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Another world in the eyes of surrealist artists, Hello, everyone! Welcome to this issue of the digital encyclopedia, in the previous article I have been on a variety of photographic techniques, today is no exception. But compared to the previous talk about the content, this period is somewhat different. The usual photography skills are the actual lens scenery, and today is the emphasis on "dream" shooting method, which is also called surrealism photography, surrealism photography is a formalism of the genre of photography began in 1930s. This genre of photographers that source of realistic performance is not required to follow the classical, but to transcend the reality, to explore the human inner world have not come into contact with fresh things. Including the people’s unconscious thoughts, or sudden epiphany, even psychological deformity or fantasy and dreams, technology, scenery, outstanding character color, to be listed in the works, distortion, inverted image, exaggeration, deformation, etc., to create a completely different with the reality of a the world. The so-called "different strokes for different folks." So pay attention to reality sense of photography for a long time will make people tired, perhaps you will read this article today to explore new ideas, find new passion for photography, a group of brain hole, take a few of Zhang Chao’s realistic works, could not prepare to artists on the road now, without further ado, let us directly enter the text. One. Surrealism Photography: beginning the origin of any art form are required to develop a theory of surrealist art makers is from the French writer Bredon (Andre Breton) surrealist manifesto published in 1924 ". He wrote in the Declaration: "surrealism is a purely spiritual unconscious activity of human beings. People can use either oral or written or other ways to express the real process — without any rational control, and did not have any aesthetic and moral prejudices of the thought of free activities." We can use the idea of Breton had learned that in the process of creating the first to break the rational, looking for the free world, although the photography will be limited by the reality, however, you can through the post processing magnify your pursuit of art, so as to achieve the escapist mood. Two. The proportion of the proportion of characters in the surreal photography techniques in the surreal photography of the 1 common, the main significance is to exaggerate the character of exaggeration or shrink. That is, the reality does not exist in the main dream, the so-called surreal shot with an intuitive lens is difficult to express clearly, so it is important to deal with the latter. For example, the life of the forest, the fire heap, lawn and so on the scene, will be a focus in the scene, the other with a view to grammaticalization, then focus placed a figure down to ant size, you will find that this is the surrounding scenery to the mountains and rivers, into the rest of the work the relationship between the characters and the scene is reflected. For example, the man who lives next to the fire, the man who holds the leaves. However, it is important to note that the adjustment of the background is very important, if virtual!相关的主题文章: