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Business Posters are everywhere. Most consumers have be.e so used to their presence in stores, restaurants, medical offices and every public space, that they almost forget they are there. This does not mean that a well-designed poster will go unnoticed, but it will require a large size and sharp colors to catch a consumer’s attention. What kind of big color posters are available from a printer? Remarkably big color posters can .e in some "standard" sizes, and they are also available in almost unlimited sizes as well. This is because many high quality printers will purchase jumbo printing equipment that is capable of producing banners of great size, and which can also create beautiful glossy posters as well. A brief listing of what printing options are currently available for big color posters would include the traditional 11 inch by 17 inch posters that are usually mounted on a foam or corkboard backing. There are also 36 and 48 inch wide papers that can be printed to almost any length desired. Of course big color posters are not banners and should not be designed to hang outdoors in all kinds of weather. They can however be designed for hanging anywhere indoors and all year round. How does someone design a big color poster? Like all custom print jobs, a poster will require the correct file format. It is important to determine what the printer will need before beginning to design the job, but most printers will all have one, two, three and four color printing options available for posters. Additionally, a big color poster might also be able to have photographic images as well as graphics and unique fonts incorporated into the design, but this is something that must be discussed with the printer before the files are created. It is important to remember that not all images or graphics will reproduce well when "blown up" to such jumbo sizes as those on posters, and if the quality of the file is not appropriate to the printing job the printer will let the customer know right away. When considering one of the smaller poster sizes it might be good to note that there are many different colors and weights to the stock used, and this could add some real emphasis to a poster printing job. For example, a simple poster intended to advertise a special event might really "pop" if printed on a bolder colored stock such a gold or salmon color. What if I want only a single copy of my big color poster? There are many .mercial printers who are happy to extend a special price for a single, over-sized print job such as a big color poster. Many .mercial printers are happy to send paper samples and electronic copies of past jobs to demonstrate the capabilities of their presses, and this is always a good idea to request. There are many printing options for those who need big color posters and they can be a great deal of fun to design and create. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: