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Apple practices two years, one change, iPhone 7 shape adjustment – Sohu digital with the arrival of 2016, in addition to attracting attention Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple’s new phone this year, iPhone 7 rumors and exposure has become increasingly intensive. There have been rumors that iPhone 7 will cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, the use of ceramic body and so on news, taking into account the apple has historically changed in terms of iPhone in the past two years, the authenticity of these messages is still relatively large. Have to say, the two years of iPhone 6 and 6S is really like, and this also caused the two models have two equally Tucao by everyone problem – "big leucorrhea" and raised camera. According to the current news, no matter what design iPhone 7, leucorrhea will be canceled, the camera will eventually be "smoothed"". According to previous rumors, iPhone 7 may adopt a new kind of ceramic material as the body, but a practical consideration estimation of metal fuselage iPhone 7 will still use the antenna as leucorrhea behind it is not completely canceled, but transferred to the side and bottom or paint cover, at least to make it look more to coordinate. In addition, the antenna on the side, top and bottom of the fuselage will still be retained. Camera, recently rumored iPhone 7 may be equipped with no protruding fuselage dual camera design. However, according to the latest news, only iPhone 7 Plus will use such a design, just like before iPhone 6S Plus has optical anti shake, and 6S does not have the same. It is reported that iPhone 7 Plus dual camera design is used to deal with optical zoom, two cameras are 12 million pixels of SONY custom sensor. It seems this year between iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had a greater gap than before, and this is a new way to induce the user to buy Apple high version?

苹果惯例两年一变 传iPhone 7外形调整-搜狐数码  随着2016年的到来,除了引人关注的三星Galaxy S7,有关苹果今年的新手机iPhone 7的传闻及曝光也越来越密集了。之前有传闻过iPhone 7将取消3.5mm耳机接口、采用陶瓷机身等等消息,考虑到苹果在iPhone方面历来的两年一变的惯例,这些消息的真实性还是比较大的。   不得不说,这两年的iPhone 6和6s长得实在是太像了,这也造成这两款机型拥有两个同样被大家吐槽的问题――“大白带”和凸起的摄像头。根据目前的消息,不论iPhone 7采用什么设计,白带肯定是会取消的,摄像头也终归会“被抚平”。   按照之前的传闻,iPhone 7可能会采用一种新型陶瓷材料来作为机身,不过现实一点考虑估计iPhone 7还是会采用的金属机身的,至于背后的天线白带则不是彻底取消,而是将其转移到侧、底边或是用涂料覆盖,至少使其看起来更为协调。此外,机身侧边和顶、底部的天线则依旧会被保留。   摄像头方面,最近都在传闻iPhone 7可能会配备不再凸出机身的双摄像头设计。不过根据最新的消息,只有iPhone 7 Plus会采用这样的设计,就像之前iPhone 6s Plus有光学防抖而6s没有一样。据悉,iPhone 7 Plus的双摄像头设计是用来处理光学变焦的,两个摄像头均为1200万像素的索尼定制传感器。   看来今年iPhone 7和7 Plus之间的差距比之前的更大了,难道这又是苹果诱导用户买高配版的新方式?相关的主题文章: