Australia said it would throw the remains of mh370 copy by sea currents for aircraft rosstallanma

Australia said it would throw the remains of MH370 copy by sea currents for aircraft original title: Australia said it would throw the remains of MH370 copy by sea currents for aircraft in new network on 25 August, according to foreign media reports, Australian officials said 24, authorities will put a satellite tracker MH370 wreckage copy into the sea, by ocean currents to track MH370 aircraft real whereabouts. The Campenella administration led by a team of experts, in 2014 years there are 239 people missing after the establishment of MH370 aircraft, the team is currently in Australia, west of India ocean to start the search range. Working group to identify the work. March 8, 2014, from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, China to fly to Malaysia Airlines flight mh370 aircraft lost contact with the aircraft carrying 239 people, including 227 passengers and crew of 12 people. Equipped with satellite tracker Macao government disclosed that due to the search action since the start without any success, the authorities will adopt the new current model for subsequent work. Australian joint agency coordination center (JACC), said they will study in the past 18 months, the expert MH370 wreckage drift mode, based on a more in-depth research". The agency will be in July last year in the French reunion, found a length of about 2 meters of the flaperon wreckage, as the focus of this research current mode. The agency said in a statement: "we have in the past 9 months in the west coast of India ocean, found a lot of debris associated with MH370. "In this piece about 2 meters of the flaperon is the first aircraft wreckage, which found the wreckage, plus it floating in the ocean in the shortest time, so this is an important discovery." Is in the first stage of the study project started in the coming months, including in the global drifting plan, will be equipped with satellite tracker aircraft wreckage copy into the sea to drift with ocean currents. The agency pointed out: "we will track to judge in a similar direction, current situation, speed and direction of the wreckage replica drift." In addition, they will also use the global drifting plan real drift data in the past 30 years accumulated, to find that the debris flow flaperon. Search work in December, the end of the local time on June 26, 2014, the Australian joint survey center announced MH370 new search area, orange area is the highest priority search area, the blue area. Compared to the previous search area, along the arc region of the satellite, more dependent on the south. The coordination center earlier promised to launch a search for 120 thousand square kilometers of sea area. It is reported that the search will stop in December draw. However, the agency also questioned the question of whether or not to search in the waters. Experts at the time of the aircraft was depleted of fuel, and no control of the case as the assumption that the current search range is the MH370 most likely end of the waters. However, the Australian government reiterated that the current mode is one of the aspects of the. The authorities said: "with this clue, 6相关的主题文章: