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Home-and-Family Automobile aircon fix appears to be getting more tough. There are a few people with the ability and knowledge to take on this job but they appear to be a dying breed. Automobile air con is built in and round the engine of the auto, so upkeep should be handled by a pro. For example, did you know how much refrigerant does your vehicle take? Automobile air-con repair and service can’t be undertaken by just anybody, you want the right apparatus and the data to do such a repair . In some nations it is not legal to mend an air-con system even a car A / C system has to be mended by an approved mechanic. Automobile gas leak and the consequent resealing of the system. It has been observed, that a large percentage of older (4 years or older) cars, seem to have continual slow refrigerant leaking problems. Even when the leaks are identified and repaired, many are low on charge by the following summer. Leaks can be difficult to detect. Specialist equipment is necessary to find the leak and further equipment is needed to correctly recharge the system after repairs have been carried out. Auto air conditioning repair is also one of the largest overcharged repairs on automobiles today. It is very .mon for repair bills to reach well over $1000. As you can see, there are some businesses that are taking advantage of consumers due to the specialist nature of the repair and the qualifications needed to do it properly. But do not despair there are honest repair technicians / businesses out there that will charge a fair price for the work carried out. Try to obtain quotes for the repair and do not make the mistake of settling for the first quote you receive. Tip : in winter many motorists forget their car air-con as it isn’t critical to use it during those cold months. But are you aware that using the air-conditioning on the windscreen will clear any internal fogging extraordinarily efficiently, and having the heater on at the very same time stops you getting cold also. Tip : Using the automobile air conditioner as noted above will also help to ease any necessity to re-gas the system. Why? Because a car air conditioner .pressor uses a seal on the drive shaft to keep the refrigerant from escaping. This seal works with a bit of help from a thin film of oil, in the winter the non utilisation of the air conditioner permits the oil to dry up therefore letting the refrigerant escape. The unknowing driver does not find out their system isn’t functioning till summer arrives. Run your car air conditioner once every 2 weeks for a few minutes and you will have no problems or use it to defrost and defog your windscreen during winter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: