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Boas Zidane the world’s fourth annual salary pressure again in the Hulk Hull J Boas port of Shanghai on Friday afternoon held a press conference, not surprisingly, the club will officially become the team coach Boas of portugal. According to the Portuguese media "SAPO" reports, the Hong Kong to Boas’s annual salary of up to 12 million euros, which ranked fourth in the world. Boas "Mourinho II", is a former assistant coach Mourinho and chief analyst of tactical team. 2010-11 season, Boas led the Portuguese Oporto undefeated won the Portuguese Super League champion, also won the UEFA Cup, the Portuguese Cup, from reputed football. Since then, Boas coached Chelsea, Tottenham, Zenit St Petersburg. According to the Portuguese media news, Boas and Hong Kong Coaching contract in the annual salary of 12 million euros, and he will be in Oporto, with the Zenit Hulk work together again. According to the "financefootball" published in August this year, the football coach salary list, Boas’s salary will only 18 million euros in the top four, Manchester City boss Guardiola 15 million euros, 14 million 500 thousand euros Bayern coach Ancelotti and Manchester United coach Mourinho, more than 10 million 500 thousand euros, 9 million 500 thousand euros for Wenger Zidane, 8 million 500 thousand euros, 6 million euros, Simonyi marshal. Welcome to download the most professional sports APP sports + "please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: