All adult men in a village in Iran were executed for drug

Iran is a village of all adult men were killed for committing the crime of drug original title: narcotics offenses in Iran executed the whole village affairs man in Iran in charge of women and the family, vice president Shaheen do Hurt Mora Weir Di said the day before, all adult men in a village in southern Iran for narcotics offenses were all killed. Earlier this week, Mora Weir Di accepted Iran’s semi official Mehr news agency interview revealed the news. She said: "the Sistan – Baluchistan province, a village, all the men were killed inside." Mora Weir Di did not mention the name of the village, nor did they explain the number of men, executions or executions in batches. The British "Guardian" 26 quoted the United Nations officials reported, Sistan Baluchistan province, the most backward areas, the poverty rate, infant mortality rate is very high, the average life expectancy of the lowest, the highest illiteracy rate, drug crime is rampant, resulting in the death rate is also high. Mora Weir Di believes that the government needs to be responsible for the families of those who commit death penalty, and provide them with help. The woman Vice President said: "the boy who was killed may become a drug dealer when he grows up.". They may seek revenge for their dead father, and they may need to feed the family…… The government lacked funding for this kind of family." Mora Weir Di said that the Hassan Rouhani administration restarted the previously cut home aid program as part of Iran’s national development plan. She said, "we believe that if we do not support these people, they may commit crimes.". That’s why the whole society is responsible for the families of the condemned prisoners." Iran is next to Afghanistan, which is the world’s major drug producer and source. Many young people in Iran are vulnerable to all kinds of cheap and adequate drugs, and Iran faces serious challenges in drug control. Some critics say that the death penalty for drug crimes in Iran has not played a significant role in drug control, and has failed to solve the problem. According to Xinhua news agency editor: the flourishing SN123

伊朗一村庄所有成年男子因犯毒品罪被处死   原标题:犯毒品罪 伊朗处决整村男子   伊朗分管妇女和家庭事务的副总统沙欣多赫特・莫拉韦尔迪说,日前,伊朗南部一个村庄的所有成年男子因犯毒品罪而被全部处死。   本周早些时候,莫拉韦尔迪接受伊朗半官方的迈赫尔通讯社采访时披露了这一消息。她说:“锡斯坦-俾路支斯坦省有个村庄,里面的所有男子都被处死了。”   莫拉韦尔迪没有提及这个村庄的名称,也没有说明这些男子的人数以及是被同时处决还是分批处决。   英国《卫报》26日援引联合国官员的话报道,锡斯坦-俾路支斯坦省是伊朗最落后的地区,贫困率、婴幼儿死亡率很高,人均寿命全国最低,文盲率最高,毒品犯罪猖獗,因此导致的死刑率也很高。   莫拉韦尔迪认为,政府需要对那些死刑犯的家人负责,向他们提供帮助。   这名女副总统说:“(被处死男子的)孩子长大后可能成为毒贩。他们可能要为死去的父亲寻找‘复仇’机会,他们可能需要(通过贩毒)养家糊口……政府以前缺少对这类家庭的资助。”   莫拉韦尔迪说,哈桑・鲁哈尼政府重新启动了之前被砍掉的家庭资助项目,将其视为伊朗国家发展规划的一部分。她说:“我们相信,如果我们不去支持这些人,他们有可能会犯罪。这也是整个社会都要对死刑犯家属负责任的原因。”   伊朗与阿富汗相邻,后者是全球主要毒品生产与来源地。许多伊朗年轻人易受各种便宜且充足的毒品祸害,伊朗在禁毒方面面临严峻挑战。一些批评人士说,伊朗对毒品罪处以死刑,对于禁毒并没有起到明显作用,未能真正解决问题。   据新华社 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: