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How to cure the travel chaos Expert play the role of dishonesty sanctions mechanism – Travel Channel-海思k3v2

How to cure the travel chaos? Expert: play sanctions mechanism — promises Travel Channel original title: how to cure the travel chaos? Expert: play sanctions mechanism promises this year "eleven" during the golden week, a lot of people in the circle of friends are all kinds of WeChat travel chaos scraper: part China tourists because of improper practices of travel agency, was detained in Jeju Island Korea Yunnan tour guide tourists shopping is not insulted, was ordered rectification of the Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area is still not clear price…… As early as 2013, China has promulgated the tourism law to regulate the tourism market order, but in 3 years, the tourism of repeated chaos. Travel chaos hidden behind what legal issues? How to cure the ills of travel chaos? Reporters interviewed the experts. Travel chaos happens repeatedly, civil and economic law of China University of Political Science and Law professor Zheng Junguo said in an interview with reporters, an important cause of travel chaos continuous fermentation is the information asymmetry of tourism supply and demand. "Go to a local tourism, but can not find the authority of the tourism information, can only allow the arrangement of the travel agency, after all, people are not" tourism know-it-all "." Zheng Junguo said. Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, vice president of Chinese Consumer Association Liu Junhai believes that the reason of travel chaos repeated nothing less than three points: individual enterprises unscrupulous mercenary, irrational consumers confused by false advertising, there are loopholes in the regulation and supervision departments blind. He further explained that when the autonomy in the market and the enterprise can not be cautious, if regulatory loopholes and blind travel chaos to get the real solution. "The market is not immortal, in the interests of enterprises will become irrational. At this time the government regulation has become a stable Dinghaishenzhen tourism market "." Liu Junhai believes that the market size of the growing contradiction between tourism and departments lack of supervision, supervision and do not form a cohesive force, the Department of industry and commerce, the Department of tourism, law enforcement departments of the Kowloon flood phenomenon prominent, lead to regulatory loopholes and blind. Now there is a clear focus on the development of Tourism Regulation light norms, efficiency and fairness, re innovation and good faith, heavy light safety phenomenon, which is the cause of the existence of a short board itself regulation." Liu Junhai said. In the end who travel chaos and according to reports, Yunnan Lijiang tour guide in the National Day period ", the final irony of tourists involved too stingy to pull out a hair" travel agency for violation of the provisions of article ninety-sixth of travel law was fined 20 thousand yuan, travel agency, Yang was fined 10 thousand yuan. At the same time, according to the "Regulations on the management of tour guides" sixteenth provisions, for someone to guide a certain amount of cattle to $20 thousand. "All kinds of travel chaos not only makes the tour guides and travel agencies have been punished, stakeholders in the local tourism industry chain will be" harmed ", even cause adverse effects on the local culture." Zheng Junguo believes that these acts not only violated the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers, but will breed a lot of disputes, and even lead to criminal. Liu Junhai stressed that the current exposure of large travel chaos, most of them violated the personal rights and property rights, the right of visitors even bargain or the right to choose. Some plots相关的主题文章:

The sound of · to · to invite you to allure you Sennheiser-vy canis majoris

The sound of · to · to invite you to allure you Sennheiser Beijing, September 26, 2016 – the old saying goes: "great form is beyond shape, great music has the faintest notes," the sound of distant and ethereal form people are most impressed. The transmission and acceptance of sound and image is always an important way for people to perceive nature and perceive each other. Concrete as the voice gives form and restore the sound source, such as appearance, voice to explore the future, make the sound more vivid and true, create different enjoy listening to different people, which is to explore the path of Sennheiser 70 years since the birth of the perfect and unremitting pursuit of the "Shape The Future of Audio" brand the spirit is the resulting. From October 2016 to early 2017, Sennheiser combined with the The Peninsula Hotel, create a wonderful "Sennheiser · to · to listen to your allure" acoustic laboratory. It is located in Beijing and Shanghai to visit a The Peninsula Hotel to set up a special space, you can participate in the Sennheiser fantastic sound experience tour. All of its flagship products and technologies, including the AMEBO 3D scene immersion technology, inherited the legend as the world’s top HE1 headset, headset flagship electrostatic HD 800 S, PXC 550, Momentum series, TeamConnect series, Ceiling communications and business TeamConnect Wireless, SP20 and other products, on one side formed a rare top products Sennheiser the future of science and technology and complete array. Both the Hi-Fi headset and audio equipment, fans, build the perfect office and meeting room environment, or for the future interest in sound technology geeks, please prepare your curiosity and ears into extraordinary auditory Sennheiser laboratory. The immediate appointment to visit Sennheiser · to form sound; · listen to your allure "auditory laboratory, please call: 13426232810 17301073080. The event began in September 26, 2016 and lasted until early 2017.相关的主题文章:

August 31st in the sale of high-yield financial products list-diamondprox

August 31st in the sale of high-yield financial products list Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recommended use: fund treasure > > query more baby Fund (IMF) yields and comparing various indicators recommended attention: this week in the sale of financial products list Sina Finance summary August 31st in the sale of high-yield financial products: today in the sale of pre annualized rate of return of 5% (inclusive) above a total of 5 models of financial products. Haian agricultural firms issued "Kingdee financial 1656" in the highest expected rate of return is 5.1%. Product name of issuing bank sale date starting amount (yuan) financial term expected annual yield (%) income type issue issue area Kingdee financial 1656 Haian agricultural firm 2016831181 days and 5.1 of non guaranteed floating income personal   Kingdee financial 1655 Haian agricultural firm 201683141 days and 5.1 of non guaranteed floating income individuals   Bank of Tai’an in 2016 373rd Jin Ziwei Tai’an city commercial bank RMB financial products 201683190 days non guaranteed floating income financial   personal happiness; Jinfeng weekend 63 yuan financial products Levin commercial bank 20169299 days   individuals, institutions in Heze, Ji’nan, Jining, Laiwu, Pingyi, Tai’an, Xuzhou, Rizhao, Linyi, Liaocheng Jing hi financial jinlibao eighth Yuan RMB financial products 201691118 days non guaranteed Bank of Deyang Floating income individuals in Bazhong, Chengdu, Deyang, Luzhou, Meishan, Mianyang Huaxing | A rolling type show beyond seventeenth RMB financial products in Guangdong Huaxing bank 20169184 days 4.9 guaranteed floating income of people in Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Shantou, Shenzhen Xinsheng steady in 2016 eighty-fourth person of Jiaozuo City Commercial Bank 20169590 days 4.9 non guaranteed floating income personal   robust 2016 eighty-first person Xinsheng Jiaozuo City Commercial Bank 20169138 days 4.9 of non guaranteed floating income individual Henan Yixin directional asset management plan (ZX1632) South Commercial Bank (Chinese) 201691335 days 4.7   Guangxi, Dalian, Anhui people, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shandong. Qingdao, Hainan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Jiangsu Bank of Tai’an in 2016 375TH yuan financial products in Tai’an city’s Jin Ziwei Bank 201683191 days 4.65 of non guaranteed floating income personal   in 2016 eighty-second Jiaozuo Xinsheng robust personal business theory相关的主题文章:

In the championship final 1430 live today Higgins vs Bingham, yesterday Higgins beat, Bingham won – -jessica rabbit

In the championship final today live 14:30: Higgins VS Bingham, yesterday: Higgins Bingham narrowly beat, click on the top of the blue print of Sports – Sohu increase attention snooker ^ add WeChat: zytv148b, enter the bar to clear the table we live: WeChat group octopus TV single shot 148 live Snooker Championship finals today live in November 5th (Saturday) 14:30 0 (19) 0 John · Higgins Bingham final of November 5th (Saturday) 19:30 0 (19) 0 John · Higgins Bingham snooker championship match yesterday November 4th 19: 30 Sean · Murphy 8:9 Bingham November 4th 19:30 Mark · Alan 3:9 Higgins Holt 5:6 19:30 November 3rd November 3rd 19:30 Bingham Sean · Murphy 6:2 Fu Jiajun November 3rd 14:30 Mark · Selby 5:6 Mark · Alan 14:30 in November 3rd; John · Higgins 6:2 Carter 19:30 John · Higgins 6:4 November 2nd; Williams November 2nd 19:30 Neal · Robertson 5:6 Holt 14:30 Sean · Murphy 6:4 November 2nd; Joe · Perry 14:30 Liang Wenbo Bingham 6:2 November 2nd November 1st 19:30 Ding Junhui 3:6 Fu Jiajun 19:30 Trump 4:6 in November 1st in November 1st Carter 14:30 Mark · Alan 6:4; Ricci · Walton 14:30 November 1st Mark · Selby 6:2 McGill snooker dear reader & friends, now billiards billiards enthusiasts circle platform to receive the submission, if you are satisfied with the original works, we welcome your investment Draft. The source of temporary submission for appreciation, appreciation of the authors after the revenue will be owned by the author. "Your original work will be seen by tens of thousands of billiards enthusiasts," please send to Xiaobian WeChat: zytv148b, please add:相关的主题文章:

Small towns full liberalization settled restrictions the full implementation of the residence permit-mentalist

Small towns full liberalization settled restrictions the full implementation of the residence permit system – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? on the national development and Reform Commission issued before about speeding up the beautiful characteristics of small town construction (city) guidance, clear three small towns development direction, in order to promote the coordinated development of town (City) small and big city. At the same time, with the construction of the beautiful countryside corresponds to the formation of a complete city, town, village three integrated development model, to further promote the overall development of urban and rural areas, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas. ?? According to reports, the characteristics of small town development will focus on basing on industry, function, mechanism, innovation of supply and demand for personalized effective docking, according to the controlling quantity and improving quality, saving land, embodies the characteristics of the requirements, and promote the function of the ease city center city small town development combine, development and the characteristics of industry and the "three rural" service combination. In addition, the full liberalization of small towns settled restrictions, the full implementation of the residence permit system. Establish and improve the land contract right, the city settled farmers in Rural Homestead Land use rights, collective income distribution rights and voluntary transfer and exit mechanism, and vigorously promote the government and social capital cooperation, encourage the use of fiscal funds leveraging social capital, jointly initiated the establishment of beautiful characteristics of small town construction fund (city). And given the township population of more than 100 thousand large towns at the county level management functions and powers, strengthen governance, financial and personnel rights and land security. To promote the conditions of the large town orderly city.  : Important Tips: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase.  相关的主题文章: