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Beijing a kindergarten three years old boy body suspected by needle 10 kindergartens denial – Beijing Qing Qing who have been found encrusted needle a total of 10 forensic submissions "caused by" needle effect parents recently, Ms. fan to the Beijing Youth Daily reported, his home at the age of three children suspected of being the teacher needlestick injury in Daxing a kindergarten. The children had multiple skin lesions, appear red and accompanied by bleeding, crusting, Ms. fan commissioned forensic children were injury identification, conclusion injury as "needle". The kindergarten is firmly denied the existence of the needle children, parents have been reported to the police. Take a bath found multiple "needle" child said the teacher with a needle of Ms. fan told reporters on the BMC, she found the child was abnormal in November 6th, that night to their children Qing Qing (a pseudonym) when bathing, Qing Qing found the inner thighs and rear multiple bleeding, suspected needle, and has crusted, "I found that after the Qing Qing asked is how to get it, he told me that he is a kindergarten teacher with a needle, said also tie the other kids." Ms. Fan said, from October 31st onwards, Qing Qing began to close to home nise International Child Development Center kindergarten. In November 6th found the Qing Qing needle appears on the body, a total of Qing Qing in the kindergarten on the five day course, Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the Qing Qing Grandpa grandma and Dad take care of. Ms. Fan said, because they usually work more busy, every day to go home when the celebration has been sleeping, so I can not find the child’s scars. Just in the nursery for five days, usually the child’s grandfather grandmother sent him, the child can not tell what is the specific day of the tie." Ms. Fan said, now the Qing Qing state of mind is not the same as before, began to become timid, "before" is ", now a lot of things do not dare to take a look at your face before. He would say, ‘Mom, I’m not going to kindergarten" Ms. Fan said that only hope that the kindergarten can give the child an apology or a psychological counseling, hoping to make up for the damage. On the evening of 11, Ms. fan BYD reporters at home to see the Qing Qing Qing Qing, in the medial and lateral legs saw few red scab point. BYD reporters when asked about Qing Qing’s leg lesions caused by what is time, Qing Qing is relatively resistant, refused to answer. When Ms. fan and her husband referred to the kindergarten, Qing said he did not want to, and shed tears. The identified ten conclusions were caused by the needle scab that wound, Ms. fan first took the Qing Qing to Renhe hospital examination, hospital medical examination after the results are given in the "trunk and limbs multiple visible skin lesions, lesion morphology, bleeding, erythema, individual visible scar, local swelling. The results of the final diagnosis for skin lesion of unknown origin". In November 8th, Ms. fan with a celebration of Qinghe hospital inspection report, went to Beijing in forensic identification for further. Three days later, on the 11 day, Ms. fan got the expert opinion. BYD reporter saw in the identification of opinion, forensic identification of scab point total of ten, distributed in.相关的主题文章: