Antique shop about 400000 coin

Antique shop worth about 400000 coins stolen – placed coins stolen an empty counter. The newspaper news (reporter Wang Bin) reporter learned yesterday, Hebei well-known antique art trading places Handan antique theft cases, 3 stores located in the zero floor have been broken, one of the store lost $about 400000 worth of coins. Currently, local police are investigating the case. Wen long run antiques, old banknotes and the old version of the renminbi business, open at 9 a.m.. On August 24th at 8:50 in the morning, a staff call, said the mall "into", he and his family rushed past, found that their stores were open, with a large number of high collection value coins take wings to itself a mess on the floor. The next two shops are to pry open the door, but there is no loss of property. Reporters on the scene saw, originally filled with coins of the glass counter is 1.3 meters long, nearly 1 meters wide, which now except for a few plastic bracket and porcelain, almost absolutely empty. The thief may be familiar with the value of the currency market, Mr Wen said, leaving some cheap paper money on the ground, taking only the essence of it, after a rough calculation, the total value of stolen coins of at least 400 thousand. It is understood that the Handan antique city is located in Fu Dong Da Jie Nan Duan, operating area of 20000 square meters, can accommodate more than 500 businesses, mainly engaged in antiques, porcelain, paintings, ancient coins, ancient stones, furniture etc.. Source: Shijiazhuang News Network相关的主题文章: