Beauty bath was peeping anti candid camera caught metamorphosis (Figure) – China

Beauty bath was anti seize the pervert peeping camera (Figure) – Beijing Voyeur Wang Meng was the police administrative detention for the police to catch the thief had stolen goods, as the saying goes, ‘take two. What do you do when you find yourself in a bath and can be watched by a pervert? The 26 year old Li Liang (a pseudonym) is a small project, by winning the voyeur irrefutable evidence. Flat-share room into the male tenant Li Liang is young and beautiful, and two girls in a flat-share Chenjiawan Shapingba District residential rental room. Rental house 5 rooms, three girls each had a bedroom, another two rooms unoccupied. We shared a bathroom, the bathroom door is large. Because they are girls, we do not care how. A week ago, the rental room moved into a young man Wang Meng (a pseudonym). Since Wang Meng moved in, Lee Liang every time back to the rental room there is a sense of being stared at. In particular, their own access to the room, toilet, bath, the feeling has a pair of eyes staring at their own, and sometimes even hear outside the toilet. The feeling of Li Liang very panic, plus often see Wang Meng in the house she suspected Wang Meng was sneaking, peeping or videotaping himself and two other girls. Because there is no evidence, did not catch the current, Li Liang is not good to say with others. Got around caught voyeur Li Liang noticed that there is a shoe just outside the bathroom, she decided to implement the anti photographed — bring a shoe box in the shoe, dig a hole in the side of the shoe box, the hole is on the toilet, and then put the mobile phone into the box. In his shower and quietly put the mobile phone in a box, and open the video function. Subsequently, Li Liang into the bathroom pretending to take a bath, a short time out of the bathroom. At this time, she just saw Wang Meng into his room. Li Liang quickly put the mobile phone out of the box, walked into his room to view video. Video display, Li Lianggang Wang Meng took off his shoes into the bathroom, sneaking to the bathroom door, holding a mobile phone in front of the bathroom door. In the bathroom before Li Liang, Wang Meng and sneaking ran to my room. At this time, Li Liang got Wang Meng peeping her shower proof. Hundreds of mobile phone video Li Liang will tell the story of a boyfriend zhang. The day before yesterday afternoon, Li Liang and Zhang Wang Mengdu in the rental house, in order to prevent Wang Meng remove the candid video mobile phone, the mobile phone Wang Meng Li Liang to hold in their own hands, and call 110. Rushed to the scene quickly at a Shapingba District 110 battalion patrol police received the alarm after Li Liang, Li Liang himself captured Wang Meng peeping her bath video to the police, at the same time give the police Wang Meng mobile phone. Police view Wang Meng’s cell phone, and found that it actually saved more than and 100 candid video, most of which are followed by young women on the road candid video, only candid Lee Liang’s video has more than a dozen. Police immediately investigate Wang Meng. The face of police interrogation and mobile phone in the candid video, guilty Wang Meng soon admitted peeping, Li Liang photographed bathing, toilet illegal facts. Wang Meng explained that his girlfriend, often photographed in Juan相关的主题文章: