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Can you feel a sense of conscience with an advertising blocker? Sohu technology there are many consumers will install ad blocker in your computer, that is to automatically block annoying pop-up ads, and hope that the operation speed of computer is not due to the slow speed and load of advertising. However, the advertising company Gladly found an interesting fact, they did a study in the near future, found that about 77% of the use of advertising blocker users will feel guilty, people can not help but feel very contradictory. In general, we all thought it would use Ad Block this advertisement blocker who usually presents for these digital advertising, digital content is holding a indifferent attitude, do not care about this is not let business website industry cannot get advertising revenue. But in the results of the survey, the data is to break the stereotype, let everyone know actually use advertising barrier is not devoid of conscience such a thing. Advertising company Gladly random survey of 243 users of the Goodblock ad blocker, and the research focus on the user white list in the web site’s behavior, user attitude for online advertising, as well as for some website readers forced stop advertising attitude close to do research, from the hope that this revealed the readers to use advertising stop mentality. The reason why use ratio of subjects stop advertising. (Source:Slideshare) first, as shown above, the reader will want to use the main reason for advertising barrier is nothing more than to block annoying ads, just want to accelerate the speed of the computer, which is only 16% of users really hate all advertising. What is more surprising is that, among which there are 77% readers to use the program’s attitude is quite a sense of sin, that suggests that in fact the reader also know advertisers just rely on this to make money, but they do it yourself quite conscience. In addition, Gladly study also found that 77% of users will be at least one site in the white list, 40% people will be at least 5 sites into the white list, also said that in fact they are willing to support some of the sites on the advertising to make money, and to set an example to put them in the white list. In addition, the research also shows that if there is such a site like Forbes to force them to close ad blocker, 30% of people would rather choose not to go. Gladly also made a conclusion in the end, most advertising is not to stop the user to completely remove the online advertising, except those who just want to make them feel annoying ads only, if they feel very worthy of feedback looking website, readers will choose to join them into the white list, so that they can take advertising revenue. In other words, as long as the site owners are willing to respect the reader, the reader will be the same way feedback. Related links (first figure source: Goodblock 2016 Report on read?相关的主题文章: