Asked whether baby pregnant Huang Xiaoming Name today very dizzy-melia kreiling

Asked whether baby pregnant Huang Xiaoming address him: "today is a halo Sina entertainment news 24 days early in the morning, the film" funny "ACE ACE Film Festival in Tangshan held a press conference, Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog], Junjie Mao [micro-blog] at. The wife asked Angela Baby about the pregnancy, Huang Xiaoming not respond, call today, very dizzy, said in the media repeatedly asked, what you say, but I will write. Recently busy with the movie publicity for Huang Xiaoming very tired, came to power on the error, said he played a detective, he immediately realized the error correction, said his three points to sleep last night, you have to get up at six this morning, very dizzy. Attended Junjie Mao also recalled that the studio Huang Xiaoming can sleep whenever and wherever possible, joked, "this is the original founder of the main sleep". The group visited links, asked about the "Sanlitun", Huang Xiaoming sang "we live in the village of people", and joked that he and Andy Lau, Shen Teng [micro-blog] is the "village" to the. Inevitably, the media then asked again whether baby is pregnant, Huang Xiaoming smile not to respond, said today very dizzy. Under repeated questioning in the media, Huang Xiaoming said with a smile, anyway, I say what you will write. The end of the conference, the host site to teach in Tangshan, Huang Xiaoming learned yesterday and rhythmical, baby recognition ceremony show Tangshan dialect have a spell, is launched. The conference ended, Huang Xiaoming jumped down and fans photo, fans flocked to the conference, look into "pictures", Huang Xiaoming made again and again to the crowded fans have that photo, a photo. (An Dongwen) (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章: