Baise student network, the person in charge Wang Chieh rape, fraud case sentenced was sentenc-tianbi

"Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud sentenced   was sentenced to sixteen years in prison – Shaanxi channel — original title:" Baise student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud was sentenced to sixteen years in prison in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Baise Longlin County People’s court sentenced the former "Baise open 13 days student network responsible person Wang Chieh rape, fraud, rape and sentenced the defendant Wang Chieh fifteen years imprisonment for fraud and sentenced to the one year and six months imprisonment, graft decided to implement sixteen years in prison. Wang Chunren was sentenced to five years in prison for rape. The court found: 2009 to 2015, the defendant Wang Chieh to support poor students under the name of Baise, has raped students agricultural Moumou, Qinmou, and accused Wang Chunren of rape crime student Huang Moumou help. The defendant Wang Chieh to poverty-stricken areas of school desks and chairs in the name to conceal the truth, for love team grants 15000 yuan for himself. Longlin court held that the defendant Wang Chieh against her will, using violence, forced sexual relations with women, who is under the age of fourteen having sexual relations with young girls and to help others to rape, his behavior constituted the crime of rape; the behavior of a large amount of public or private property fraud constitutes fraud, should carry out the punishment. The defendant Wang Chun any knowing that is under fourteen years of age and their sexual relations with young girls, constitute rape. Two accused of raping young girls, should be punished severely. In view of the defendant Wang Chunren surrendered after the crime, truthfully confessed his crime, is a surrender, be given a lighter punishment. According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law, then made the above decision. (reporter Wang Junwei) (commissioning editor Zuo Rui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: