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the average stock market investor made an average return of 1.87% from 1988-2008

With all the volatility of the stock market, have you ever wondered what alternatives are there to the stock market? One alternative to investing in the stock market, especially during times of exceptional volatility is in a Fixed Index Annuity (FIA), a hybrid between a fixed and variable annuity, for long-term growth. What is an annuity? An annuity is an insurance product offered through insurance companies that grows tax-deferred over time and can provide a lifetime income during retirement. The benefit of a fixed index annuity is that they are fixed annuities, which means that the principal is guaranteed and there is a guaranteed minimum rate of return on these types of accounts. The index part comes in because annual returns are based in part on the price increase of a stock index (excluding dividends), such as the S&P 500. When the market goes up, a portion of the gains on an annual basis, up to a capsay 5 to 10%, are locked in and credited to the account as interest. When the market goes down, no losses are posted in the account. The reason these annuities make sense for retirement planning is that the account balances can never go backward. This means that the market can go up, down or sideways and only gains are credited. Furthermore, some of these annuity contracts have riders that can create guaranteed income for life. The investing landscape has changed. This last credit crisis has proven some interesting facts: 1st In order for an investor to accurately assess risk, he must know all relevant material facts regarding an investment. This is impossible when there is wide systemic misinformation or undisclosed information, resulting in a gross mispricing of risk. A good example of this is the mis-rating of mortgage-backed securities from Moodys and Standard & Poors. 2nd The economic advisors of our government and corporate institutions were surprised that this crisis occurred. If they cant predict future economic phenomena based on mountains of data and insight at their disposal, how can an average investor have any idea what to do? The truth is that it is impossible to know all of the correct data necessary to successfully navigate the world-wide investment markets over the long term, not to mention the long term effects of arbitrary government fiscal and monetary policy. 3rd The costs of investing in the market through mutual funds, the most popular form of investing, are very high. When all costs are included such as portfolio management and trading costs to name a few, the costs can easily exceed 3% in actively traded funds. 4th According to Dalbar (, the average stock market investor made an average return of 1.87% from 1988-2008, while the S&P 500 averaged 8.35%. Why? Because amateur investors love to sell when the market is down and buy more in periods of market bubbles. Empirical evidence has proven that people react irrationally under threat of loss and will actually sell out at the bottom of a market in order to prevent further losses. How long does it take to make up a loss? If an investment account lost 40%, then how much percentage return would it take to get back to even? 40%? Nope. 66%. The percentage returns are based on smaller numbers so it takes more return (and therefore more risk) to get back to even. Some of these innovations in the insurance industry provide compelling options for the average investor. Insurance companies do one thing very wellmanage risk. Today there is more risk in the investment markets than ever before due to propaganda, authoritative opinion, and outright fraud. Why put yourself at risk? Why put yourself in a position where you are affected by the roller coaster of market volatility? How important is peace of mind knowing that your account would not lose one penny when the stock market loses half of its value? Booms and busts are part of the investment game but I would imagine that the average investor has enough to worry about instead of fretting over losses in his nest egg. 。 After 15-plus years of being a financial planner, Christopher Music decided there had to be a better way. Witnessing financial debacles of big industry and government-driven economies caused Christopher to take action, developing an instrument that measures the success of any financial plan. The Financial Security AnalysisTM (FSA) is the back bone of Musics firm, Wealth Advisory Associates (WAA). Visit Article Published On: – Investing

many people are spending a lot of their time browsing the Inter.. Women are able to learn about their bodies through the information found on the Inter.. Through this channel women learn about what is available. Women also learn why this hormone therapy can work in one woman but need support in another. Modern women are able to seek help on the pain resulting from their menopause symptoms due to this advanced access to information.

Health Menopause refers to the time in the life of a woman when her monthly menstruation periods stop. At the same time, a woman’s body goes through a number of biological changes that makes her incapable of conceiving as well as other physical changes. These natural events usually occur in women when they are between the age range of 45 to 55 years. Menopause is one of the life stages that many women dread and some even fear. Their fear can be attributed to the changes they experience during this stage in life. Yet other women do not realize when they reach menopause because they do not notice any symptoms. The differences in how each woman experiences menopause means it is difficult to have one simple solution to deal with what is happening to their bodies. But while it is particular to each individual there are some .mon and usual effects. All of which make going through this stage in life .plicated. Some of the most .mon menopause symptoms include sleep issues, changes in sexual interests and response, and hot flashes. There are also women who experience unexpected weight gain, vaginal dryness, mood swings, dizziness, and more. Some of these symptoms can be very severe and greatly affect the life of the woman. One of the treatments offered is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT. BHRT involves using bioidentical hormones to replace the ones that are no longer being produced in the body. This hormone therapy aims at attaining the targeted hormone level in the body and again needs to be individually proscribed and followed to see if adjustments are necessary. This therapy was used for the first time in 1930. The main aim of introducing hormone therapy was to relief menopausal symptoms. This therapy has grown in popularity over the years and today, the number of women in this therapy has grown at a very fast rate. Perhaps part of the increase in popularity is due to endorsements from celebrities. With sharing of technology and information over the Internet now-a-days it can take short periods of time for information to be shared. Some of these celebrities have .e out in public to confess that they use this hormone therapy and most of them have expressed their appreciation of what the BHRT has done for them and helped relieved their menopausal symptoms. Clinical practitioners can also attribute popularity of the use of hormones in relieving menopause symptoms to creation of awareness. In fact, their doctors introduce many women to this therapy. When a woman goes to a health care facility with pain resulting from menopause symptoms, a doctor gives more information about this therapy. There are also women who learn about hormone therapy through the media. Advancement in technology has also played an important role in disseminating information about hormone therapy. Today, many people are spending a lot of their time browsing the Inter.. Women are able to learn about their bodies through the information found on the Inter.. Through this channel women learn about what is available. Women also learn why this hormone therapy can work in one woman but need support in another. Modern women are able to seek help on the pain resulting from their menopause symptoms due to this advanced access to information. 。

Get Online Animated Osteoporosis Powerpoint Template With Editable By

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the worth of Costa Rica land is rising at an astounding rate

With a growing economy, investing in Costa Rica has become a popular choice in recent years. The tropical paradise, which boasts lush rainforests, breathtaking mountain vistas and relaxing beach retreats, is also a growing economic force in Central America. Costa Rica’s chief economic sustenance is from tourism, agriculture and electronics. With the adoption of the Central American Foreign Trade Agreement (CAFTA), many Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Intel, Chiquita and Sony are investing in Costa Rica with resources and jobs. The country’s primary exports include coffee, bananas, sugar, pineapples, textiles, electronic components and medical equipment. Another area that the country has seen vast fiscal growth is in land development. Real estate in Costa Rica has become of great interest to foreign investors. The name Costa Rica means rich coast and the country is showing just that, by providing investors with a vast number of prime real estate choices in beauty and land value. Costa Rica beach properties are among the most popular, however, there are many other types of Costa Rica property that are just as lucrative. Some investors choose to locate in the booming city of San Jose, a bustling urban metropolis located 1,150 meters above the country’s agriculturally fertile central valley. The city boasts a population of close to 300 thousand and represents over one-third of the nation’s population. It is also highly modernized, offering many typically North American shopping venues as well as the latest in technological advances. Other Costa Rica real estate can be found in thriving beach communities in the North Pacific, Central Pacific and lower Caribbean regions of the country. In these areas, you will find a plethora of Costa Rica land for sale. Each area has its own special advantages, however, collectively they all offer desirable beachfront properties and calming ocean breezes. At one time Costa Rica property was not thought to be a wise asset because of its relatively low resale value. Today, however, the worth of Costa Rica land is rising at an astounding rate, making it a shrewd investment for resale purposes. In addition, with the diverse topography of Costa Rica land, it is just as desirable to make the country a permanent home. by David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing 。 Costa Vista Land ( is "developing paradise"’ in Costa Rica. They purchase large quantities of raw land at discount prices and develop the properties in less than 18 months. Hence, the unique program in which investors can obtain developed land at undeveloped prices and why company president, Brad Hogan says, "We are an investment company first and a land sale company second." Parcel choices range from valleys to mountains, to beautiful coastline property. Costa Vista Land encourages investors to visit Costa Rica to view their property and will pay for accommodations, meals and transportation to do so. This lucrative program comes with 100% money back guarantee. For more information, contact 1-877-55-COST Article Published On: …articlesnatch.. – Real-Estate

Or are they primarily adults who are into reading long materials

Internet-Marketing Today, businesses that seek growth in their online presence need to give serious attention to social media marketing efforts. It is not enough to set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms; everyone has already done that. Its time to up the ante, through the following steps: Provide access to learning materials and platforms. The best brands on social media are followed because their posts bring value. They are a source of useful knowledge, of the latest information concerning their industry. Through their social media account, they publish such learning materials as podcasts, e-books, and applications, or organize webinars led by experts or influencers. More than being a channel for promoting their brand, the company can show its commitment to actually building a meaningful and sustained relationship with their target customers. Assess and adjust. Free and paid tools for analyzing ones performance on social media are available online. These should be taken advantage of, and used to guide the next steps. What kind of posts elicit the most engagement from the followers? Which category (age, gender, or interest group, etc.) reacts to which kind of content? Are some important segments of the target market being left out? Answers to these questions should be regularly considered in social media marketing planning. Aggressively network and forge partnerships. Aside from being a platform for reaching out to individual internet users, social media provides an excellent venue for networking with other brands. Now more than ever, it has become much easier to find like-minded organizations, companies, and groups to tap for partnerships. Businesses should look for the brands or influencers that their followers are checking out, because that might just lead the way to great sponsorships, if not joint marketing efforts. These can start from one-time shoutout deals, to actual long-term promotional campaigns. The point is simply to aggressively look for such opportunities, and grab them all. Know whats going to happen next. Aside from making sure they are covered on all the main social media sites today, brands should also monitor trends and evaluate where their market is headed. Are they a visual bunch who are more likely to spend more time on Instagram? Or are they primarily adults who are into reading long materials? The key is to consciously observe the industry and the social media insights. Know more about upping your social media marketing game by getting in touch with providers of digital marketing solutions. 。