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Internet-Marketing Have you heard about Video Skinning ? This is a simple method that Keith Wellman introduced recently for the launch of his new program called Easy Sales Formula . Even if Easy Sales Formula is a paid course, Keith literally gave away the Video Skinning technique, which is an ultra simple way to make money as an affiliate. The principle : you make a video that replace the merchant sales letter, and directly drive your visitors to the order page. Yes, you bypass the sales letter. Why would you do this, and is it effective ? This article will answer these two questions. So why would you skip a merchant’s sales letter ? There are several answers. The first one could be because the sales letter is not converting really well. You have spent some time marketing and preselling an offer, driving tons of traffic to only see one sale in your stats, then you can use this method. Second, the salesletter could be converting quite well, but why your visitors would have to read again a long ( and you know there are very long sales pages) to learn the same things you told them in your articles or reviews ? You could potentially lose sales as people get bored very quickly. People have a short attention span online, and this method shows you how to do short videos. The third reason is because video converts better. That’s a fact, using video on sales page is more and more popular, and that’s certainly the reason why some marketers have created their own course on the subject. Plus, these kind of videos are easy to do. You don’t even have in front of the camera ! You make a simple presentation with consecutive slides, with software like PowerPoint, and basically use the elements of the actual sales letter. But there are few rules on how to do it right, Keith tells everything in the free Easy Sales Formula training. Is it effective ? Well, as mentioned earlier, "video sales letter" convert better than standard text. According to Keith Wellman tests and case studies, you can generate 1200% more sales ! So even if you’re not generating this much, you can definitely triple or quadruple your sales. When you think about it affiliates and merchants can use this process. Just do the test of Video Skinning yourself, it doesn’t cost a cent ! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: