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"Blacklist" why can’t control uncivilized tourist? – Jiangxi Channel – People’s original title: "blacklist" why can not control uncivilized tourists? Shandong – Ji’nan shore of the Yellow River, is full of tourists litter. The "Spider Man" to pick up trash. Chengdu giant panda breeding research base, a tourist line over the railing. Travel not litter, and even take the initiative to participate in volunteer activities to clean up the Tibet along the road of garbage, civilized tourism has become more and more Chinese choice. However, during the national day, there is still a the Great Wall does not listen to discourage the Yellow River, Ji’nan section of a garbage and other uncivilized scenes, once again raised concerns. The number of visitors garbage less in the past Tiananmen Square during the national day, frequent "× × million people to see the flag, the cleaning staff cleared × tons of garbage" reports, and the National Day this year, about 110 thousand people in Tiananmen square to watch the flag raising ceremony, Beijing environmental sanitation group responsible person, significantly reduced the number of garbage. "Tiananmen square stands for China, a symbol of China in the eyes of foreign tourists." Professor Han Yuling of Beijing International Studies University School of tourism management believes that the tourists here not only represents every word and action, the quality of civilization, but also to show the world Chinese the quality of civilization, Tiananmen square that observe a standard more and more civilized, highlighting the new achievements of China’s tourism civilization construction. In more than 1 thousand kilometers away from Jiangxi, civilized tourism has become the National Day golden week is still fresh air. The world natural heritage of Mount Sanqingshan, over five years, Lin Qiu sanitation workers every day, about 3 cm in diameter rope around the waist, the partner’s help, to drop airborne hundreds of meters in the valley, with "difficult attitude of spider man’s garbage clean-up tourists. "Now tourists environmental awareness is much better now, although the number of visitors over a few years ago a few times, but in the area of litterz rarely, daily workload is less than before, even National Day season, the garbage is no more." He said. Blacklist deterrent to be improved and the majority of people to improve the quality of travel is relatively civilized, during the national day, there are still some low quality of civilization behavior, the formation of hot spots on the network. In a fit of travel times, uncivilized behavior facing the dilemma of difficult, difficult, and also difficult penalty ", blacklist mechanism effectiveness should be improved. The media reported that, in October 4th, on the east side of Shandong Ji’nan the Yellow River Luokou pontoon north shore, is full of tourists litter. In spite of the trash placed on the flood, but some tourists in order to save directly to the rubbish at the beach, some rubbish floating in the river, the warning signs are erected next to the environmental destruction. "Three hearts" tourist grass in October 3rd in the Badaling Great Wall area to play, found that couples not only to "prohibit characterization" signs by depicting side side photos, for themselves and other tourists around the scene to dissuade, the couple break the Great Wall photos on micro-blog. This exposure uncivilized tourists in the practice of gaining more than ten thousand users point praise, but also triggered相关的主题文章: