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Interior-Decorating Bedroom is the most private and personal space in a house. It is quite obvious that we all want to decorate our bedroom in most intimate style. Your bedroom decoration must sing in individuality in terms of choice of furniture, colour, patterns and texture. Any contemporary line of furniture will offer you wide variety of bedroom furnishing options, ranging from big beds to smart bedroom storage solutions. You can pick from a variety of bold colours and shapes to match your bedroom size. The idea for smart bedroom decoration is to make it look elegant and cheerful as possible without making it look cluttered at the same time. Todays apartment flats have serious space constraints and therefore, most homeowners demand smart space saving decoration. Large, elaborately carved Ge.ian furniture is not an option for modern households. Therefore it needs sleek, contemporary and somewhat futuristic furniture design that is both functional and aesthetic. To achieve desired decoration style, you must put some thought in selecting right pieces of furniture from the market. A bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. If you like to follow ongoing style of bedroom decoration of boutique hotels, then consider to put a lavish and elegant bed and place it in a way to make it the focal point of your decoration. Some interior designers are of the opinion that one must buy the largest size bed that the room can contain. To make room for a big bed, you need to re.anize your thoughts about using previously unused corners and walls to store some of the most necessary items. A built-in wardrobe would encroach only a few inches of your floor space but in return will give to an excellent storage solution for your clothes, shoes and other items. Similarly, you can select a divan with drawers made underneath to stash away unused linens, quilts, duvets etc. These spaces can also be used to store a lot of other unimportant things and gives your home a cleaner look. Add a chaises lounge chair to flop into it at times with a good book. An occasional chair adds both accent and depth to bedroom decoration. Treat windows and walls of your bedroom carefully to add accent to your decoration. These are excellent to add a dash of colour to otherwise monochrome interior. Select a few cheerful colours and prints to brighten up your bedroom. Colourful covers can also be used as accent to add colour and warmth to your room. Last but not the least, make sure you choose curtain fabric that will stop light from outside to create a dark, soothing ambience for a quie and peaceful sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: