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Poor villagers have accident after 2 years together millions of parents take the initiative to repay student – Beijing two years ago, Nanjing Liuhe student Feng Wanzi summer job to earn tuition, but suffered a car accident, life on the verge of death or destruction, need surgery to save lives. The critical moment, the local villagers and neighbors generously sent 1 million 100 thousand yuan money, Xiao Feng will pull back from the brink of death. At that time, many kind-hearted people out of sympathy, sent money to help, did not leave a note and receipt. Two years passed, the rescued students parents did not forget the kindness of the people, still has two years ago the Savior’s name and the amount of donations, they all paid a sum. Poor college students in a car accident Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday afternoon came to Liuhe. In the village, the mention of this family, the villagers all know. In 2014, in the Second District of Liuhe River King Village in Jiangsu Yancheng Institute Of Technology student Feng Wanzi, because his family was poor, July summer vacation, alone came to a restaurant washing dishes in Nanjing District of Qixia odd jobs to earn my tuition for the next semester. Monthly income of only 1700 yuan, but Xiao Feng still want to reduce the burden on parents. Unexpectedly, in August 10th that year, at 10 o’clock in the evening, after the end of a small Feng Gan live, leaving the hotel back to work on the way to the rental house, was a speeding car hit, after being taken to hospital in the rescue of the 120. Check the emergency room doctor, found Xiao Feng brain because of too much blood, life on the verge of death or destruction, must do brain surgery immediately, need an expensive operation fee. 100 kilometers away in Liuhe West Village of Xiao Feng father suddenly received a call from the hospital emergency call, suddenly panicked, in desperation, the old couple dark night to find CunZhiShu home for help. The village was already in bed after that, immediately call the village accountant, let him get to the village name of the village rushed to raise money, borrowed 100 thousand yuan in cash to accompany the two old people rushed to the hospital. Received the news of the street is also sent to the hospital in the morning. Second days, Xiao Feng from the operation room after being transferred to the ICU, the doctor said, a few days to do second operations, let the family to raise money. As a result, the villagers have been informed of the public to help save the lives of young college students, the streets were deployed to carry out the deployment of love activities, the community and businesses within 10 days to raise a donation of $150 thousand to feng. One hundred dollars to help him get rid of death after a month, to save the love of college students from small villages to the surrounding proliferation, we have to participate in donations. The river villagers love and Ren Yishan go to the bank once removed 15 thousand yuan in cash to the Feng family, Feng family to make a receipt, which know, Shan Ren said, "save the children matter, is the fellow villagers, later." The cops didn’t want to go. A month’s time, with the help of a hundred money, Xiao Feng after 3 surgery, and finally pulled out of the death of the pull, life is no longer serious, but still need follow-up treatment. Local street community for its application for subsistence allowances, Xiao Feng played the work of the hotel staff also organized blood donation, donations, 120 high school alumni also came to donate money, some folks often send food to the chicken, Xiao Feng to increase the value of相关的主题文章: