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Jiang Yanxi EIA the countdown to the opening mode of spot oil detailed

Jiang Yanxi EIA: the countdown to the opening mode of spot oil layout Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! It is a week when EIA is imperceptibly spent do not know how much of the EIA market, but did not get tired of this market, but each time the EIA would like to play with blood like excitement, because they can be in this big market in great benefit. "As the saying goes, the Practice makes perfect. oil peddler, the only hand cooked Seoul" when the EIA market experienced many, every time I see the data after the market trend naturally by heart. Specific operations can be concerned about the number of precious metals investment alliance. News information: Wednesday (August 31st) the period of oil prices in the near two week low narrow shocks, U.S. crude oil futures in October is currently trading at $46.18 a barrel, Brent crude oil futures in November is currently trading at $48.48 a barrel, as the dollar holding near three week highs, and the API inventory data to display the U.S. crude oil inventories increased, oil prices still lack of action. Dollar index rose to 96.17 on Wednesday, the highest level since August 9th. A stronger dollar, resulting in dollar denominated commodities such as oil for holders of other currencies become more expensive, and may limit demand. In August 31 the line ending date of arrival, the price of crude oil return of 46, Jiang Yanxi said that the current price of crude oil from the technical point of view has been in fourth waves, will usher in a rebound opportunity, but the evening EIA inventory announced, although the market expected bad crude oil, but the need to prevent violent counter. The crude oil market oversupply fears increased, and the API inventory recorded an increase in oil prices sharply, while the EIA inventory according to market expectations and API inventory data, more likely to increase again bad evening crude oil, however, occurred ending on the occasion of crude oil investors beware profits phenomenon. This is Jiang Yanxi remind investors to pay attention to. Technical discussion: for oil investors, tonight’s attention is tantamount to EIA inventory data. I first again: due to the recent article plagiarism is becoming increasingly serious, a lot of my original article plagiarism is undeniable, in today’s world is that creativity is not strong but imitation ability can be quite. So here I just released my EIA general layout ideas, and the specific EIA layout I will be in my public number precious metal investment union exclusive release, no reprint. Specific can be concerned about the number of precious metals investment alliance. Author WeChat duanwu6358 welcome advice. Following today’s EIA general layout ideas: for the evening EIA layout is also very simple, the above analysis also said the Iran crude oil production, the excess supply situation worsened, and technical level correction to the vicinity of 45 is not in place, so even if the evening crude oil inventory data Dumbledore, is expected to increase will not be great, then the operating idea is a word empty, before the U.S. disc is expected to rebound in crude oil will not be too large, pay attention to pressure near 46.5 can be, and if EIA is so bullish on top相关的主题文章:

Sports network red broadcast of public donations to the playground happily sail the country – Sohu-puritans pride

Sports network live donation red " " happy playground; the warm sail – Sohu sports star featuring " " donation broadcast, Olympic champion field athletics open class — November 8th morning, a ceremony in Beijing city open up a fresh outlook of Tongzhou District art before primary school opened, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Lottery management center the Chinese national sports foundation co sponsored the Leshan " lottery fund; public welfare lottery happy playground " activities declared officially set sail, will be the country’s 31 provinces, more than and 670 primary and secondary schools, sent free sports facilities and equipment, to the joy of sports to poor primary school, for children’s happiness.       at the same time, including the national football star Jihai Sun, Chinese Jianwang Olympic bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang, including a large number of sports stars, the Olympic champion, will also follow the activities to 6 provinces and cities nationwide, gave the children a " sports public class open up a fresh outlook; ". In fact, this activity has even run for 5 years, the national lottery center public relations director Yang introduced, " this year?; the largest, covering most schools, donated funds also reached a record 14 million 300 thousand yuan, the total amount of nearly over the years. " " public welfare lottery happy playground " is a public welfare activities, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Lottery Management Center launched in 2012, by expanding the brand reputation of the Chinese national sports fund management department director Zhou Wangcheng said, in order to increase investment, expand coverage, from this year, the national lottery the center and foundation establishment of Leshan Grand owed lottery fund.   site: Diego Jianwang sports live " network; red " perpendicular and horizontal on the football pitch Jihai Sun, today ushered in a new challenge: he will live in the Tencent’s lens, to send art only primary school sports equipment to donate, hundreds of children to school a public football class, and children completed a football match to relay " ".           this is " happy playground " part of the Beijing initiation ceremony. In November 8th, Jihai Sun and colleagues, and the London Olympic Games Shooting bronze medalist Dai Xiaoxiang, he will live to teach kids with " " the God of archery.   art only primary school is located in Tongzhou District Majuqiao town, Beijing City, the school is simple, not in the strict sense of the middle school playground, only a 35 meters long and 15 meters wide bare cement, the 6 grade of more than 500 children standing on the ground are full to the brim, but it is still the children after school play happy paradise. President Wang Haidong told reporters that art is a private school, students are all migrant workers children..相关的主题文章:

Xiamen Metro Line 1 a month at the end of the train arrived in Xiamen unveiled-cad2012序列号和密钥

Xiamen Metro Line 1 a month at the end of the train arrived in Xiamen unveiled Xiamen subway train appearance is very tall. Xiamen subway train internal clean and bright. Reporter Lei Yu correspondent Li Lin Xiamen subway train looks like? With the Metro Line 1 at the end of next year trial operation is approaching, Xiamen subway yesterday ushered in a key node — the first phase project of line 1 subway cars off the line, this means that the first subway trains in Xiamen has finally opened a mysterious veil. The day before, Xiamen rail group staff has traveled to Hebei Tangshan with the big guy "home", is expected in October 30th, the first subway train will arrive in Xiamen. Why is the first subway train from Tangshan subway line in Hebei, Tangshan? Reporters learned that the manufacturing enterprises in Xiamen subway train is Tangshan Zhongche Locomotive Vehicle Co Ltd is located in Hebei, Tangshan. In order to take this big guy, Xiamen Railway Group staff arrived early local. From October 18th to October 22nd, Xiamen Railway Group in Tangshan Zhongche company completed the first train factory acceptance, the acceptance through electrostatic inspection and testing standards, vehicle quality, good performance, achieves the requirements of offline. It is worth mentioning that the first train delivery cycle is only 12 months, creating the city’s first subway line vehicle shortest delivery time. The maximum capacity of 2062 vehicles according to the introduction, the first phase project of Xiamen Metro Line 1 uses B type vehicle 6 cars, 2.8 meters wide, the total length of about 118.7 meters, the maximum capacity of 2062 people, a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour. This is not the first appearance of the Xiamen subway train. Not long ago, in the "98" Trade Fair on the show, the Xiamen subway train to restore the proportion of 1:10 realistically, in the form of a model with the public met. According to reports, the Xiamen subway design elements of Xiamen joined the egrets. In addition, in order to adapt to the western area of climate and geography and technical conditions in line, Xiamen subway train to tailor Development — according to the climatic characteristics of Xiamen metro, the air outlet, the air more bigger, can realize the replacement of air in a shorter period of time, people crowded passengers will not feel bored. Xiamen Metro is also a large number of green materials and the use of world-class energy-saving and shock absorption and noise reduction technology, the whole car intelligent fire warning.相关的主题文章:

Children skating kepo forehead merchants refused to make compensation for lawyer’s Disclaimer not co-segotep

Children skating kepo forehead merchants refused to make compensation for lawyer’s Disclaimer: not the newspaper news (reporter Ming Lingxiang) Ms. bear the public to reflect the Wuhan evening news, 8 year old son accidentally broke at the rink, spent 3000 yuan for medical expenses, after repeatedly contact the merchant, the rink nothing has yet to lose, even produce a disclaimer. 7 the night of October 22nd, Ms. bear who lives in Hankou with her 8 year old son Cong Cong (a pseudonym), arrived at the liberation Avenue all star skating skating club, Cong Cong accidentally fell on the ice in the process, the forehead knock out about 2 cm long hole, after the diagnosis of head injury, two stitches. Spend 3000 yuan for medical expenses. Recently, Ms. Xiong repeatedly contact the rink, but the rink has not paid. Miss Xiong believes that businesses should be responsible for this. Wuhan evening news reporter saw at the rink posted at the door of a business accident disclaimer, and wrote: this field is not responsible for any accidents and injuries, skating people and children wear protective gear and gloves. After verification, the whole does not wear any Cong in skating equipment. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the all star ice rink, the manager surnamed Wang explained that Ms. bear children is to fall. At the same time, the child before entering the venue, they warned each other whether to rent gear, but the other party that the child has a skating foundation, does not need to. Moreover, they have posted a disclaimer at the door, customers should pay attention to reading before entering the relevant matters. To this end, Hubei Li Feng Law Firm lawyer Qiu Dan believes that the skating rink as a business place, should be responsible for the personal safety of the customer site. In this case, although the operator warned customers rent gear, and show the disclaimer, but not completely exemption. At the same time, parents should bear some responsibility. As for the specific compensation issues, you can ask the forensic or relevant identification agencies issued a letter of approval by the court or the arbitration body mediation.相关的主题文章:

The social effects of Chinese porcelain in the metropolitan auction-hypersnap-dx

The Metropolitan Society Chinese porcelain auction collection effect in autumn of 2016 in New York Asian art week, the Metropolitan Museum commissioned by Christie’s sale of its collection of more than four hundred pieces of porcelain Chinese, launched a special "beauty hidden in Sri Lanka — Metropolitan Museum of Art collection Chinese porcelain auction, caused widespread concern in the media and collectors around the world. News shows, all the auction the auction launched won one hundred percent of the total turnover, over $13 million 700 thousand (equivalent to 91 million 360 thousand yuan) report. Now, although the distance from the end of this auction has been more than a month, but the sensation caused by, but has been one of the focus topic in the near future. Reported that the "beauty hidden in" special auction, for the Metropolitan Museum warehouse repeat collections, or defective product quality, the proportion of small, but as the museum for the first time in 140 years to sell porcelain, and such a huge number, attractive. According to Christie’s goods economy value, rarity and art will be divided into two ways: one is sold to the traditional auction site, a total of 203 pieces, price ranging from $600 to $900 thousand; another way to take the racquet, a total of 198 pieces, many of them in the auction reserve starting. Allegedly, this division is fully taking into account the different needs of collectors, provide different opportunities for them. From the end of the hundred percent of the results of the transaction, the overall higher than the valuation of the transaction, high priced works are almost expected. According to participate in the auction of the collectors introduced the situation, to participate in the auction, buyers China significantly more than the European and American buyers, almost every auction conducted in-depth bidding. For the auction, the industry views vary. Many experts believe that the metropolitan deaccession although there is no special device, but can guarantee the authenticity and inheritance, can sell higher than the market price is also behoove. In addition, this is the first sale of metropolitan China porcelain, sensational effect obviously, even shoot high and also throughout the no ground for blame, not particularly crazy price was born, except for a Kangxi statue radish cowpea red glaze sold for $2 million 45 thousand to the highest price, the auction he did not exceed $one million, which also proved the market more rational and mature. Opposition voices pointed out that the blind pursuit of foreign museums and collectors of strength is not desirable, their collection is uneven in quality, if there is no Metropolitan Museum of Art gold signs "Dharma", these defective goods in the auction market will be greatly reduced China. The museum holds for overseas policy advantages can be sold for the collection of works of art, "truth-seeking and refinement" if thirsty China art collectors, is undoubtedly very attractive. Even if the auction was declared "the goods" or "defective", but as the hundred years of experience, compared to other ordinary products of the same type, the number of future opportunities for the appreciation of auction is clearly more worth looking forward to. (Wang Guoliang) source: collection letters相关的主题文章: