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Baotou | comment: this place is not horrible, was scared are bold! Sohu and Dave’s Halloween in China is more prosperous, reason is probably because in this festival can satisfy our wants through the heart of ~~~cos cos who you want to let ordinary life a lot of fun, life is the need to keep to the point of stimulation. Today, we introduce a place to stimulate, stimulate to what extent, only to know! The girl was scared of the basic IQ drops can not be normal game, oh, oh, the whole can only be called into the game background music! The boys will directly exposed in front of fear, pinch is likely to leave his girlfriend away oh! This is the existence of terror, I really do not exaggerate. As for the Busan heat, a dead-alive person a new season, have recently felt very hot day? So the zombie themed room escape to meet everyone’s fantasy, experience is a zombie around the fear of whether your heart has long been looking forward to? This place today not only can escape and zombie melee, with the sudden progress story there will be all kinds of unexpected happening so you always feel here ~ around the story of virus samples threatened by growing crises biochemical laboratory leakage, first brought their equipment and then enter and leave the security lab to find an antidote. The natural starting equipment, but in the critical condition of how all the equipment are complete, so careful manager won’t let you armed! Only with the mobile phone, the confiscation of light source can be used, guns and ammunition are also limited, even the armor are not one, from the moment the tension will spread (if you still have a little excited, you will begin to regret). When the input password began gradually into the drama, love here is the most important reason is that here in the details of the arrangement is really enough to do tricks, the atmosphere of terror every little bit to infiltrate your cerebral cortex! A zombie is absolutely not in advance of the intimate interactions with you, you may find the password is concentrating on, has quietly come to the zombie behind you…. A zombie is certainly instinctively struggling to resist, the bullet can reduce the speed of zombies, but after a few minutes they will immediately restore vitality, like all the movies they basically not be able to spare none! Here you will feel that everything is possible here, every action, may be like a butterfly in the Pacific wings, causing a chain reaction, leading to different results. So there will be a number of old players to challenge the biochemical crisis laboratory, I went two times, the feeling of terror will not change…. When you watch your partner is a zombie attack, suddenly feel on the verge of death or destruction of human life, to save or not save, with live or die? Everyone comes here with a different story and you may be the next one.相关的主题文章: