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"Avanti family" second quarter production decision! PA has a sequel in many anime fans are known animation company "P.A.WORKS" never produced animation for the second quarter, they animated no matter how high popularity, is only one season. But now this history will be broken, today (September 18th), officially announced the "funny animation Avanti family" second quarter production decision, and making for the seiyuu lineup and also discloses, the work will be made by P.A.WORKS, which will be used before the seiyuu lineup. "Heaven" is the story of a family home a duck under the cat, settled in the correct generation of Kyoto Sen, however a master Soichiro was human boiled Hot pot, duck under the home since the only mother and The family is in straitened circumstances., four brothers in support. The boss yaichiro personality seriously, but a crucial moment is transformed into a frog at sea; second, not to the bottom; old love to see the show, love the youngest timid, practical joke; turned always forgot to hide his tail. The four brothers than a unreliable, plus the dog from time to time to mouthing, rival, Golden Temple cat brother Che houtui, they want to leave the pot look at fiercely as a tiger does human. The four brothers have the opportunity to protect the mother, to revive the house [STAFF] Yoshihara Masayuki: Yoneda Yasuji long set Supervision: total drawing Supervision: Kawa Kosuke series: Higaki light production: P.A.WORKS [CAST] Ya Miro: Sakurai Takahiro Ya Ichiro: suwabe along a vector vector four: Yoshino Hiroyuki Erlang Lang: Central Plains linen Bian days: Noto Mamiko [source: cartoon stars]相关的主题文章: