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After the woman is pregnant for 10 days to return to work was transferred into a 4 month pregnant Ms. Qiu arranged by the company do the physical work of Xiangyang Taisheng packaging company so post alleged illegal before 10, Xiangzhou Wolong Road, Xiangyang Taisheng packaging production workshop. Ms. Qiu is pregnant for 4 months, picked up a cardboard, clean up, spread on the ground, and then picked up a cardboard, clean up the stack in the first pile of cardboard, to 20, the weight of about 20 kg of cardboard together, and then repeat the work of a bundle of 20, followed by on the stack to the heap, about two meters high, Ms. Qiu and busy to stack a. "Let me have a threatened abortion symptoms of women, to do so heavy work, is illegal."." Yesterday, Ms. Qiu complained to Chutian express. In November 2012, Ms. Qiu became Tysan company of a warehouse, on the computer every day into the list of goods led the customer to receive goods, work is relatively easy. Can work after a leave of absence has changed. August 30th, 4 months of pregnancy (second child) Qiu lady physical discomfort, diagnosis of threatened abortion symptoms, doctors suggest that they rest. In August 31st, she submitted the leave of absence to the company (indicating the reasons for the leave), and she was allowed to rest for 10 days. In September 9th, Ms. Qiu received the company’s notice: go to work on the production line, work time 7:30 every morning, evening 7:30, 7:30 late morning 7:30 (two shifts, once every half a month). After receiving the notice, Ms. Qiu repeatedly negotiate with the company, apply for back to the original post were rejected. 19 days later, it was the time for Ms. Qiu to work on the night shift, so there was a scene above. Because of work fatigue, these days, Ms. Qiu on 4, 5 hours later, all the company to ask for a leave. Qiu said, obviously know she is pregnant, can not do heavy physical activity, but also arrange such positions, is forcing her resignation. If you quit your job, you don’t have to take any responsibility. In addition, the practice of the company violates the law on the protection of women’s rights and interests and labor law. Yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to interview Taisheng packaging company. Can pregnant women stay up late to do physical work? Is it forced Ms. Qiu to resign and evade the law? In the face of doubt, the company office director Li said: "this is normal mobilization, inconvenience and you say more." At present, the dispute arbitration committee of the labor and personnel dispute has been involved in the investigation. Related links: 1. People’s Republic of China women’s rights and interests protection law fourth chapter twenty-sixth stipulates: Any unit should according to the characteristics of women, according to the law to protect women in work and labor safety and health, not to arrange for women’s work and labor. Women are given special protection during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. 2. People’s Republic of China seventh chapter sixty-first stipulates: do not arrange the female worker to engage in the labor intensity of the third level physical labor intensity during the gestation period and the labor which is forbidden during the pregnancy. Women who are pregnant for more than seven months shall not be allowed to extend their working hours and night shifts.

女子怀孕后请假10天 回来上班被调岗成搬运工怀孕4个月的邱女士被公司安排干体力活襄阳泰升包装公司如此调岗被指违法前晚10时,襄州卧龙东路,襄阳泰升包装生产车间。怀孕4个月的邱女士,拿起一个纸板,清理干净,摊在地上,再拿起一个纸板,清理干净,摞在第一个纸板上,摞到20个后,把重约20斤的纸板捆在一起,然后再重复以上工作捆20个,依次堆在上面,堆到约两米高后,邱女士又忙着去堆下一个。“让我一个已出现先兆流产症状的女人,去干这么重的活,是违法。”昨日,邱女士向楚天快报投诉。2012年11月,邱女士应聘成为泰升公司一名仓管员,每天在电脑上录入货物清单,领着客户去领货,工作相对轻松。可工作在一次请假后发生了改变。8月30日,怀孕4个月(二胎)的邱女士身体出现不适,经诊断有先兆流产症状,医生建议其休息。8月31日,她向公司递交了请假条(注明了请假原因),经批准,她休息10天。9月9日,邱女士接到公司通知:去生产线上上班,工作时间每日早7:30—晚7:30,晚7:30—早7:30(两班倒,每半个月倒一次)。接到通知后,邱女士多次与公司交涉,申请回原岗位均被拒绝。19日起,刚好轮到邱女士上夜班,于是便出现了上文一幕。因工作劳累,这几日,邱女士上了4、5个小时后,都向公司请了假。邱女士说,明明知道她已怀孕,干不了重体力活,还安排这样的岗位,是逼着她自己辞职。自己辞职,公司就不用承担任何责任了。另外,公司的做法违法了妇女权益保障法和劳动法。昨日下午,记者来到泰升包装公司采访。孕妇能不能熬夜干体力活?是不是变相逼邱女士辞职,规避法律?面对疑问,该公司办公室李主任说:“这是正常调动,不方便和你多说。”目前,襄州区劳动人事争议仲裁委员会已介入调查此事。相关链接:1.中华人民共和国妇女权益保障法第四章第二十六条规定:任何单位均应根据妇女的特点,依法保护妇女在工作和劳动时的安全和健康,不得安排不适合妇女从事的工作和劳动。妇女在经期、孕期、产期、哺乳期受特殊保护。2.中华人民共和国第七章第六十一条规定:不得安排女职工在怀孕期间从事国家规定的第三级体力劳动强度的劳动和孕期禁忌从事的劳动。对怀孕七个月以上的女职工,不得安排其延长工作时间和夜班劳动。相关的主题文章: