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UnCategorized Sunny Beach also has a wide variety of property sizes. Small apartments are often a way for people to buy their first holiday property or apartment to let. As people find out how much enjoyment they can have from owning property in Sunny Beach, they likely want to move from a small property to a larger one, and spend more time enjoying the sunshine and sandy beaches. A small apartment in Sunny Beach is an ideal way to own a little piece of paradise, and there are so many choices for buyers and sellers. For those who want a quieter corner, but still on the beach, the southern end of Sunny Beach, near the Hadzhiyska River or the Nessebar Municipality, offers a chance to be near everything you need without the busyness of town. Costs are generally lower, but all amenities are on offer. Properties farther north, into the resort area of Sunny Beach, are a bit more expensive, but for those who want to be closer to the action, this is the only place to be. Sunny Beach has everything, from discotheques to supermarkets, as well as fashionable stores and high-quality restaurants. In addition, the main .mercial area is easy to walk around in, with everything a short stroll away from your Sunny Beach property. Transfers from the airport are very easy, as this is a well-travelled area. Many Sunny Beach properties are used to generate monthly rental in.e. Once you own property in Sunny Beach, you can choose to let the property on a monthly basis or to someone living in the area. Monthly or yearly leases provide in.e stability, while holiday letting can provide higher in.e. Whether you use a management .pany to handle the transactions or do it yourself, you can reap the rewards of owning a holiday home via tax deductions and an in.e stream. Owning property in Sunny Beach also provides you with a location to get away on holiday. Flights to Bulgaria are available from all major airports, and at very reasonable prices. The cost of living in Bulgaria is low, making holidays here not only cost-effective, but also allowing you to stay longer once you do arrive. With your own property available, you can simply not let the property during the weeks you want to enjoy a holiday, fly to Sunny Beach, and relax in your own lovely apartment or villa. Then return home and let the renters continue to provide an in.e stream for you. There are many benefits to owning property in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. It is still a relatively hidden gem, making property prices reasonable enough that almost anyone can afford to buy. As demand increases, though, prices always rise, making now a good time to make that first purchase or upgrade to a larger property About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Ceos And .pany Directors – The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Greedy-vidalia

Shocked, appalled, stunned, enraged, speechless. Just some of the emotions I have experienced over the months as bank upon bank collapsed and whole countries begin to face the repercussions of a global financial melt-down. And even now, one year on from the debacle, some banks are giving their staff obscene bonuses again, even though the money they are using is money loaned to them to keep them afloat. I have always believed that crisis brings out the best or the worst in all of us. CEOs and .pany directors are no different. It is easy to be a leader in the good times. The true test of character of a leader is how they cope with the bad times. And to date, not many of them have impressed. Because of the ‘greed is good’ cult we now seem to be part of, in NZ this year we watched numerous finance .panies fall over causing huge distress to their investors. Fortunately even as things worsened, confidence in our banks was and still is, pretty solid. We may have looked on the rest of the world with envy over the past few years as other countries seemed to be leaping ahead in the financial stakes, but the conservative stance of our banks has paid off. And I’m sure every New Zealander is now grateful for that. The first CEO in NZ to leave me speechless was a man called Rod Petrecevic, Executive Director of a finance .pany, Bridgecorp. He now faces numerous criminal charges. Bridgecorp collapsed owing 14,000 debenture holders NZ$459million, yet during 2008, even though it was obvious the .pany was in serious trouble, he continued to draw his obscene salary; continued to take investor money; stashed all his very expensive toys into a trust fund. After the collapse he had the sheer audacity to go to court to get performance bonuses he believed he was owed! One of our long term business heroes, Eric Watson and his business partner Mark Hotchin set up the finance .pany Hanover and fronted it with a famous, and trusted, TV presenter. They encouraged Mums and Dads to invest their hard earned savings and amassed an incredible NZ$1 billion. Meanwhile they had set up a shadow .pany and were using these funds to invest in risky investments of their own. Tragically for all concerned, the cards have .e crashing down. No doubt these smart cookies will have stashed plenty in off-shore accounts so will be OK, but tough luck on the poor old (and most of them were old) investors. We watched the directors of one of our power .panies, Contact Energy, preparing to give themselves a 100% increase in director fees, even though every day newspapers, radio and TV were reporting yet another financial collapse. This brave band of men had awarded themselves a 90% increase just 3 years previously. Fortunately the Australian parent body saw sense and pulled the plug on the increase. But it has already cost the .pany a 5% drop in customers as enraged customers went elsewhere. But the NZ examples pale into insignificance when we hear that the CEO of Lehman bank, the first bank to collapse in the USA, had earned a quarter of a billion dollars over a 10 year period; presumably he would have had a senior management team on similar salary packages. How can any business sustain these humungous packages? And as if these levels of salary aren’t obscene enough, we read that Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot (USA) for 6 years, was on a salary of US$42million, yet during those 6 years the share price of the .pany fell 8%. He was removed from office yet walked away with a US$210 million golden handshake. I hear also that the CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be due severance packages in the region of US$24 million each even though both .panies collapsed leaving massive debts and thousands of home owners facing mortgagee sales! The mind boggles. But the absolute top prize for sheer, unadulterated arrogance, has to be awarded to the 3 CEOs of the US car industry arriving in Washington to discuss a bail-out package for the car industry. They each arrived in their private jets, a round trip which cost US$20,000 per plane (a round trip 1st class on a domestic plane would have cost just under US$300 each). They were in Washington to demand a bail-out package for the car industry, their rationale. All the people that would be put out of work if Washington didn’t bail them out! Bit like a wayward teenager spending money like there is no tomorrow, arriving at the home of his/her parents in a top-of-the-range Aston Martin (on hire purchase of course) demanding that the parents take out a mortgage on their home, to continue funding their darlings extravagant lifestyle. I think not! Enough has to be enough. Tragically it isn’t the CEOs in this case who will suffer, it is the thousands of employees they have let down with their greed and their arrogance. Q: CAN ANY BUSINESS SUSTAIN THESE TYPES OF SALARIES AND PARACHUTE CLAUSES? Q: IS ANYONE REALLY WORTH THE KIND OF SALARY PACKAGES SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ARE ON? Q: HAVE WE LOST THE PLOT SOMEWHERE? Surely the primary aim of any CEO or director is to ensure the ongoing viability of the .pany they represent. Perhaps not because I have just read that Qantas Airlines top 5 executives received a 200% bonus between 2002 and 2008. The airline’s return on capital employed grew only 84% in that period. As a CEO isn’t that fiscal irresponsibility? Aren’t the senior people in an organization charged with making decisions that do not risk insolvency? I think we are now being faced with the reality that this upward spiral of ludicrous salaries is totally out of control. It has to stop. No business can sustain such obscene amounts of money being paid to staff. Even CEOs at the end of the day are only employees, not owners. Owners would presumably have spent years building a business. They would have taken all the risks to get a business up and running, and they would probably have lived for years on the smell of an oily rag. Owners could justifiably take that sort of money out of a .pany because they had actually earned the right, yet being owners, I suggest that they absolutely wouldn’t take that kind of money out of their .pany if they even remotely suspected that the .pany couldn’t sustain it. It’s fiscal responsibility 101 surely. The owners I know have learned the discipline of delayed gratification know that the name of the game is staying in business. Employees, even CEOs, have NOT earned the right to salaries of such magnitude. And to get a sense of perspective – in NZ our Prime Minister has just had a salary increase up to NZ$393,000. That is a PRIME MINISTER. Yet several of our big organizations pay their CEOs up to NZ$5million, miniscule by global standards I know. One of our $5 million dollar men is the CEO of Fonterra, the .pany that went into a partnership with Chinese milk producers, the ones who padded out the milk powder with melamine! Has the CEO fallen on his sword? Not so far. So, if nothing else .es out of this economic crisis, please let it be an end to obscene salary packages and director fees which risk the very organizations that these people supposedly represent. MY SUGGESTIONS FOR GOING FORWARD 1.I would like to see CEOs put onto some kind of fixed ratio of pay , something like 100 times the lowest paid worker in the organization. And even that is generous. So if the lowest paid employee’s take home pay is $24,000 the CEO would be on $2.4 million. Not a bad package. 2.If the CEO/directors get an increase, then so does everyone in the organization, that way we keep the ratio intact and the CEO/directors honest. 3.I would also dispense with CEO bonuses. A better way to reward would be to link CEO/director salary to the .pany share price. If the share prices goes up, their salary could go up by the same amount, if the share price drops, the CEOs salary drops, also by the same amount. So our Home Depot man would have had 8% deducted off his salary every year until he found a way to get the organization back on track. Now there’s an incentive to do better. Fortunately some CEOs have stepped up to the plate, and I applaud them loudly: – Edward Liddy, CEO of AIG is taking a salary of just $1 per year until 2010 and all the senior executives are forgoing bonuses this year. – The CEO and executive team of the Goldman Sachs Group made the decision not to take their bonuses for 2008 because ‘it’s the right thing to do’ (they shouldn’t suffer too much though, the CEOs salary is US67.5 million) Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s newly appointed chief of staff sums up the current economic situation by saying ‘Never waste a crisis.’ This then, is our moment. This is the world’s opportunity to get back to some measure of sanity. To realize that greed got us into this situation and courageous leadership is the only way to get us out of it. Courageous leadership says, I am responsible for this .pany and my remuneration will reflect that, but I will NEVER, EVER put the .pany at risk and if I have to set an example, I will halve my salary or quarter my salary, or take NO salary, until I get this thing back on track. The day of the fat cat has to be over. 相关的主题文章:

Hiring A Designer For Your Logo Design-lformat

Web-Design Logo design has be.e a necessity for business in order to gain recognition in the market. Most of the organizations make it sure that they have a logo design for their business but something that is more important than having just a logo design is to have an appealing logo design and appealing is the characteristics of the logo that will benefit your organization the way you have thought it to. It is a not matter of great deal anymore these days to design a graphical illustration but a logo design is much more than just a graphical illustration. It has to have all those features which can make it to stand out from .petitors and give your target audience a break in terms of the monotonous designs that they look at during the whole day. This uniqueness is what will help logo design to accelerate the growth process of your organization. Now, once you have decided to have a sound and enticing logo design for your business then you got to decide the one wholl design it? Do you want to design it yourself or get it done by some designer? Designing a Logo design yourself The attempt to design your logo design your self isnt at all a bad one but the condition is to posses the required expertise. If you know the art well then no one can be better than you to design the logo since you fulfill the pre-requisite .pletely i.e. you know your organization the best therefore youll be able to portray the authentic picture of your business in front of your target audience. Going for a Professional Designer If you or anyone in your organization lack the expertise to design a logo then you must opt for a professional logo designer although many organizations dont go for a professional designer even IF they dont possess the required expertise themselves, just to save money but what they actually do is that they put their .panys reputation and strength at cost therefore, one should realize the importance of logo for ones business and decide the right path. A professional designer has all the expertise. He is the one who is most aware of the trends in the industry therefore he/she will make your logo look Professional. Have an in Depth discussion with the designer One must firstly have a detailed discussion with the designer so as to analyze the strength of the designer. The next thing you got to do is to explain him/her your business attributes. Until and unless the designer is .pletely aware of your business, how can you then expectt him/her to give a unique face to your business? Therefore it is of utmost importance to tell the designer all what you wish to portray via your logo. An important thing to remember is that one should also keep the suggestion from the designer in mind since he/she knows the field much better than you know it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Luxury Chalets In Val Disere-quickchm

Travel-and-Leisure Val dIsere is situated in the Haute Tarentaise, it makes up part of the massive Espace Killy ski domain, one of the most expansive and varied skiing areas in the world. Val dIsere is world famous for superb skiing and aprs-ski, the village has managed to retain its old world charm and traditional alpine village feel, amongst the new and stylish buildings that have been added to cater for skiers. The centre and old town of Val d’Isere consists of stone and wooden clad chalets which adds to the cosy feel of the resort. Val dIsere boasts a fine selection of hotels and chalets for even the most discerning of skier. Chalet Nanouk is a superb, freestanding farmhouse style chalet in central Val d’Isere. Built in traditional Savoyarde wood and stone, many of the original features have been lovingly restored by the current owner so this .bined with personal Alpine touches and decoration really does make for the perfect archetypal chalet ac.modation in Val dIsere. Alternatively smaller and more modest ac.modation in Val disere is available. The Aquilina is a superb ski in/ski out apartment situated in an enviable position right by the Solaise and Bellevarde main lifts which lead out of central Val d’Isere linking to the whole Espace Killy circuit. There are also a large number of hotels in Val dIsere where you can not only enjoy stylish modern ac.modation but also sample some of Val dIseres traditional Savoie cuisine. Hotels in Val dIsere range from plush four star hotels to .fortable 2 star hotels which offer great value for money. Whether you are staying in a chalet in Val dIsere or a hotel in Val dIsere you are sure to have a fantastic time, with 300km of piste to explore and numerous bars to discover. Suitable for all levels of skier, anyone wanting to enjoy the true alpine experience, either staying in a chalet or hotel, will not be disappointed with Val dIsere. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Business Corrugated storage boxes are convenient for both personal and professional usage. Practically every individual who utilized file storage boxes have the intention to organize a massive group of items. In professional use, document storage boxes are utilized for more important document files which need to be archived. As archive boxes have become more relevant in the business community, they grew with more variety in sizes, features, and customization. Custom printed boxes are used for labeled, color coding, and separation of categories. File storage boxes are also becoming for equipment with custom panels, folders, and mini-selves for the organization of forms and specific paper documents. What exactly separates corrugated storage boxes from the typical file storage boxes? Corrugated storage boxes are made with a fiberboard, a paper-based material which has a fluted corrugated sheet and one or a couple of flat and easily malleable linerboards. These file storage boxes are widely used in the manufacturing industry for the delivery of goods. When these actual document storage boxes are shipped, they are folded to become flat and placed in shipping to containers to be sent worldwide. The corrugated medium and the linerboards are made of containerboard. Containerboards of file storage boxes are 0.01 inches thick and layered to provide support to the storage boxes. Cardboard storage boxes are separate from the corrugated file storage boxes because of the lack of corrugated medium in the cardboard storage boxes. Another separated of storage boxes are acid free storage boxes. Most commercially graded paper and cardboard is made acid free. The reason is because acid free storage boxes are made with a neutral pH balance and if largely the result of a shift from china clay as the main filler material in the pulp of file storage boxes to chalk. In acid free storage boxes the chalk reacts with the acids the chemically neutralize the any environmental setting which can cause that reaction. The additives are put into both acid free storage boxes as well as file storage boxes because they are required to allow the box to not disintegrate and build longevity. The industry of mobile storage boxes has come forward from yesterday of chemical testing to find ways to create quality products. The attention to detail is necessary in the industry for the longevity of the products especially with environmental changed. Corrugated storage boxes have come into focus for to add layers and create strength in the products. Acid free storage boxes are utilized for the containments of the file storage boxes. The attention was needed for these storage boxes because to reduce the reaction caused when the ink on paper is placed in the storage boxes. Archival boxes are also made just like acid free storage boxes because those items are used specifically for long term storage. If an individual checks in a few months and realized their contaminants has been damaged it would show the low grade quality for storage items. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: