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Brick man chasing the car must be killed? Original title: shot hit the armored car man, will be criminally liable according to the author: Deng Xueping "Southern Metropolis Daily" report, October 27th at noon, Dongguan City, Changan Town, Sha ring road a man holding a brick chased armored car smashed cars in the continuous, chase a few hundred meters to catch the armored car, man be responsible for cash transport security personnel shot. At present, the police have cordoned off the scene, is visiting the scene investigation, the specific cause is still under investigation. After smashing the armored car were security personnel carry loaded guns gun directly killed, most people may have only seen them in movies. This caused public opinion hot. Then, with a gun shot hit man approach is reasonable, and whether to bear the criminal liability? Our "gun" fifth paragraph second: "an important national defense, finance, warehousing, scientific research units of the full-time guards and escorts in the implementation of guard, escort mission really necessary to use guns, can be equipped with official guns". According to the "Regulations" security service management, obtain the approval of the provincial public security organ of the security service company can be engaged in armed guard escort service, security guards armed guard escort mission execution may be equipped with guns. It is obvious that the security personnel of the cash transport vehicles are ordinary employees of the enterprise, and they do not have the status of public office, and they do not have any right to enforce the law. This determines the equipment and use of weapons, must strictly observe the purpose and limits of self-defence. In order to protect the full-time guards and escorts the proper use of firearms, the State Council formulated the "full-time guards and escorts the use of firearms regulations". The "Regulations" provisions of article fifth: "to other means to protect the guarded objectives or escorted goods, shall not use firearms; it is necessary to use guns, guard, escort goal should be based on the protection of items are not for the purpose of infringement". Sixth further detailed provisions, only when escorted goods from violent attacks or are in imminent danger of being assaulted by violence "or" escorts from violent attacks to endanger the safety of life or carry firearms and ammunition by robbery, robbery, not enough to stop the use of firearms violence crime, can use guns. Although it is unclear what is the man’s motives, do not know the man’s mental state is normal, but the man with the pace to catch up with a stone and armored car chase smashed armored car behavior, the social risk should be in accordance with common sense to not use of firearms is not enough to stop "level. In the process of getting rid of the chase, security personnel should give priority to the police, the public security organs in accordance with the law to stop the atrocities of the man. There is no evidence that the fire security personnel have any personal purpose illegal, shot hit man is likely to be panic because of improper. Whether or not to take the criminal responsibility, the judicial organ shall be determined according to the relevant provisions of the criminal law. But at least that means, "full-time guards and escorts the use of firearms regulations" for the use of firearms operating procedures need to be further refined, the education and training of relevant personnel on emergency response capabilities need to be further strengthened. The source of Wei相关的主题文章: