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U.S. media said Japan’s new high next year or break the $50 billion mark in September 7 reference news network news media said, Japan once again to increase defense spending in 2017 will increase to $51 billion. According to the U.S. strategy page website reported on August 31st, after the cold war, Japan’s defense spending showed a downward trend. But this trend reversed in 2013, and since then the annual budget has increased. In 2015, Japan’s defense budget reached its highest level ever, to $42 billion. It is expected that in 2017, this figure will increase by about 20% to $51 billion, most of which will be used to purchase new weapons and upgrade existing weapons. Over the past 10 years, the United States has cut defense spending by about $4% to $595 billion. Russia’s spending has been cut by oil prices and other economic problems, and Saudi Arabia, which is now more than Russia, is spending $87 billion a year. India’s spending is increasing every year, and its current spending ($54 billion) exceeds France ($51 billion), and is about to overtake the UK ($55 billion). In the 10 years after the budget cuts, the European Union’s general spending increased by more than $1% in 2015, mainly because of the growing threat from the Eastern European countries to spend more money than ever before. Even Germany is spending more to deal with the threat of russia. One of the main reasons why global spending has been flat in the past is that by the end of 2010, the 10 year old defense spending has increased substantially, and the process of replacing many of the old cold war equipment has been largely over. There is also an end to the costly war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially for the United states. The U.S. military (especially the army and Marine Corps) takes the demand for new weapons and equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan as an opportunity to replace many of the old cold war equipment. The air force and the Navy did not. Now, with the U.S. defense spending cuts, the number of American warplanes and warships will be reduced, because the ship machine is used to replace many cold war funding and this effort gained public support was gone. (compile Feng Xue) source: Reference News Editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: