California car accident injured Chinese students from Nanjing there is no seat belt

California accident China students from Nanjing: the car safety belt – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to the Chinese media reports, Beijing time on September 26th, in the United States of California on highway 41 car accident occurred one day after the Nanjing Foreign Language Institute released in response to confirm the victim’s identity for the school students, 20 students in grade 18 students, 2 teachers led. At present, a student died after rescue, another student through the rescue of vital signs stable, is under observation. The rest of the students in the hotel situation is stable. According to the California Highway Patrol information public affairs chief Kaci Lutz, after the accident, the police have been notified of the two wounded family members of patients in the first time, the majority of patients with minor injuries have been discharged, returned to the hotel to rest, their families in the domestic Chinese will gradually to the United states. In response, the South also mentioned that the purpose of this trip is to go to Oregon Episcopal School school exchange visits. The project is jointly operated by the South and the OES secondary school, there is no third institutions to participate in the operation, and has been running for ten years, has never had an accident before. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. But according to a foreign language school in Nanjing, claiming to be victims of student told reporters from the "newspaper", he experienced a car accident where the students learned that the vehicle is not like most media reports that hit the pine, "hit the rock, and that no car safety belt." "The car accident safety belt" is so difficult to accept, in fact, such exchanges every year, but never produced, "he claimed to be a Nanjing foreign language school graduates of the netizen said to this reporter" newspaper ". Many students in this accident is one of her mentees, led the teacher is a teacher with the name of Cai Ziqiang, "I taught for three years, people are particularly good." According to her, the United States and the United States is to go to the teachers and students Oregon Episcopal School exchange visits, from 2006 onwards, the South will carry out friendly exchanges with the school activities, arrangements for teachers and students visit each year. For more information, the netizen said to disclose, "a lot of students grandparents do not know this thing, if the elderly half will bear, the school also requires this low-key." The news has also been confirmed by a number of students from South africa. But what makes them feel angry is that some media reports are wrong. Earlier, according to several media reports, local police preliminary judgment, the accident was due to the driver caused by dangerous driving, at the speed of 25 miles per hour by the section of the incident, more than 35 miles per hour, causing the vehicle out of the road, and crashed into a roadside tree. But 20 of the car wearing a seat belt. The vehicle is not hit the pine tree but the rock, so the car side of the glass will break, "a man claiming to be victims of students outside the South students told reporters that. He said the news was told by a classmate who had been in a car accident.相关的主题文章: