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BYD "Dynasty" series to take you on the grass! Sohu motors recently, BYD joint WeMedia from the media alliance jointly organized a cool Hailar, Dynasty driving tour activities. In this activity, BYD provides a listing of the latest series of "Qin Dynasty, Tang, Song Yuan," 4 models, with more than 30 well-known people from the media, self driving traveling to Hulun Buir prairie grassland is one of the four world. Group photo! Ready to go! The autumn chill grassland. The cold wind blowing, coerced the smell of the earth at the foot of the grass blowing, rustling sound. The wheat in the ground also starts to be suffused with yellow, along the wind to the wave of a wave of ups and downs. Head has been opened up, with slight MaiRen. The sun cast a warm and languid golden light, all over the mountains and plains. The distant blue clouds, surprisingly, gigantic crowded together, along with the wind direction at the walk. Stretch out on the grass, quietly watching Yunjuanyunshu, really cool days in autumn! The blue sky and white clouds, grass lawn, Ryo Meijingnaha every day like Qionglu, covering the grassland and grassland to the most important thing is to experience the X-Tour — no limit! I often listen to the old drivers early zounanchuangbei said: "in the city opened what is called the car to drive to the grassland!" You’re right! There is no limit, no traffic lights, no traffic, no Pengcier, just fast speed and stimulation to scream! As the whole team’s strength and strength to play the role of BYD Tang’s surprise! Tang who carry a power system of a set of "three mode". The "three" is the three power sources, respectively, is a 2.0T turbocharged direct injection engine, front axle and rear axle motor motor. Engine maximum horsepower (151kW) rpm, the maximum torque for the cattle * m 1-rpm, while the maximum power of the motor is 150 horsepower, the maximum torque is $250 * M. "Dual mode" is the Tang can be mixed and pure electric mode, the two models can also be free to switch. Whether it is EV or HEV pure electric mode, hybrid mode, BYD has a strong Tang power performance, 100 kilometers acceleration of 4.9 seconds is absolutely not blow! The hybrid had no effect on the speed of power, whether it is up to speed when 100km h, or in the mud, potholes and other complex terrain, "Tang" can easily cope with. BYD km h Tang Dukes of Hazzard firmly in addition, since the another significant experience driving process is very stable: Center of gravity. BYD Tang is used before and after the Mcpherson independent suspension structure, and the batteries are also placed in the chassis, therefore, the Tang is more solid chassis, and a low center of gravity, is the so-called priceless low gravity, gives the feeling in the running very smoothly. Whether it is high speed, or high speed chicanes, speed of more than h in KM performance is very smooth, do not feel the slightest flick roll. BYD Tang low center of gravity chassis steady, point like this, a man driving the BYD dynasty.相关的主题文章: