Beijing – VIDEO – making Guofangkeda annual defense pillars display skills to the

Beijing – VIDEO – shot Guofangkeda annual contest of Defense National Defense Science & pillar display skills to the full annual contest of defense pillar [comment] in order to improve the display skills to the full future grass-roots commanding officers military combat skills, to better achieve the docking field and battlefield military academies, since October 29th, the national defense science and Technology University 2016 year comprehensive military skills the assessment started Zhanmu, the 53 combat team to compete for all the war, "the army Cup" tournament title experience. China News Agency, 30 reporters in the assessment of the scene, the war student morale, through the combination of obstacles, set up by the application of the shooting, a rifle, a rope bridge ship…… Students to team as a unit, work together to overcome the difficulties, beautifully completed the task of each assessment. [year] National Defense University of science and technology 2016 annual comprehensive assessment of students’ military skills assessment is not only the Yuan Guoji, an enhancement of their physical quality, but also to my usual training have a guide, but also for the practice of their own, usually for student guidance, the training process is a huge to improve. [comment] it is understood that the annual assessment, the national defense science and 53 combat team were selected 9 memenbers combat team war. To carry out special operations to combat class assessment task as the basic scenario, according to a predetermined time, the path to complete a series of military action, no shelter, coherent implementation. The assessment of the main referee Li Yi introduced the "army Cup" race experience for a period of two days, assessment of greater intensity, each battle group need to complete 13 consecutive examination subjects, and according to the actual requirements, comprehensive examination of students in the special operations task under the background of the command and control ability, team action ability, information ability, communication ability, indirect fire control and running ability, operation ability, protection ability, weapon supplies and survival ability, special professional skills and physical combat. [year] National Defense University of science and technology 2016 annual comprehensive assessment of military skills referee Li Yi our main purpose is to test our students in the real physical and psychological ability, application ability, strict implementation of military basic education, comprehensive training in this series, the purpose is to let students can in the future, the troops during the period, a better grasp of military combat skills. [comment] in recent years, for the attainment of students all-round ability of military command, so that students meet the training needs of military construction and future wars, break the training mode of special combat skills of elite, national defense science and the "army Cup" combat competition platform, "the Silver River" special warfare combat club and field teaching the training results, to vigorously promote all camps, even, encourage students to record in the competition, the contest to break the record in the thick ratio, time, super atmosphere Dili bloody tiger, win Yinggong temper. Reporter Xu Zhixiong Changsha reports相关的主题文章: