American baby procrastination is not light, see how they get rid of this problem – Sohu maternal and

American baby procrastination is not light, see how they are to get rid of this problem – Sohu maternal and child counseling industry in the United States work, interviewed an intern K. We picked up ten people from hundreds of resumes and entered the first round. During the telephone interview, a small K phone to the agreed time no one answered, after ten minutes to play, then, he was sorry to say that the phone is temporarily out of power. Small K interview up and school background closely reasoned and well argued, rattan + football player, give the impression very deep, so we decided to give him the opportunity to two. The two is to interview the company site, in addition to chat alone, as well as other candidates to discuss the link groups. 10 interview, about 10:15, a small K classmate but sweating in Western dress and leather shoes in front of the company, group discussion has begun. Forgot what he was looking for an excuse, just remember the colleague told him casually, the interview is over, you can go home. The United States financial and consulting two industries because of the high income, very popular with students of all ages, the good performance of the summer intern, after graduation can get job offer, in the economic situation is not optimistic about the situation, is a very attractive opportunity. Later, the small K students to write an e-mail to explain + apology, but because the two consecutive time is not punctual, the brush is a foregone conclusion. It is a pity that a high IQ is defeated by a low Eq. If a person is not punctual, often means he is reliable, can not be entrusted with the task, which is one of the United States and the global network circle and workplace unspoken rule. Sue mother work in the United States in recent years, found that those who are always late, always too late to eat breakfast, is always the last to enter the conference room at the bottom, usually always in the company. Therefore, many American parents attach great importance to the child’s sense of time, from kindergarten began to cultivate awareness of the child’s sense of time. Have a good sense of the time of the child, in addition to know "punctuality", but also know how to manage the allocation of time. But the time is so abstract concept, starting from kindergarten teach baby time management reality? How do you do it? The premise of time management is a good rule (Routine Matters) I know that American mother often told me that if the family does not have the good morning routine, the three children didn’t have got out of the door this morning. In fact, before and after the baby full moon can distinguish the difference between day and night. Remember when Su Baogang was born a week to see a doctor, he told me that the quality of life is very important to cultivate a good law. Let the baby in a fixed time every day to eat sleep play, with age, gradually adjusted. Every day of the baby can be expected, rather than a mess, which is particularly conducive to the development of a child’s sense of security. With the law of the baby, usually wake up will be reduced, but also for adults to better manage the family time. American children go to kindergarten, parents will consciously begin to develop their own understanding of the routine (life), at home will often open up a place, the daily Mo相关的主题文章: