb found in Shishou City, Gaoling Town, two of which are severely damaged, only a well preserved. Well preserved tomb length of about 2 meters, on the width of 58 cm, under the width of 48 cm, height of 65 cm. The tomb, coffin cover more than lime glutinous rice paste thickness of 40 cm, the thickness is under the coffin of 8 cm around the thickness of 25 cm. It is also because of the protection of thick layer of lime glutinous rice slurry, the tomb of the coffin are very well preserved, after archaeologists on-site treatment after October 21st, the well preserved coffin moved to the Museum of shishou. (reporter She Guojun Shishou station reporter Guan Jian) preliminary reports > > in October 19th, the Jingzhou Museum and the person in charge of Shishou museum staff went to Xu Jia Gang Zhen Gaoling Cun guide tomb excavation work. It is reported that the Department found three ancient tombs, a word arrangement, the Department of the villagers were found on the formation of farmland. Discovery of ancient.相关的主题文章:

76 boss told Noel play hard you will get rewards (video)

76 boss told Noel: play hard you will be rewarded a team of NBA film 76: young Philadelphia partners look forward to revive the glory of infinite Tencent September 28th hearing of the new sports season, the Philadelphia team has 76 people, Okafor Hornby, Noel de three big center, in the eyes of many people, the three players are difficult to coexist. Media day, Noel publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team, the team believes that the offseason has not changed, it is not good for anyone, but for Noel said, today Philadelphia coach Brent Brown responded. 76 people responded to Noel Don Bede, Noel, coach Okafor, the new season Philadelphia team of 76 people inside the talent overflow, obviously, a team with three first level center, this is not what good, not long before, Noel publicly expressed their dissatisfaction. "Now the situation is that we have three centers, I think this is stupid," in 76 of the media day, Noel said. "With the departure of former general manager Sam – -, I thought that the management will have a as in the summer, I think some things really need to happen." "I think it must be resolved," said Noel. "I think you have three starters and a team, it’s not good for anyone. This is my opinion, I am not for whom, but it really needs to be resolved." Next summer, Noel will have the opportunity to enter the free market, he would want to be able to get more playing time, to show myself. In 76 Noel said, coach Brown today also responded, Brown wants to focus on Noel field, then he will be rewarded. "Personally, I don’t care whether he hit the jumper in the following days, I mean, it’s not his advantage," said Brown. "Noel has a leading talent, in my players, he has a very good athletic ability, running ability, even compared with other big league." "Noel need to do their work, we will certainly help him," Brown said. "He will get the return of the league, the 76 team will give him back, if he plays like that, he will be rewarded." In the United States Basketball correspondent Dan – Feldman, Brown’s statement is correct. Noel wants to earn more money, the best way is to use the strength to prove. That means Noel need to play good defense, protect the basket, make up the defenders the defensive vacancies on the offensive end, he also actively grasp. If the new season before the start of the final 76 will be one of noel or Okafor away, Noel may get the early renewal opportunity, if there is no contract next summer, he will become a restricted free agent. (see) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章:

5 wins and 1 losses in his spurs! The western tragic Millennium team this year to

5 wins and 1 losses in his spurs! The western tragic Millennium team to heaven sports + reporter Li Hui reported 2 days ago this year, the Clippers beat old rivals Memphis Grizzlies on the road, a key team is the defensive game, the Grizzlies shooting only 37%. A day later, they at the Spurs’ home court ushered in the second games back to back, in the face of such a league’s top teams, it is difficult on the road, but in the end, as can be imagined, the Clippers once again on defense in 116 slightly unexpectedly 92 victory over spurs. Until now, the Clippers scored 5 wins and 1 negative record, and tied for first in the west by thunder, they beat rivals including spurs, Memphis and Portland, if not feel too bad, they had the opportunity to beat the thunder, in addition to the Warriors (the first leg of the December 8th Beijing time), mainly in the west the competition has the basic and the Clippers had the confrontation, from the current situation, the Clippers both face who does not strive, and even can be said to occupy a certain advantage. We know that Paul, Griffin, J.J. Reddick’s contract will expire in the summer of next year, so this is an important season for the boat, if at the end of the season is still not a breakthrough in the playoffs, they are likely to be dismantled, but at least so far, the team has a very good start, after all sorts of trouble and injury last season after Griffin, the new season of the state to restore good, averaging 20.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3 assists, leader Chris Paul is still at a high level, against the Grizzlies, he scored 27 points and 11 assists, the more important point from the bench, up to now, the Clippers the bench averaged 40 points, sixth in the league, it seemed inconceivable in the past, but the Clippers bench strength has also been the Lakers legend Magic Johnson Ken Recently, the legendary star said on his twitter, the clippers and warriors will be the Western Conference finals, clippers team has the strongest bench." The offense, the state of the team is slowly improving, especially Paul and Griffin two team leader, Memphis and San Antonio, they only play one game, but in the defensive end, after the start of the Clippers has maintained a very high level, against the Grizzlies, the Spurs of two wars, they are is to rely on the defense won the final victory of the race. In addition, the current in the overall environment, the Clippers comparative advantage is still in the running state of the Warriors: after the introduction of Durant, the Spurs in Duncan leave after the whole combat decline, the thunder go after Durant can stand the test of the season is still unknown, the rest of the team like Portland, Houston, Memphis all have problems. Therefore, although in recent years, we seem to emphasize "every season in the championship this season is expected to get the boat" (the final results are not ideal), but from the current situation, this season they have a chance to let yourself further. Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章:

AC Milan midfielder was fined 1 games, 3 games, red = last season of the year

AC Milan midfielder was fined 1 after 2 games last season throughout the year = 3 red Niang needs to control the mood sina sports news in the first 2 to 4 lost to Naples in the game, AC Milan created two embarrassing record of League two lost 6 balls, this is Berlusconi in 30 years have not been "achievements" however, two games of the three red card, let the Rossoneri in the league has just begun to catch up for a whole season last season’s red card number. The last round of League the Rossoneri and Naples fought Cidaoxianhong, this also let them pay the price. In the second half of the match Milan AC Shirupozhu equaliser, but then Callejon’s goal and curb the Rossoneri offensive momentum, killing the rise of Kurtz card and other fierce collision, two yellow and one red was ejected, this process Slovakia had a quarrel with the. After the game, Italy sports court announced on Kurtz card suspended for an additional reason is a referee in the match report pointed out that the AC Milan midfielder insulted the referee. Kuczka should feel lucky, this "crime" in accordance with the general situation at least suspended for three games, he will miss the team with Udine J and sampdoria. Another next league AC Milan will be on the main striker Niang, at the final stage of the League because he stopped goalkeeper serve and receive second yellow cards, also led the team lost the last hope of counterattack. This is not the mother of God first in the game suddenly dizzy too excited, if you want to become a star on the road further, he first need to control their emotions. This time, the French striker bought a lesson. Because of the Union and Kurtz card suspended, the next round of the league, Montella may be on the pull and pull the Golden Boot season in Serie B Pardew midfielders Jose Sosa. AC Milan’s top priority is to use the international day of the gap between the reorganization of their fragile defense, the strength is not strong, Udine J to regain their momentum. (LK)相关的主题文章: