Autumn is when your lips chapped, maintenance

Autumn is when your lips chapped, lead maintenance: every time the weather changes, the temperature is not stable, only 1/3 of the skin thickness of lips, is always the first alarm, become dry or chapped peeling. This is the time to remind you to do the work of nutrients to the lip, your lips, to see how to have beautiful lips every hour and moment. (source: female beauty network) autumn when you select the lips dry maintenance of high oil content of the lip product because it’s too late to adapt to seasonal changes, there will be swelling dry and cracked lips, you can use a special cream applying, then paste film and hot towel for 5 minutes, can be to improve. I want to choose the high oil content of the lip, lip moisture, can reduce the dry conditions. Pay attention to add water, vitamin C, vitamin C can solve the problem of chapped lip, so usually in addition to nutritional supplement food, also can eat like kiwi fruits rich in vitamins, will have a good effect. In addition to drink enough water, only to have the opportunity to develop beautiful lips yo. Lip to deep exfoliating lips do not think not to skin, compared to other parts of the body, the lips are more fragile, less water and grease protection, will appear dry, peeling lips dark, lip wrinkles and other problems, regular exfoliating can fundamentally solve the problem. High moisture lip product recommendations put on, with 5 minutes to soften the cuticle, and then scrub along the circle direction of the lip gesture, lip is along the direction gently back and forth. And then use a cotton or toilet paper along the direction of the lip scan, know the lip skin particles are cleaned, and then scraped with high nourishing ingredients, like the last maintenance ingredient coconut oil lip product, it is good. Give lip massage, promote blood circulation after cleaning the lip to lip to lip massage will be better, after all, compared to other parts of the body, but not what activities may be, so lip massage can promote blood circulation, make the lips look more rosy, the color is better. Remember the steps above, do, can have water toot lip.相关的主题文章: