Africa’s first electrified railway by China make or change the pattern of

Africa’s first electrified railway by Chinese create or change the pattern of Africa: April 27, 2014 China Railway Construction Group Turkey workers and advanced railway laying operations in Ethiopia diredawa photos. The Xinhua News Agency reference news network reported on October 9th the British media said, whether it is from Cape Town to Bulawayo, or Mombasa to the Blue Nile, since the first sleeper Lord Kitchener in 1885 laid from wadi Halfa to Khartoum, Africa has its own characteristics of railway. According to the British "times" website reported on October 7th, a new railway before the landlocked Ethiopia also has a strong sense of history, which stretches 460 miles (about 750 kilometers) of the railway from Addisababa to Djibouti, Djibouti is a former French colony, is the Red Sea port, which is the only existing in China’s military the base also has American military bases in the country. Reported that the Chinese capital and personnel to assist in the completion of the electrification of the railway cost 2 billion 700 million pounds, replacing the French colonial era has been damaged railway. This week, when a car is decorated with Ethiopia unique color for the first time when the train departed from Addisababa to the seaside, the distance is shortened from 3 days to 12 hours, this is the first time since 2007 from the city train. "This train has changed the whole pattern," said Getachew, a · of the Ethiopia railway company. The country’s economic growth in Africa is one of the fastest, the prime minister · Desa Leni said, Haier hailemariam; this railway will bring great benefits to be built in the industrial park and the modern farm."相关的主题文章: