And cross strait Guqin concert staged in Fuzhou in

"And" cross strait Guqin concert staged in Fuzhou – in the new network as president of the Taiwan Association of Huang Hongwen performing "drunk Guqin singing fish late". Zhang Shijian pictured in Taiwan Music Association Chen Wen concert "Wu" leaves the autumn wind. Zhang Shijian photo Beijing, Fuzhou, November 5, (Zhang Shijian) performed by two Guqin artists jointly "and" cross strait Guqin concert on the evening of 5, staged at the Fuzhou theatre, opened the 2016 cross strait exchange activities prelude to guqin art. That night, the national non heritage inheritors Guqin art Gong, Taiwan Qin, chairman Chen Wen, President of the Taiwan Association of Qin Huang hung Wen, the intangible cultural heritage of Nanyin heritage Cai Yayi Quanzhou "Nanyin Yayi" and a member of Chinese Qin Lin Zhen as the representative of the youth guqin music on both sides to bring a classical artist music festival for the audience. At the same time has received more than twenty awards at home and abroad Fuzhou jasmine choir in concert the song "Jasmine" and "nostalgic" poetry. Taiwan Music Association Chen Wen said, the representative of Taiwan Qin will attend the Guqin concert activities across the Taiwan Strait, Fukatawara Eiko. Cross strait Guqin culture these years are interactive, due to various conditions, the mainland side activities generally relatively large, while Taiwan is gone delicate line. In recent years, to do the Guqin concerts and conferences, Taiwan is to give lectures for the lectures, have their own characteristics, also has become the. The south, especially Fuzhou, has little interaction with Taiwan, and we hope that through this activity, we will enhance our mutual understanding and develop more opportunities for interaction in the future." Chen Wen said. According to reports, during the event held at the Minjiang University) will also master building, Fuzhou Museum of art song wide simultaneous launch of the rhyme "in the floor of the exhibition and Guqin Guqin teacher open class series; held 2016 cross-strait seminar in Guqin art teacher building, on both sides of Qin and Qin scholars on ancient culture and art, collision and discussion from different angles, different levels, fully display the Guqin culture" open and inclusive and pluralistic symbiosis ". With three thousand years of history of the guqin, is long, most of the national spirit, aesthetic taste and artistic features of traditional musical instruments China’s history, and Chinese painting, poetry and literature together, become a carrier of culture Chinese. It is reported that "each ticket and the Taiwan Strait" Guqin concert will participate in the public, by the Fujian provincial youth development foundation to have artistic talent, family economic difficulties or disabled children art training fund. Organizers said the 2016 cross-strait exchanges Guqin art series of activities will further deepen cross-strait interaction and emotional connection, while the maximum combination of all sectors of society, to jointly promote the protection, inheritance and development of Qin culture. The event by the Fujian and Taiwan Cultural Exchange Center, Fujian Province, Taiwan Taiwan Guqin Association will host the first Qin, Fuzhou Art Museum hosted a wide. (end)相关的主题文章: