Bid farewell to physical electricity cards, these piles app to keep in mind –

Bid farewell to the physical electricity card, these piles of APP to keep in mind – Sohu automobile [Sohu E electric park] to adapt to the development of the times, paper currency transactions are gradually replaced by electronic payment. Most of the time, only a day to carry a mobile phone, you can easily respond to a variety of situations. This situation is equally applicable in the field of electric vehicles, download a few handy pile App is each owner will do homework, figure is more convenient, reliable. Should the majority of riders, today small E from the user experience, the inventory of more mainstream electric pile App. Before entering the topic first, to review the APP pile which is the best under question vote | charging? The vote (voting hours a week, a total of 1065 participants) from the poll results, e net, filling pile, poly electric charging pile several mainstream electric pile App obtained a better result (voting results do not represent official views of E Electric Park), E selected ranking software before the electric pile in the end, deep grilled them "good"? Since deep PA, will select a certain angle, the general direction is as follows: App interface, search function, network coverage, electric pile details (price, user reviews, photos and other information) and payment. (Note: review content is subjective, the actual situation in user experience for e App experience) charging network interface design is simple and convenient, classification search network coverage and high charge network interface: e overall design is more concise. Search function is simple and easy to operate, open the App, direct input to the location (support fuzzy search), the situation is clear. More humane, screening function can choose according to their own circumstances. As shown below: according to the requirements of the direct selection of specific operators of fast charge slow charge or idle busy state. It is worth mentioning that, e charging network will be different business operators to distinguish between the brand LOGO, in the map search link identification is very high, which is ahead of other piles App. Detailed information on the pile, to support a variety of payment methods: another problem is concerned about the pile users to pay attention to the details of the pile, the price and payment. E charging network to do at this point is also very good: click on the electric pile details, photos and comments can do more owners for your reference. That is, e charging network and most outlets have opened a variety of payment methods, WeChat, Alipay, China UnionPay can. This means not only to bid farewell to the electric card, but also to the greatest extent to save the time cost of the owner. The following figure is e charging network payment page, in order to avoid malicious charging behavior, e charging network will charge 50 yuan pre grant, a week after the automatic pre authorization. Comprehensive evaluation: e charging network is the customer service platform of Beijing charging pile public service management platform, its comprehensive performance is very excellent, operator compatibility and payment are at the forefront of the level of the pile App. After continuous optimization run, the real owner feedback rate is greatly improved, very suitable for new energy owners in Beijing. Poly electric pile App experience, cool interface search function needs to be improved, network coverage is good:"相关的主题文章: