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British media said the 2015 Chinese students went to the super 39.7 years Manju over two times – Sohu September 16th British media reported that the latest data show that the number of British students to study in the past year Chinese increased rapidly. Authoritative experts predict that over the next few years, China may surpass the United Kingdom, the second choice for overseas students to study abroad. According to the British newspaper "independent" website reported on September 14th, 2015, more than 397 thousand foreign students to the Chinese learning, is two times ten years ago, before the China in Canada, Germany and France, overseas students has become one of the favorite destinations. Among them, the number of Chinese students studying for a degree or exchange increased to ten years ago, the number of times of three. Experts believe that the efforts of the Chinese government, the continuous improvement of the level of education in China, as well as scholarships for students to pursue a degree program, is part of the reasons for this trend. A report on the international student apartment network predicts that by 2020 China will overtake the UK as the second most popular destination for overseas students, and will pose a challenge to the most popular overseas students in the United states. University of Liverpool research report shows that the United Kingdom after the EU, with the British universities to establish a new global partnership and look East, the number of Chinese students studying in China will also be greatly increased. Reported that China’s education has been recognized. For young people, China has become more and more attractive destinations, especially the exchange degree in business and economy related majors. "China is investing heavily in education, and it has clearly established itself as a key role in the world economy and political arena," said a spokesman for the British cultural association." He said: "students are increasingly aware that competitive learning experiences in China can be recognized by employers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of students studying in China is increasing." University of Liverpool is responsible for China research project · David; Professor Goodman think, to China students will be in contact with Chinese cultural benefit, especially for Chinese economic and employment growth. He said: "I don’t think everyone should become the mouthpiece of China, but everyone needs some understanding and contact of China. All kinds of students can benefit from studying in china. The courses taught in English are great. Foreign students can also travel around china." (source: Reference News Network)相关的主题文章: