Apple has been exposed to a sweatshop in China workers a month up to 109 hours of overtime (video) soojin

Apple has been exposed to a sweatshop in China: workers a month up to 109 hours of overtime BI Chinese station in August 26 reported according to the latest report released on the related organization, iPhone OEM Pegatron (Pegatron) violated the Apple Corp’s overtime policy, workers work overtime when the original super long time. According to Apple’s policy, workers should not work more than 60 hours a week. But the report said, with many workers working week and a long time more than 80 hours. Moreover, the workers also said they were forced to work overtime, because the basic wage is too low, had to choose to work overtime. The report said: 1 of the average wage of workers Chinese increased steadily, but wages are Pegatron decline. 2 in April this year, the Shanghai municipal government has raised the minimum wage from $304 to $350 per month. The survey results show that although the majority of workers to reach the statutory minimum wage, but Pegatron but through reduce the welfare of workers and insurance fees to control costs, resulting in the income of workers has declined. In 2015, hourly workers Pegatron for $1.85. 2016 rose to $2, but after deducting various costs, workers get only $1.6 hand. 3.2015 years of statistics show that more than 62% of workers working overtime for more than 82 hours per month. In March of that year, a worker had the worst 109 hours of overtime, the monthly total reached 293 hours. 4 Pegatron has recruited many interns, monthly overtime for up to 80 hours. The basic salary of 5 Pegatron workers is too low, can only rely on overtime to raise revenue. If you do not work overtime, the basic monthly wage of workers is only about $213. 6 for most of the production line, workers are required to arrive 10 minutes early, but these will not be recorded in the working hours of 10 minutes. 7 workers spend about 60 minutes a day on the ID inspection and security procedures in the workshop, taking up the rest of the workers. 8 factory workers to work overtime, in the production season, the workers can not be granted leave. 9 workers exposed to workplace environments that may be harmful to health, but without proper protection. Currently, Apple has yet to comment and pegatron. (Tan Tan Tan) apple opened with the supplier of the United States [Business Insider works related to the rights and interests of Chinese owned by the Tencent Inc exclusive Taiwan. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章: