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Cai Yingwen said the establishment of predictable cross-strait relations is satirical indeed measurable "Cai Yingwen original title: Cai Yingwen said to establish predictable cross-strait relations is satirical as such, it can be measured" on the morning of 10, Cai Yingwen will deliver what kind of speech in the "double ten celebration", attracted a lot of attention. According to the Taiwan news network reported that, in the most high-profile cross-strait relations, although Cai Yingwen has not yet admitted that the 92 consensus, but will mention the respect of the 92 talks". Yesterday, attended the "concentric circles", Cai Yingwen also proposed to develop a consistent, sustainable and predictable cross-strait relations. Cai Yingwen said the two sides should sit down as soon as possible to solve the problem of dialogue. She said to the presence of overseas Chinese, "please rest assured, we are committed to the establishment of government commitment, consistency, sustainable and predictable cross-strait relations, maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait and maintain democracy in Taiwan." In this regard, the Taiwan authorities, Executive Yuan spokesman Hu Youwei said early, from the Cai Yingwen administration office has the cross-strait policy, "indeed, according to the current situation continues, both sides will become what is really" can predict "to!" For what to say, Hu Youwei said, "the other, I will not say." According to the "United Daily News" reported that 9 evening, Cai Yingwen 10, the topic of the speech is "firm forward, let countries due to reform and great", the content is divided into three parts, followed by Cai Yingwen and the government team "the main policy and national blueprint", Taiwan’s involvement in international efforts and achievements, reiterated position and goodwill in cross-strait relations. The report quoted a presidential spokesman said a heavy yellow, "in dealing with cross-strait relations, Cai Yingwen reiterated that 5· 20 inaugural address, in the constitution, the relationship between people on both sides and other relevant laws and regulations, to handle cross-strait relations, and to maintain communication between the two sides. At the same time, the government will respect the historical facts of the two sessions in 1992, called on both sides to jointly treasure the results of 20 years of exchange". 9, said Taiwan’s Tamkang University scholar Chen Yixin to accept the "Global Times" interview, in addition to parties in Japan, scholars, media, pay close attention to the official Cai Yingwen this time speak what. "The political spectrum in Taiwan, the importance of the Cai Yingwen Double Tenth speech as inaugural speech, this year is the last major policy announcement may have occasion, New Year speech meaning can not be compared with the." The TSU 8 put pressure on the Cai Yingwen correction "moderate refusal" policy, and the Asia Pacific region "potential strategic ally" alliance of anti Chinese, double talk is "an opportunity to China announced specific counter strategy". Today morning, "TSU" protesters appeared in the double ten celebration outside the venue, shouting "Taiwan is not the Taipei". Taiwan wind media website 9, also published an article, if Cai Yingwen in the Double Tenth speech published in "anti speech", it will be "provocative flavor". Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: