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Man was to break up before the robbery girlfriend took off his underwear when the set of the original title: Yantai a man after breaking up early in the morning before the robbery girlfriend, took off his underwear when set! Monitoring figure in retaliation for breaking up the former girlfriend, Yantai Development Zone, a man decided to impose a robbery. Wang prepared scissors, woven bags and other tools of crime and planned crime time, near the implementation to find monitoring around, he first cut two monitoring, safety and take off the boxer underwear set in the head as head, snatched a total of 500 yuan fled the scene after the ex girlfriend. Recently, the Development Zone Public Security Bureau police arrested him. 0:54 on October 14th, a hospital development zone, Ms. Lee to the police, the work at about 0:30, in Yantai Development Zone, a residential electric car parked in front of the shed when the driver, a man holding a desire from behind the head of their bags, she found, the man will be pushed to the ground. Hand over her mouth, snatched a mobile phone and some cash after fleeing the scene, mobile phone fell in the escape process, she picked up. Fukurai police station rushed to the scene, the investigation found that the scene left a pair of scissors and woven bags. Field left of woven bags. "After we left the scene scissors on crime scene surveillance video review, found two surveillance cameras near the scene in October 13th 23 PM to stop filming, monitoring circuit is destroyed, initially identified the suspect of crime time." Police investigators said. Police to the time period as the center to expand the scope of the time to review, found that 23 suspects the first time in the scope of the monitoring, after the disappearance of the monitoring screen. Near the monitor screen display, the suspect did not wear headgear, before the implementation of the robbery will be put on the head, only with two eyes. The police carried out the investigation on the nearby Skynet probe, after careful analysis, found in the vicinity of a taxi is very suspicious, the car went to the direction of the scene after getting off the bus, and in front of the probe has been found in the personnel trail, so suspicion gradually increased. The police of the suspicious taxi tracking investigations, found the car in a nearby auto parts in the Fushan Area, asked the taxi driver to determine the personnel in a car, the sales offices, but the taxi driver did not provide other details. So the soldiers divided into two groups, a group to continue to search for the whereabouts of the staff, another group of suspects to restore the whereabouts of the suspect. Comprehensive information has been mastered, the police can determine that the suspect is very familiar with the location of the crime and the victim. Through physical analysis, Mike’s ex boyfriend Wang entered the police perspective. Wang police analysis, found that it may be doing a marketing work for a network company, has left Yantai for Weifang in October 17th. In October 24th, the police found Wang has returned to Yantai, and quickly organized police force to arrest the suspect, but did not find in the network company, the company has the promotion of outsourcing to the third party company, specific information is unknown. Catch a job in a dilemma. After the police investigation found that the suspect is currently recruiting gas station staff. Police disguised as Peng相关的主题文章: