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Middle aged men to know the success of health care methods – maternal and child Sohu y580

The middle-aged male reproductive success to know the maternal and child health care methods of Sohu around us many men to work, when successful, began to consider fertility problems. But at this time may be due to a number of problems affecting fertility, age is the most intuitive, in addition to the success of fertility, men should pay more attention to enhance the body’s resistance. [planning to wear jeans before pregnancy] due to the age of men has been one of the main causes of infertility. On the one hand, and a middle-aged male but also active sperm, with weakened hand and middle-aged male days and months multiplying bad habits, and some chronic genitourinary diseases. Don’t miss the golden age of male fertility [] newspaper common man was 60 years old, 70 years old can also be a dad, how can we not? Man’s age is so important for children? Many middle-aged fathers heart often have such doubts. In fact, the factors of male age on fertility is crucial, childbirth does not directly cause infertility, but late birth will affect eugenics. The optimal age of birth is between 25~30 years old, and with the increase of age, the neonatal mortality rate will increase accordingly. [middle-aged male reproductive health] first: focus on reproductive health, prevention of male reproductive system disease. Prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, varicocele and other reproductive and urinary diseases can lead to infertility. Therefore, unmarried men should be physical examination once a year to understand their health, if found to be a problem, should go to hospital for treatment. Second: to develop good habits. Quit smoking (especially before birth within six months), drinking and other bad habits, less late at night, soon sit; especially not long wearing tight jeans, keep the blood running smoothly; eat more fruits and vegetables. Third: away from pollution. Try to stay away from air pollution and water pollution caused by industrialization; fruits and vegetables should be cleaned, it is best to eat in order to avoid the abuse of organic Vegetable & Fruit, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides; the use of unleaded gasoline, as contained in automobile exhaust lead is the killer of reproductive system. Fourth: more exercise, enhance body resistance. Special remind: only a Beijing family hospital, no branch! Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: Beijing Tianlun Sterility Hospital (bjtlbyby2) (- press copy)]相关的主题文章:

Supreme law and other nine departments dishonest debtor bidding activities will be limited soojin

The supreme law and other nine departments: the debtor bidding activities will be limited [Abstract]22 day, the Supreme People’s court and the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the "notice on the bidding activities in the implementation of the debtor promises joint punishment". Source: BTV Science Beijing September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) on the 22 day, the Supreme People’s court and the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the "notice on the bidding activities in the implementation of the debtor promises joint punishment". The "notice" clear, dishonest debtor’s tender, tender agents, evaluation and bidding activities will be limited. The "notice" by the Supreme People’s court, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, Ministry of transport, Ministry of water resources, Ministry of Commerce, the National Railway Bureau, civil aviation bureau nine departments jointly issued China. The Supreme People’s Court of the executive secretary Meng Xiang introduced, combined with the object of punishment in the bidding activities by the Supreme People’s court announced dishonest debtor bidder, the bidding agencies and bidding evaluation experts, practitioners. The Supreme People’s Court of the debtor name (name), legal obligations, such as dishonesty case information to the credit information sharing platform and "credit Chinese" website, the bidding and tendering agency, the relevant administrative supervision departments by "credit Chinese" website or levels of credit information sharing platform for query. "Notice" a total of four disciplinary measures. One is to limit the debtor’s bidding activities. For the project construction project that must be subject to tender according to law, the tenderer shall clearly stipulate the bid evaluation criteria in the bidding documents, and so on. For more than two natural persons, legal persons or other organizations form a consortium to participate in a joint bidder bidding activities, shall carry out the query for all members of the Commonwealth, once the combination of one or more members belong to the debtor, the overall limit antithetical couplet body. The two is to limit the debtor’s bidding activities. In the case of a bid invitation agency to carry out the bidding, the tenderee shall give priority to the bidding agency that has no record of breach of trust, and promote the bidding activities more standardized and efficient. Three is to limit the debtor’s bid evaluation activities. Notice clearly relevant units shall employ dishonest debtor evaluation experts, evaluation experts who promises to be executed on the employment period will be promptly removed. The four is to limit the debtor debtor’s bidding activities. The tenderer and the tendering agency shall, when engaging in the bidding for the employees, be restricted to the debtor who is dishonest, and shall be dealt with in the course of the bidding of the debtor who has been dishonest. Meng Xiang stressed that the implementation of the joint punishment in the tender and bidding activities of the debtor is to improve the integrity of the tender and bid joint disciplinary mechanism, an important measure to promote the construction of social credit system. Is conducive to standardizing the activities of the parties to the tender and bidding activities, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market, is conducive to the sound of "a broken faith, everywhere Limited" credit mechanism, the formation of the whole society respect for justice, honesty相关的主题文章:

Daniel Wu as the United States election ballot, he voted for Trump or Hilary windjview

Daniel Wu as the United States election ballot, he voted for Trump or Hilary? Since the Observer reported the United States presidential election, the Hollywood star join canvassing news It is often seen. However, when our male god Daniel Wu stood out, Xiao Bian was surprised! Who do you guess he voted for? In November 5th, Daniel Wu in the personal Instagram upload votes, saying that the ballot has been ready to vote"! He also called on all residents in the United States are involved in the "most important vote", "don’t you also can turn the none of my business!" Daniel Wu was born in San Francisco, USA, 23 years old, after graduating from college to Hongkong. Voting rights is no problem, you can light a ballot how to meet the curiosity of the crowd! The comment asks a question everyone wants to know – who did he vote for? Eat melon masses have stand Trump, however, a lot of friends such as @elite1513 also said, ask someone who is not polite. Who knows, Daniel Wu actually reply in the comments! "It’s all right, you can say.". I voted for Hilary, and I was surprised to see so many Chinese American pink Trump. Because he hates China and wants to impose trade restrictions on china." Daniel Wu suddenly open to Hilary such a canvassing, comments instantly exploded: @elite1513: I remember when I was young, my parents asked who they would vote for, the answer is "mind your own business"! Well, at least you go to the polls, not sitting. @jameshuang_sh: very surprised to see Chinese support Hilary. Take a look at the pro democracy bill, and if Hilary comes on stage, the Chinese must be the biggest victim. @ms.flowerli: I can shoot Obama?相关的主题文章:

Beijing heavy air pollution blue warning sounded 15 days will gradually improve the society p 女f4

Beijing heavy air pollution blue warning sounded   15 days will gradually improve the society original title: Beijing heavy air pollution blue warning sounded 15 days will gradually improve the central broadcasting network Beijing on October 14th news (reporter Liu Tiansi) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported yesterday (13 days) 16, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command issued blue warning of heavy pollution of air. According to reports, at present, Beijing and North China affected by adverse weather conditions, significant accumulation of pollutants, air quality to achieve severe pollution levels. 14 yesterday, the city of Beijing District PM2.5 concentration of up to 169 micrograms of cubic meters, for the severe pollution of the grade 5, Southeast of Tongzhou, Daxing, Yizhuang PM2.5 average concentration of up to 206 micrograms cubic meters. According to the forecast, today will remain unfavorable weather conditions, air quality for heavy pollution. It is understood that this is the year since autumn, heavy pollution warning sounded air Beijing second times. The last time in the National Day holiday, warning level of three yellow. According to the Beijing municipal government in March 30, 2015 issued the "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan", the air quality index (AQI) in more than 200 of heavy air pollution, based on the prediction of air quality, considering the air pollution degree and duration of the heavy air pollution warning "from light to heavy into blue and yellow red, orange, 4 levels. Among them, the heavy air pollution blue warning for the forecast of heavy air pollution will continue for 1 days (24 hours). In addition, the Beijing municipal meteorological station at 16:30 yesterday issued a "haze yellow warning signal, according to the relevant contingency plans, heavy air pollution blue warning" haze yellow warning "starts, the general public need to be" Mask "to reduce outdoor sports and health protection, advised the public to take public transportation, parking stall time. Construction sites, bare ground, material stacking and other places should increase the intensity of dust control measures, sewage units to strengthen emission reduction measures. Precipitation is expected tomorrow, the air quality will gradually improve. According to the existing observations, is expected to 15, No. 16 air as "mild pollution of the level of", No. 17 gradually improved to "level 2 good". (Zhang Yu, Li Jing: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

August passenger car sales in the top ten baked independent of the seats of the seats in the re elec baxia

August passenger car sales in the top ten baked: independent of the seat of Geely’s re-entry into the next round according to the latest data released by the association, in 2016 China’s auto market in August sales growth was essentially flat with last month. In August this year, the narrow passenger car volume reached 1759273, compared with the same period last year rose 28.5% in 1368556. Another narrow passenger car sales grew by more than expected, in August sales of 1763467 vehicles grew by 27.6%. From the latest production and marketing data, in August the car market showed a rebound in production and demand, the structure of the characteristics of further optimization, which in turn with the opening season to pick up the car and the real economy. Overall, in July, in the middle of the peak period of high growth in August, basically in line with the previous association expected 16 years ago, the former low high car market trend. With the "golden nine silver ten" the arrival of wholesale sales growth is expected in September will continue to be good. In August narrow passenger wholesale sales of the top ten car companies, FAW – Volkswagen continue to monthly sales crown, SAIC GM over Volkswagen, ranked second. It is worth noting that Geely in August continued to force with cars and SUV once again the top ten finalists, which also makes the independent brands occupy three seats in the top ten, the other two are in Changan and the the Great Wall car car. The following is the August narrow passenger car sales in the top ten ranking. First: FAW – Volkswagen August narrow passenger car sales volume: 162032. Second: SAIC GM August narrow passenger car sales: 155562. Third: SAIC Volkswagen August narrow passenger car sales: 147281. Fourth: on August the Wuling special passenger car wholesale sales: 91604. Fifth: Changan automobile August narrow passenger car wholesale sales: 85835. Sixth: Dongfeng Nissan August narrow passenger car sales volume: 82931. Seventh: Beijing Hyundai August narrow passenger car sales volume: 82025. Eighth: Changan Ford August narrow passenger car wholesale sales: 72073. Ninth: the Great Wall car August narrow passenger car sales volume: 65405. Tenth: Geely Automobile August narrow passenger car sales volume: 57236.相关的主题文章: