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The 2016 Chengdu Auto Show debut formally Taidamai X7 auto – Sohu cashmere mafia

The 2016 Chengdu auto show: the Taidamai X7 officially debut – Sohu automobile automobile Sohu [2016 Chengdu auto show in the 2016 Chengdu International Auto Show has just opened on the Taidamai officially starting X7. The new car was exposed at the beginning, because of the first mass production of Volkswagen concept car and became popular, which is located in the medium-sized SUV, wheelbase reached 2850mm. Appearance: take X7 from the design of the Volkswagen Cross CoupeGTE concept car, the use of linear design, more tail, car taillights using L shape design, chrome trim around the sides of the car through the tail is more recognizable. Big step X7 length and width of 47381928 1665mm, wheelbase 2850mm, located in a medium-sized SUV. According to official sources, the new car will be listed after the five and seven models available. Interior: new car uses red and black collocation color interior, and a flat bottomed steering wheel assembly and large size LCD screen with three spokes. Can be seen in the configuration of the engine a key start, panoramic sunroof, electronic body stability system, etc.. Power: the new car models are equipped with a 1.8T engine, matching 5 speed manual transmission, the future of the new car is also expected to use the 2.0T engine, matching dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章:

Tencent Global Partner Conference Nanjing public security Jiangsu public security prosecutors Award

Tencent Global Partner Conference of Nanjing public security Jiangsu public security prosecutors award from September 22nd to 24, Tencent Global Partner Conference held in Fujian,. In order to further explore the development trend of Internet plus social governance and prospects, promote social governance modernization, comprehensive management of the optimization and upgrading of a full range of social governance services landing, the morning of September 23rd, Congress "share · e Governance Forum homeopathic open, government representatives, industry experts and other guests have a joyous gathering to explore" the existing problems, and the development trend Internet plus social governance ". As the most influential partner of Tencent annual event, during the general assembly, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau three Jiangsu political and legal system units were awarded the award. 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference development award winning unit: Nanjing municipal public security bureau awards: soaring award winning reason: Nanjing public security micro police "is the first national public security basic data based on the" micro police application open service platform, social management, public security of the masses of the external services and innovative application of organic cooperation unit combination. In April this year, the State Council put forward one, a window, a network as the main task of reform. Through the integration of all kinds of application services and data resource management, and let the people ever need to run several departments to do business, to complete the "one-stop" settles in the Nanjing public security platform for WeChat. Nanjing public security micro police "through the user resource center, breaking the government electronic information island, the internal government departments, public security data through data sharing, wide social resource access, make people more convenient and efficient. E’s award winning Governance Unit: Jiangsu provincial public security department Awards: e governance livelihood award winning reason: the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu province’s first provincial and county level public security organs three integrated operation, to "let the data more errands, so fewer people to run away" as the goal, to carry out the "micro policing" platform cluster construction, Jiangsu public security micro the police "cluster platform covering the province’s 13 city public security police micro platform, including the household registration, traffic police, immigration and other 578 business entities from the window extends to the mobile internet. With the help of Tencent cloud computing, big data, electronic maps and other Internet products and technologies, and comprehensively promote cooperation, to build the wisdom of Jiangsu police. This is a pioneering work of Jiangsu public security organs to deepen the reform and innovation of business model, Jiangsu marks another major public security reform measures air plant. E Governance Innovation Award: Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate Awards: e governance innovation award winning reason: People’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province, through the implementation of the "358" strategy, to build the province’s procuratorial organs network construction integration pattern, through a variety of intelligent services, to achieve the depth of data mining, intelligent analysis, provide strong support for the scientific decision-making; the prosecution practices application model construction, through digital reconstruction, to realize the wisdom of prosecution, according to must take, boost the transformation and upgrading of procuratorial work. Through the establishment of the intelligence system, to provide multi-level, for procuratorial work a full range of technology supply, leading to modernize the procuratorial work and information technology.相关的主题文章:

In the city a monthly income of 80005 years how to save 500 thousand foxpro6.0免费下载

In the city a monthly income of 80005 years how to save the two days before the 500 thousand see someone on the Internet to share in the Empire 5 thousand and 5 years earning save 350 thousand of the article, as a living in Shanghai people, friends say I am a financial Master, so today could not help but share some of my own experience in financial management and you, 350 thousand what 5 years but I saved 500 thousand! But the article said in the Empire life a week 80 meals, do you believe? The first to talk about the basic necessities of life: clothing may be related to my family education, I grew up without a sense of what brand, as long as suitable and comfortable on the line, one month down at most 500 block. Food: I am a bit lazy, usually eat out occasionally, prompted by a sudden impulse will also do their a bowl of noodles to eat, but not at home basic. The noon meal, dinner on board, a small restaurant near the home of the solution, what Suzhou soup, Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles, I believe we all go to eat meal, support dead 20 dollars. Weekends are usually BF treat, occasionally friends dinner is also AA, together with a small 1000. Live: I’ve shared with others, because I am a little older can’t have people do not speak of health, so now I live, rent a month 1300, because the company in the suburbs so the rent is not expensive. Line: before the company in the suburbs, and no direct access to what Pudong subway, and bus drivers in life are the wings of pilots, the speed to catch up with the subway, so I choose the bus to work every day, a month down 88 dollars over the weekend, words are generally BF kaijulaijie occasionally. Friends every month an average of two times, up to 20 dollars. Come to talk about learning and entertainment learning: as long as you are willing to read, willing to learn, there are a lot of free reader, such as love reading and palm reading books and so on, can free a lot, also there are a lot of online data can be found, you need to check if you can to HowNet mentees or work in University Curve Wrecker borrow, do not have to spend money. Entertainment: BF and I don’t go out of foreign travel, would have just once a year, and each time out are the basic BF in the money, and friends out of a K song, see a movie of what is AA, a month even two times, but also to spend 300 dollars. Deduction of these expenses increased by 5290 yuan per month net, the end of the year, a total of $13 a year savings of $71000. But this is a little bit away from 500 thousand. But you don’t forget I’m a friend in the financial Master. Here’s what financial instruments of financial products baby I: a few years ago, the balance of treasure annual yield of 7% when I to deposit some money, the other part is treasure in interest to eat, later the two treasure not out and I. Fixed income financial products, financial products I have not tried, because the fee is too high, I started to buy the fund from 2014 to now, has been for two years, 200 thousand voted in, there are now 1666 yuan monthly interest, there is a small 20 thousand year revenue. Of course, private lending, private lending channels where I’m a girl to a green hand, don’t forget I have a wealth of old.相关的主题文章:

Sichuan and many other officials announced the return of mobile phone number has been suspended serv pretty rhythm

Sichuan and other officials announced the visit some mobile phone number has been suspended recently, Sichuan Meishan City, "Meishan daily" published the four county area two of the four leading groups were 152 officials and the name and position of mobile phone number, some netizens said that this is the show. Reporters on a similar situation in Xi’an as an example of a return visit. > > the background of the phone number published around the fact that, in fact, announced the official phone number in Sichuan, Meishan is not fresh. It is understood that this is the last ten years in Meishan, the official release of the phone number in the media in the past fourth years. According to statistics, the use of the media platform to announce the official phone number is not only Sichuan, Changsha, Meishan, Chengde, Nanjing, Kunming, Xi’an and other places, have announced the relevant information at all levels of officials. This initiative has been involved in the implementation of the process around the overheated debate, and even brought no small controversy. In 2008, the "Kunming daily" published 4 papers from the party secretary and mayor of the municipal departments of Party and government officials of the phone, and in 2009 and 2011, because the leadership changes, and other reasons was transferred to the two update official telephone number. Each newspaper officials call, have invariably been sold out the public. Hebei, Chengde in 2009 announced 14 sets of official telephone numbers, including the Municipal Committee, deputy mayor and other leading cadres. Most leaders personally answer the call to the public to meet the people to reflect the problem, but also to the staff in a timely manner to record and study the treatment, received a lot of praise. Hunan city has Changsha with 7 full page announced the city’s more than and 100 units of 1108 leading cadres of the name, position, office location, office telephone and mobile phone number. But many of the published telephone often no answer or can not call. This allows the official phone number published the effect of counterproductive. > > following hotline "cool" as "cold line" in 2013, Lintong District of Xi’an city announced including the district government leaders, the region more than 89 level leading cadres and the name and position of mobile phone number, 2014, Gulou District of Nanjing city announced more than 400 agencies responsible for the telephone and street. Reporters choose some of the main leaders and the people’s livelihood, and is closely related to the person in charge of the Department of the phone number, follow up. 21 PM to 22 am, the reporter called the Xi’an District, Lintong, a total of 11 officials of the phone, including some of the main leaders and letters and visits, education, civil affairs and other departments responsible person. 11 officials, 3 mobile phone has no answer, two people directly hung up the phone, two people into calls to remind, the Civil Affairs Bureau and Supervision Bureau responsible for the telephone are "out of service" and "not in service", the main leadership of a region of the mobile phone has no answer, one hour after the reply message "please send the information, the reporter that identity no response. Lintong District vice mayor Zou Lin in a telephone, first said "I was driving at this time, a little busy." An hour later, the reporter called back. Zou Lin believes that after the announcement of the phone number is also good, this morning, Xi’an heavy snow, the road is slippery, not convenient to answer the phone,.相关的主题文章:

360 telecommunications fraud issued nine typical cases – Sohu Technology clazziquai

360 telecommunications fraud issued nine typical cases – Sohu technology in recent years, the telecommunications fraud continues to evolve, continued to upgrade, to the public property and personal security poses a great threat. During the -25 September 19th national network security week, telecommunications fraud has become a hot topic for all parties. In order to help the public better identify means of telecommunications fraud, China largest Internet security company 360 released the "2016 China Telecom" fraud analysis reports on the situation, the current telecommunications fraud do a comprehensive interpretation. In the report, 360 special summary nowadays nine typical Telecom fraud cases, including: posing as public security fraud, fraud, fraud posing as leaders posing as relatives, ticket refund, refund, change fraud fraud counterfeit fraud, the securities company Kazhe business fraud, refund fraud, postal fund accumulation regular transfer demand fraud. Figure 1: Telecommunications fraud a variety of means, make people impossible to guard against the case basically covers the most popular means of telecommunications fraud. As can be seen from these cases, today’s telecommunications fraud routines are no longer simple. This means criminals are set, will be the victim of a step by step into the trap, is impossible to guard against. In the report, the 360 not only introduces the case itself, also carried out according to the interpretation of the strong, and make professional tips to help the public understand the fraudsters cunning, avoid to be deceived, can be regarded as one of the professional fangpian guide strong "". 1, Ms. Wang posing public security fraud in Chongqing received a display number +2367821616 calls, tell her to have a single prosecution without treatment, 64868911 of the call request. The other said that this is the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai, Xuhui District phone, and to remind Ms. Wang can call 114 for inquiries. Ms. Wang then conducted a query, do have this phone number. But Ms. Wang did not dial the number directly, but soon received a phone call. Each other on the phone, said: Ms. Wang associated with drug trafficking case, there have been friends for Ms. wang. The other on the phone and provides a web site, Ms. Wang opened the site, see a title for "the People’s Republic of China Supreme People’s Procuratorate" website, and according to the instructions found in a case with their related materials and warrant. At this time, Ms. Wang has completely believed that the other side said. Thus, the other will be transferred to the phone to the police, police officer ke. Ke police officer asked Ms. Wang must have their own bank card money into an account, in order to serve as a notary public comparison, to prove the innocence of ms.. So, Ms. Wang to the ATM machine to the other side of the transfer of 16110 yuan. 360 expert tips: 1) do not easily believe that the phone call from a stranger, if someone said they suspected of a crime, should be the first to call 110 to ask, and not believe that the so-called Public Security Bureau police telephone or telephone. 2) public security organs are not by phone this too simple form to inform the parties suspected of crimes so great.相关的主题文章: