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Marathon of Hangzhou marathon, the theme of the forum was successfully held – Sohu

"I Hangzhou marathon marathon" theme of the forum successfully held Sohu sports "Guangzhou Honda – 2016 Hangzhou marathon forum" held in Zhejiang Great Hall of the people today, the forum hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s government, Zhejiang Province Sports Bureau; Zhejiang province sports competition center, Zhejiang province marathon the United States Sports Group contractors Association. Hangzhou City, senior vice president, vice mayor Chen Hongying, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, Li Hua, Zhang Han, sports group, South China Normal University professor Tan Jianxiang attended the forum. Hangzhou Ma 30 years change speech on the theme of the forum, vice mayor of Hangzhou city Chen Hongying, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, sports group Li Hua, senior vice president Zhang Han, South China Normal University professor Tan Jianxiang around the theme of this forum is "the Hangzhou marathon, my marathon" spoke.   deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau Li Hua tells the events of Hangzhou Ma 30 years you will see, it is a process of Hangzhou Ma ", from the first day in West Lake to West Lake International Marathon Osmanthus fragrans marathon, and then to the Hangzhou International Marathon, finally decided to present the Hangzhou Marathon; second is the number of Hangzhou Ma players continue to grow, the first more than and 600 people from Hangzhou Ma to more than 30 thousand this year; third is the hang horse race brand promotion, from the event to a bronze medal event" three jump ", and put forward the goal — the international gold standard tournament next Hangzhou ma.   vice mayor of Hangzhou, Chen Hongying tells the story of Hangzhou Ma route 30 years development course, she will hang horses for thirty years is divided into three stages, respectively, in 1987 -2001 of the West Lake times, 2002 -2013 years of age since 2014 the south, across the river in the dual core era. She changes on every stage of Hangzhou MA line have done a detailed description, the first day in West Lake osmanthus marathon commemorates the Sino Japanese friendship and held it, the line let runners appreciate only half of West Lake, even can not be called a regular marathon; and 42 km in 2002 full marathon restart, and for the first time the Huanglong Sports Center as the end point of Hangzhou Ma, which greatly expanded the Hangzhou Ma route; 2014, Hangzhou Ma for the first time stepping across Qiantang River, the West Lake scenic area has been fully incorporated into the Hangzhou Ma route; and this year Olympic Sports Center and the International Exhibition Center was also included in Hangzhou Ma layout.   cheemay Sports Group senior vice president Zhang Han, starting from the origin of marathon, pointed out that the spirit of the marathon is perseverance, patience, victory and hard work. He believes that the Chinese marathon can be used "just unfolding" to describe the development trend of Chinese City Marathon good, consistent with the World Marathon ahead of the pace, but also put forward to the blind pursuit of quantity, the marathon finish quality is more important. He was referring to the United States, analyzes the Chinese marathon now exist advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is in low threshold, simple and easy to operate, but the disadvantage is that the overall level of domestic mass marathon is still relatively low, but the large population weak foundation marathon. Tan Jianxiang, a professor at the South China Normal University, tells the story of a marathon in the world.相关的主题文章:

Get together on the comedy variety ” &quot Star Cross; funny may not have the future — -tonya mitchell

Get together on the comedy variety   " " Star Cross; funny may not have the future — Culture — original title: brush face can get together over a funny laugh? Yue Yunpeng and Li Chen talk together. Liu Tao is going on a comedy show. Guo Degang, Song Dandan, and the crossover comedy by Mr. Feng Xiaogang and mr.. Song Xiaobao, Jia Ling suddenly re entered the comedy variety. Right now the most red comedy variety "The Legendary Swordsman" occupy every Sunday ratings list emerged, amateur players themselves. At the same time, the same type of comedy "story" and "cross-border comedy king" is about to get together on the file, to join the competition camp, but the main is a "Star Cross" brand. But the audience has expressed concern that this kind of program is facing many problems: actor, model brush face excessive homogenization, aesthetic fixed conservative, if not resolved, comedy resources are too concentrated mining, funny is not necessarily a future. After the first assessment programs herd, how to differentiate? So many programs almost at the same time, people sigh comedy variety of spring is coming. In fact, two years ago, the comedy variety also had a more crazy hot period, but later the most funny show the general effect, such as outdoor advertising investment to show that easy, so this type of rapid cooling, after a period of calm reflection, with the "The Legendary Swordsman" and "happy A NEW force suddenly rises. comedy", and soon some people follow. In fact, this is not particularly conducive to the overall ecology and development of comedy programs. Because to do tastes, comedy shows a particularly high threshold. And when the uneven level of the program full screen, the audience will sooner or later have a taste of this kind of aesthetic fatigue. But at the same time, happiness is still under the pressure of life people just need to make people laugh, but it is not easy, the premise is the program to have enough creativity and sincerity. From this point of view, under the present red indicates certain risks, to remind you, in a strong lineup is not a panacea, but must go a different way. First of all, by the famous actor or popular comedian frequently brush face to attract the eye is good, but the show also will inevitably be suspected of resource consumption comedy like a swarm of bees, for the long-term development of this comedy industry is not a good thing, so the producer can try to find comedy players relax vision can not just stare at the big, but should give those who have not yet known but has a strong foundation of comedian some opportunities, China, vast territory and abundant resources a lot of talent, as long as the candidate program will look down, to a variety of folk theater wide net, will be able to transport fresh blood into the comic industry. Secondly, we have long comedy language class accounted for the bulk of pieces are the most developed, with Deyunshe crosstalk as a bellwether, other categories of performance but was ignored, the program will be less creative, the audience has gradually off, from the "The Legendary Swordsman" experience, mime, dance type of comedy depend on exaggeration, coke movement to create a comic effect can do something. Therefore, we ask the audience to more tolerant to break through the traditional aesthetic at the same time, producers are also相关的主题文章:

Li Sheng on Gold gold only sideways wind rate decision to break the interval – Sohu

Li Sheng on Gold: gold only sideways wind rate decision to break the interval – Sohu financing always want to write a compelling words, can always write moved their word. Try to make an unexpected unilateral, but often encounter the continuation of the inability to shock. Sitting in front of the computer, the number of the waves, staring at the silent night, K, the morning sun seems to repeat the feeling, but never feel monotonous and boring, fluctuations in the market is always not already clear back yesterday, has been looking forward to the right and vision of unknown tomorrow. Brewing, just before the outbreak of the night this week, the gold market performance is very calm, the light of the market seems to slow the tempo of all, behind this sideways expect and brewing, but also to stimulate the unilateral before dawn. The price of gold to 1318 points of pressure, with the support of the position of 1312, the price is almost impossible to escape the curse of $10, no matter how much, it is empty, waste of time and waste became the largest transaction costs. The two day, with the disc plate rose deep tone style beauty disk shock continued, the firm using pithy formula textbook fluctuations proved once again, strong continuity, deduce the trend of shock wave. Tuesday disk still go around spying on the high point of 1318, if the plate can hold 1315 in order to maintain the breakthrough, can be beautiful plate before the adjustment yesterday revealed everything, the author asserts that this is only to a market on Monday, and the same operation does not change wait too much. The United States interest rate decision will straddle the countdown, fired tear force due to the Fed’s interest rate decision is approaching, market straddle the support has been see, some people think that forced the interest rate will fall, some people argue the wolf story does not end. The interest rate hike paotang, gold rose, tough, 1003 fall. Even if you fed a dishonest performance have been heartbroken, still can not shake the American influence on the money market summon wind and call for rain. Expected in 2016 will have to raise interest rates four times, then to two in the first half of the year, now is the last quarter of September, December, a wave of interest rate is the key time sensitive period, even if the short-term interest rate hike, as long as the tough attitude that year killed again, this also influence transient will bring to the market. Kuroda Higashihiko, or save the weakness in gold on Wednesday, Japan’s central bank interest rate decision will be announced, if as currently expected, Japan introduced negative interest rates, quantitative easing policy may give up, it will break the current gold this anemic trend, short-term 1300 area will form a strong support, gold to bring some help and rebound. This possibility is still relatively large, will cause the dollar to weaken phased down, to drive or push gold to break through 1320 formed inflection signs. The market doesn’t buy the news before the worthless, a message to the operation of the transaction by means of speech, I always have a point of view, regardless of any news, when the fluctuations in the market price, that is when the market is not amenable to any news, obviously not worth a hair the vast majority of people into the market. With the help of known or unknown sources to make a profit, the price is not science.相关的主题文章:

The prediction of lottery 3d16245 period Ten difference interval 1-4- Sohu-pretty rhythm

The prediction of lottery 3D16245 period: Ten difference interval 1-4- Sohu 2016244th lottery lottery 3D number is 699, and the value of 24 points, the size and shape of large parity form greatly, even Kiki, the span value of 3. 3D forecast number 2016245 period the latest: quasi cold number: the period of the lottery results is 699, the cold code all bye, looking at the recent award number in the next period, should be appropriate to consider the cold code slightly warmer. Heat number forecast: the last phase of the hot state code did not debut, according to the number of columns to determine the frequency chart, the author believes that the next phase of the code should continue to go cold. Temperature: the period of temperature, out of three, look at the recent period award in 245, is expected before the hot period will remain the. Ten span ten span the period from 0 points, nearly a week according to the ten difference distribution, that a new period of ten will be close to 1-4 regional difference. Ten position and value: on a lottery ten bit and a value of 18, in nearly 30 lottery, and ten points less than 4 times lower, forecast a new period and value may not jump out of the range of 6-12.相关的主题文章:

Provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auctions to take 37 bus (video)

Provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auctions to take 37 bus to the original title: Hunan provincial bus reform disposal vehicles twelfth auction announcement at 10:00 on the morning of September 28, 2016, Changsha Xintian hotel office building two floor No. 1 meeting room will hold provincial bus reform in Hunan province with twelfth vehicle auction. The main brands are Chevrolet, cheetah, Passat, Honda, the number of quasi 37 vehicles. Please carry a valid identity certificate and certificate of payment (deposit 10 thousand Yuantai) to apply for registration of bids. Vehicle display time and place: September 21st to September 27th 12, the provincial authorities centralized office before the Ping (friendship road and Furong Road intersection southwest corner). Registration time and address: from September 21st to 17 at 708 (with the arrival of the deposit and registration of applicants to apply for the location of time), No. Bayi Road, Eastern Mansion, room 20. Tel: 136773558160731-82827709, business supervision: 89971678, stay tuned website and WeChat public platform Hunan Yongda auction". Video recommendation: Hunan provincial bus reform disposal vehicle first auction相关的主题文章: