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Thai four high-speed rail plans to delay the start of the new media, said the Thai while betting on kasey chase

Four Thai high-speed rail plans to delay the start of the new media said Thailand also bet on the original title: Thailand four high-speed rail plans to delay the start: Thai foreign media also bet on Reference News Network reported on November 3rd new media said, the four high-speed rail plan in Thailand was launched this year will be delayed until next year to start, but the traffic in Thailand a minister said, although these projects delayed construction but still can be completed on schedule. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website on November 2nd citing "Bangkok post" reported that a report that prepare the four high-speed rail plan this year will not have any significant progress to the cabinet meeting next week, the main reason is the preliminary research work of these projects has not completed. Reported that the four projects including Thailand and Chinese building connecting Bangkok and the northeast of Nakhon Ratchasima Kh’s high-speed railway, a total length of 252.5 kilometers, the investment of 179 billion baht (about 34 billion 560 million yuan). This is the Thai railway plan in the first phase of the project. According to the plan, China Thailand railway length of 873 kilometers, from Kunming to Thailand Chinese capital Bangkok, a road linking to singapore. Another project is the Thailand and Japan to build the 382 km railway, southern Bangkok and Northern Phitsanulok’s connection. The project investment of 224 billion baht (about 43 billion 200 million yuan). The other two railway projects are affected by Bangkok to Rayong railway of 193.5 kilometers, and Bangkok to Hua Hin City railway of 165 kilometers; the former will cost 152 billion baht (about 29 billion 300 million yuan), the latter 94 billion 600 million baht (about 18 billion 250 million yuan). Reported that the Ministry of communications had originally planned to start the construction of these four railway projects in Thailand this year. However, air stressed that although the start time is delayed, but these four railway will be completed in 2017 as scheduled. Thailand’s government wants to build a high-speed rail network in the country, linking major domestic production and shipping hubs to the South and northeast of India. Reported that the Thailand plan of railway, road and customs checkpoints widely in the next seven years, to remove the bottleneck of Thailand and neighboring trade in transportation and customs, the blueprint is expected to be $83 billion (about 561 billion 400 million yuan). China two party through tough negotiations after a long time, in late September of this year reached the first phase of the project cost of Thailand high-speed railway reached an agreement, and was opened in December this year. At that time, the Reuters reported a revealed that Thailand will bear all the cost of construction, China will provide funding for technology related to the system. Reported that the Thai high-speed rail is an important part of the trans Asian railway network Chinese advocate, but also meet the Thailand government to update the aging of the railway network plan. The trans Asian railway network with a total length of 873 kilometers, a "person" will take shape, northeast Thailand important port Nongkhai bordering neighboring Laos border, link up with the industrial zone in eastern Thailand Pu Yong motor port and pull, and by connecting the city of Southwest Kunming Chinese Laos and Thailand. For the Thai high-speed rail cost, Thailand has been that the price is too high. In March this year, the Thailand government announced its decision to assume the first 2相关的主题文章:

Strict supervision to keep a watchful eye on credit debt leverage in sorrow widcomm

Strict supervision to keep a watchful eye on leverage in credit debt fund exposure table: Sina in its letter Phi behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qinfeng – in addition to the fundamentals of risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, in the ups and downs of the bond market, the people deeply feel there is a risk even more can not be ignored, that is regulatory risk. From the regulators thoroughly bond lever to the Securities Industry Association set up the "eight line", and then to the 14 day reverse repurchase restart, corporate debt financing of local policy tightening, adjustment of a series of financial leverage to the supervision on the main line. The day before, the card board is the stock exchange bond pledged repo transaction rules to solicit opinions, the core thought is still regulate and restrict the exchange bond market leverage. Analysts pointed out that the current debt deleveraging pressure is generally small, the exchange is expected to repurchase the new regulations do not have a similar impact that December 2014 pledge rate adjustment, but the financial control lever, anti risk intentions increasingly clear. The new regulations or to stimulate the market to worry about deleveraging, short-term bonds or the continuation of the weak, the credit debt in the margin of extreme compression after the margin of safety is becoming increasingly inadequate, adjust the pressure is more worthy of attention. Strict supervision to leverage on though from the environment point of view, the bond market is still in the process of interest rates down, but the interest rate downward this year and will be repeated tortuous than the past two years is intense, but behind the adjustment of prices punctuated, frequent flash regulatory policy figure. Haitong Securities research team received the latest survey showed that regulatory policy risk has become the most worried about the bond market investors risk point. From the beginning of the regulators thoroughly bond leverage, the securities industry association to set up the "eight line" to the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repo exchange, local tightening of corporate debt financing, although the financial supervision measures, but has always been around to the main line of financial leverage. The recent initiative is the implementation of the new regulations, such as the implementation of the stock exchange bond repo repo regulation. 9, the card board with Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a "bond repurchase transaction settlement risk control guidelines (Draft)", the obvious adjustment and improvement in 2011 based on the version. Institutional review report pointed out that the draft from the brokerage, custody, proprietary three business lines, respectively on the three line of the participating organizations, repurchase financing subject put forward a clear risk control requirements, including clearly qualified investors appropriate management requirements, establish a risk control index system, and guide the participating institutions strengthen the appropriate management of repurchase financing subject and continuous risk management etc.. The main points include: first, emphasize the clearing participants received responsibility for the registration certificate; two, clear pledge repurchase standard of qualified investors, canceled qualified individual investors financing transactions qualifications; three, provisions of brokerage customers using standard coupon repurchase rate shall not exceed 90%, further limiting the use of leverage degree; four, regulations the bond trustee unearned repurchase financing ratio and the balance in the securities account shall not exceed 70%, to leverage all direct financing subject theory相关的主题文章:

Bureau of Statistics September CPI rose 1.9% fresh vegetable prices rose 7.5%– Shaanxi Channe

Bureau of Statistics: September CPI rose 1.9%  fresh vegetable prices rose 7.5%– Shaanxi channel — original title: Bureau of Statistics: September CPI rose 1.9% the price of fresh vegetables rose 7.5% according to bureau of Statistics website news, September, the national consumer price index rose 1.9%. Among them, the city rose 2% in rural areas rose by 1.6%; food prices rose by 3.2%, non food prices rose by 1.6%; consumer prices rose by 1.7%, service prices rose by 2.4%. September, the national consumer price index rose 0.7%. Among them, the city rose 0.7% in rural areas rose by 0.7%; food prices rose by 1.7%, non food prices rose by 0.4%; consumer prices rose by 0.8%, service prices rose by 0.5%. First, all kinds of goods and services prices year-on-year changes in September, food alcohol and tobacco prices rose 2.7%, CPI rose about 0.81 percentage points. Among them, the price of fresh vegetables rose 7.5%, CPI rose about 0.18 percentage points; fresh fruit prices rose 6.7%, CPI rose about 0.11 percentage points; aquatic products prices rose 6.1%, CPI rose about 0.11 percentage points; meat prices rose 4.4%, CPI rose about 0.21 percentage points (pork prices rose 5.8%, affecting the CPI rose by about 0.16 percentage points); egg prices fell 4.6%, CPI decreased by about 0.03 percentage points. September, the other seven categories of prices rose six year drop. Among them, other goods and services, health care, education, culture and entertainment, housing, clothing, daily necessities and services prices rose 4.4%, 4.3%, 2%, 1.5%, 1.2%, 0.3%; transportation and communication prices fell 0.4%. Two, all kinds of goods and services price changes in September, food alcohol and tobacco prices rose 1.2%, affecting the CPI rose about 0.35 percentage points. Among them, the price of fresh vegetables rose 10.7%, CPI rose about 0.25 percentage points; egg prices rose 5.9%, CPI rose about 0.03 percentage points; fresh fruit prices rose 5.2%, CPI rose about 0.08 percentage points; aquatic products prices fell 0.6%, CPI decreased by about 0.01 percentage points. September, the other seven categories of prices rose six qoq. Among them, education, culture and entertainment, clothing, housing, transport and communications, health care and other goods and services prices rose 1.2%, 0.8%, 0.3%, 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.2%; the price of goods and service life of flat. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

Mother to identify daughter buried pit – Jiangxi Channel – jiqingwuyuetian

Mother to identify: daughter buried pit — Jiangxi buried channel – Yang Qian identified the Yang Qian grandmother. Li Ruoxi girl. In May this year, Li Ruoxi 3 year old girl with her mother Yang Qian back to Nanchong to visit relatives, but the accident after the disappearance of the WCC exclusive report (May 12th 7) after triggered national attention, children whereabouts a mystery. Recently, there is news that the girl mother on the eve of the National Day has surrendered to the public security organs, and to identify the scene, girls’ bodies have been found. Report to find the missing daughter’s mother has become a suspect, this is how the same thing? In October 13th, the Huaxi City Reader reporter came to the white dragon Yan Cun, Jialing District home in Nanchong city. Under the guidance of the villagers, found the buried bodies of girls suspected places — a small hillside under the tree about half a meter deep pit. The police confirmed that Yang Qian had surrendered, the police also took her to identify the scene. Currently, the girls are being carried out DNA comparison to determine whether Li Ruoxi. The case is under further investigation and evidence collection, will be announced to the public through a press conference. The May 9th report "I was stunned mother daughter." at this time, her face is cut, head injury…… In May this year, Nanchong Jialing police received a report, a mother said he was stunned, 3 year old daughter was taken away by strangers. In May 11th, West City Reader reporter Jialing District Public Security Bureau next to a hotel, saw the mother named Yang Qian. At that time, she was lying on the bed, emotional, tears, eyes swollen look haggard. Have cut marks on her face, hair, head injury, a large hair was shaved off. Yang Qian’s husband, Li Qiang, is on the side. "I have not slept for two days, after the incident, the police have been trying me." At that time, Yang Qian looked very aggrieved, and then she tells the story". Yang Qian is from Suining, and later married to the Rongchang District of Chongqing. She grew up with my grandmother lived in the white dragon Yan Cun, Jialing District home in Nanchong city. In April 29th this year, she took 3 and a half year old daughter Li Ruoxi back to the village to see the grandmother of dragon weir. At that time, Yang Qian, about 10:30 on May 9th, the daughter wanted to go out to play, the two of them along the road to turn for half an hour. Yang Qian said, he encountered a car for a white van, the car without a license. The car in the field of women not only to lead the way she even started to pull small if the analysis, on her back her daughter go on the country road, will she stun away small if analysis. Around 3:50 in the afternoon, Nanchong Jialing police received an alarm. Yang Qian told investigators that she woke up alone in the thatched leaves, a tree will be stuck in the middle of her daughter cliff, disappear without a trace. For the case of Yang Qian, Jialing police investigators launched an investigation. Due to the location of the incident is remote, no witnesses, and the surrounding no monitoring, the case of doubt. Yang Qian expounded around the situation, Jialing police sent a large number of police to investigate the surrounding environment. At the same time, Nanchong, district two public security organs formed a task force. The girl to the mystery online by the newspaper first time Public opinions are divergent. exclusively reported, Nanchong 3 year old girl disappearance sparked national attention, a plurality of time in the online version)相关的主题文章:

读诗亭亮相北京 读诗亭亮相北京人气爆棚 读一首诗即捐一本书 Reading poetry reading poetry Pavilion unveiled at the Beijing Pavilion debut in Beijing bursting with popularity to read a poem that donate a Book 瀬名アスカ

读诗亭亮相北京人气爆棚 读一首诗即捐一本书(图)

读诗亭亮相北京 读诗献爱心:读一首诗就能为大山里的孩子捐出一本书


读诗亭亮相北京】读一首诗转发到自己的朋友圈,就能为大山里的孩子捐出一本书,6月25日,一个爱心读书亭亮相前门大街,一上午三个小时的时间就有近500人参与活动。 “你读一首诗我捐一本书”,是大型公益活动“带本书给家乡的孩子”第五季的口号。今年夏天,爱心读诗亭面向公众免费开放,它不仅会常设在北京图书大厦、王府井书店,还会前往首都的各大高校和中小学校,流转到国子监及首都各大图书馆,并现身机场、火车站和各大商圈。

读诗亭亮相北京】市民来到爱心读诗亭,花几分钟时间静静的读上一首自己喜欢的诗歌,就可以用“诵读”的方式献出一份爱心,动动手指转发就给远方的孩子捐出了一本书。同时,20位艺术家、明星、作家、主持人将成为爱心领读者,呼吁更多人参与到读诗捐书的活动中来。 据活动发起方北京电视台工作人员介绍,爱心图书将由在全市招募的千余名捎书信使,尤其是暑假返乡的大学生们带到最需要的地方,送到孩子们的手中。

Reading poetry Pavilion unveiled in Beijing bursting with popularity to read a poem that donate a Book (Figure)   Read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing, read poetry, offer love: read a poem, you can donate a book for the children in the mountains [Beijing] read poetry booth appeared to read a poem forwarded to your circle of friends, can the children of the mountains to donate a book, in June 25th, a love of reading Pavilion debut Qianmen Street, a morning of three hours of time there are nearly 500 people to participate in activities. "You read a poem and I donate a book" is the slogan of the fifth season, "children with books to their hometown". This summer, the love poetry Pavilion free and open to the public, it will not only standing in the Beijing book building, Wangfujing bookstore, will go to the capital of colleges and universities and schools, and transfer to the imperial capital of major library, and appeared in the airport, train station and major shopping district. Read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing, read poetry, offer love: read a poem, you can donate a book for the children in the mountains [read poetry Pavilion unveiled in Beijing] people came to love poetry Pavilion, take a few minutes to quietly read a song that I love poetry, you can use the "read" the way gave a love, a finger forward distance to the children to donate a book. At the same time, 20 artists, celebrities, writers, the host will become love collar readers, calls for more people to participate in activities to read poetry books. According to the sponsors of Beijing TV station staff, love books by thousands of books in a city’s messenger recruited, especially the summer vacation students returning to where it is most needed at the hands of children.