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Baidu international revenue surge 387%, what are the key implications for the industry? Sohu, science and technology in recent years, the domestic mobile Internet market has gradually entered the mop up stage, various opportunities window has closed, while at the same time, the beginning of the internationalization has become the focus of the giants and various small companies are concerned, at present, Baidu has been quite a lot of gains in the international context, the Baidu DAP held the "WISEx sea Powerise forum 36 krypton together, which revealed a lot of Baidu. At present, Baidu has successfully built several localization of star products, covering 200 countries and regions worldwide, over 300 million months, the cumulative downloads reached 1 billion 600 million, and on this basis, Baidu to build the DAP alliance platform not only helps to achieve the realization of more developers, but also to achieve a 387% revenue growth compared to last year, this one with Baidu’s strategy on the exploration and the Baidu, also said on many aspects of international dry cargo, the following is the key. A society with different Internet ecological coexistence in fact anyone with an Internet country, ecological system must have a bottom, such as the United States has typical, Google, Facebook and Amazon, apple as the main ecological systems, and domestic BAT as the ecosystem, and to enter the international market, any the enterprise must see themselves into a kind of ecological system, and how to run. ) into small ecological ecological building, as a very close international company, it is clearly not enough, must be carried out with the local ecological cliques, will it be possible to win, Baidu in the international context, the main choice is the integration of the local ecological system, build their own "small ecological". For example, in the Baidu internationalization early, it chose to tool orientation, the establishment of a variety of tools to capture the market, such as the Japanese input method Simeji has become the first, and the DU Battery Saver, DU Speed Booster, ES File, MoboMarket and other tools products all over the world have made outstanding achievements. After all the excellent technology, more important is because Baidu did not want to go to the establishment of ecological in has a mature ecological state, but the choice of the existing ecological integration, to establish their own niche market, and finally to the product matrix, then create their own DAP ecological alliance. ) to create the industry ecological alliance, if a country already has a mature ecosystem on the one hand, Baidu will not encroach on, but at the same time when a country lack of ecology, Baidu will be appropriate to establish an ecological alliance. For example, Brazil’s PU group purchase has been wholly acquired Baidu, Baidu will own experience at home to PU, the market share from 35% to 70% breakthrough, one beyond the local group purchase originator Groupon, the end of this year is expected to be profitable. Since then, Baidu PU as the core launched the Brazil O2O industry alliance, which through the establishment of leading services, with its benchmark, the integration of resources from all walks of life, in order to;相关的主题文章: