By the strong cold air next week, Guangxi will fall into local wet 7 DEG -9 DEG 1256789

By the strong cold air next week, Guangxi will fall into local wet 7 DEG -9 DEG in Nanning yesterday evening sky huoshao contemporary life newspaper (reporter Hu Lingling) the number of parents in the busy laundry yesterday? Quilt, thick coat, long johns are ready or not? Because next week, Guangxi’s little buddy will experience what it feels like to be cold. Moreover, the rainy weather will increase in the next week, and it will not be so easy to think of the quilt with the sun. Yesterday morning, we see the sun and moon scenery, the sun shine red clouds, the moon light in the sky to the west. After a few days, this scene is also difficult to see, because the clouds in the sky thickening, the sun wants to expose a face, I’m afraid to see the clouds how the mood. According to the Guangxi meteorological observatory predicted that the next two days, with the subtropical high, webtisr gradually moved to the East in our region, low level southerly airstream, my area of the rain increased, which was more obvious in Guidong, local heavy rain, the rest of the clouds gradually thickened, in some areas with light rain falling. This is the coming weekend, the two day weather conditions, especially in Guilin, Liuzhou, Hezhou, Laibin, Wuzhou, Guigang, Yulin and other parts of the city have moderate to moderate rain, local heavy rain to rainstorm, other areas of our country cloudy to cloudy, part of the area has light rain. It’s raining at weekends, which makes the little friends who are ready to travel have a pretty bad mood. Yongcheng today there will be some scattered showers, that come, we go out to take a raincoat, prepared against want. From the beginning of next Monday, because of the strong cold air, I will fall into a wet condition. It is expected that, compared with the same period over the years, the next week (19 -25 days) the average temperature is as follows, the early week of the region is 4 degrees higher than -6 degrees, the average temperature will be low in the late Zhou Dynasty, the northeast of Guangxi may be low, and even may reach 7 -5 -9, other areas are lower than 3 degrees C. Nanning City, the next 3 days weather forecast November 19th cloudy with scattered showers, 21 -26 OC southeast wind 1-2 Yin November 20th 21 -26 OC southeast wind 1-2 November 21st negative 21 DEG -27 DEG southeast wind 1-2 Guangxi 13 city weather forecast November 19th Guilin cloudy showers 19 DEG -27 DEG -28 DEG C 20 Liuzhou cloudy light rain to rain in Wuzhou 20 DEG -26 DEG -26 DEG C Qinzhou Yulin rain 21 rain 21 DEG -26 DEG -28 DEG C Hezhou 20 Hechi cloudy cloudy with moderate rain cloudy to sunny Baise 20 DEG -25 DEG 18 DEG -29 DEG -30 DEG C to 20 guests Chongzuo cloudy cloudy 20 -28 OC Beihai cloudy to rain 22 DEG -27 DEG, 22 DEG C cloudy to rain Fangchenggang rain -27 C 23 -27 OC (letter Guangxi weather station, China Weather Network

受强冷空气影响下周广西将陷入湿冷 局地7℃-9℃ 南宁昨天傍晚天空出现火烧云   当代生活报(记者 胡玲玲)昨天有多少亲在忙着洗晒?棉被、厚外套、秋衣秋裤有没有准备好?因为,下个星期广西的小伙伴就要体验一下寒冷是什么感觉了。而且,未来一周阴雨天气增多,再想让棉被沾染上太阳的味道可就不是那么容易的事情了。昨天清晨起来,小记看到了日月同辉的景致,东边太阳的光芒染红了云彩,西边月亮清淡地挂在天空。想来过几天,这样的场景也一样难以见到了,因为天空中云层增厚,阳光想要露个脸恐怕还得看云层的心情如何了。   据广西气象台预计,未来两天,随着副热带高压减弱东退,南支槽逐渐东移影响我区,低层受偏南气流影响,我区雨水增多,其中桂东雨势较明显,局部有大到暴雨,其他地区云层也逐渐加厚,部分地区有小雨飘洒。这就是即将到来的周末两天的天气状况了,特别是桂林、柳州、贺州、来宾、梧州、贵港、玉林等市的部分地区有小到中雨,局部大雨到暴雨,我区其他地区阴天到多云部分地区有小雨。周末有雨,这让准备出行游玩的小伙伴心情肯定不怎么美丽。邕城今天也会出现一些分散阵雨,说来就来,大家出门要带上雨具,有备无患。   从下周一开始,因为强冷空气影响,我区又将陷入湿冷的境地。据预计,与历年同期相比,下周(19日-25日)平均气温如下,周前期全区偏高4℃-6℃,周后期全区平均气温都将偏低,桂东北偏低甚至可能会达到7℃-9℃,其他地区偏低3℃-5℃。   南宁市未来3天天气预报   11月19日 多云转阴,有分散阵雨 21℃-26℃ 东南风1-2级   11月20日 阴 21℃-26℃ 东南风1-2级   11月21日 阴 21℃-27℃ 东南风1-2级   广西13城市11月19日天气预报   桂林 多云转阵雨 19℃-27℃   柳州 多云转阴 20℃-28℃   梧州 小雨转中雨 20℃-26℃   玉林 小雨 21℃-26℃   钦州 小雨 21℃-26℃   河池 多云 20℃-28℃   贺州 多云转中雨 20℃-25℃   百色 多云转晴 18℃-29℃   崇左 多云 20℃-30℃   来宾 多云转阴 20℃-28℃   北海 多云转小雨 22℃-27℃   贵港 多云转小雨 22℃-27℃   防城港 小雨 23℃-27℃   (信息来源 中国天气网广西站)相关的主题文章: