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Baosteel WISCO merger was the Shanghai stock exchange information disclosure requirements for more details Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money with the original title: Baosteel WISCO was the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ao Xiaobo) with two domestic iron and steel giant Baosteel and WISCO, encounter regulators inquiries. The Shanghai Stock Exchange recently issued a letter of inquiry, mainly related to the details of the merger of Baosteel WISCO, including disclosure requirements and financial property rights are being sucked defects and operating conditions. Public information display, in September 22nd, Baosteel announced that the company issued convertible merger Wuhan Steel shares transaction report (Draft), the company intends to all shareholders of the convertible corporation stock issuance of A shares, convertible merger of Wuhan Steel shares, convertible price: 4.60 yuan respectively, Baosteel shares, Wuhan Steel shares 2.58 yuan shares, Wuhan Baosteel shares with the exchange ratio of 1:0.56, the total share capital after the completion of the merger of 22 billion 119 million shares of listed companies. So far, but also opened the prelude to the merger of two domestic steel giant merger. Yesterday, the market has been concerned about the combination of encounter regulators inquiries. The Shanghai Stock Exchange to the company issued a letter of inquiry, with details of the inquiry, require the company to supplementary disclosure about asset ownership defects and operating condition of the transaction details, and the party being sucked. At the same time, the Shanghai stock exchange requires companies to disclose whether the task of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel production capacity Yajian index at present; the merger for the capacity to implement a concrete manifestation of policy, and whether the company plans to two compression capacity which can be influenced by the merger. The Shanghai Stock Exchange to the inquiry time limits, require the company before October 11th, a written reply to the above problems of details. To modify the absorption merger report and disclose. Reporters noted that the merger of the two steel giant not only suffered from regulatory inquiries, many well-known international rating agencies for the merger also gave observation rating. Among them, the S & P will be included in the negative Baosteel watch list, the reason is due to mergers and acquisitions under pressure. S & P said, Wu Bao, after the merger of the new group and the combined company’s financial and business prospects are likely to have a negative impact, particularly the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group large debt brings new group worries. Standard & Poor’s further stressed that the rating is removed from the observation list or suffered relegation, mainly depends on the implementation of the situation, the integration of treasure, Wu and level of integration. Coincidentally, another rating agency Fitch also said that after the reorganization of the financial indicators of the new group may be weak, because the high rate of WISCO has leveraged financial situation. At the initial announcement of the merger plan, Fitch rated Baosteel’s rating at the rating change observed. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: