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Acceptable T Chengdu led the Beijing modern star front volley force Beijing – Beijing, September 2, September 2nd, the nineteenth Chengdu International Automotive Exhibition officially opened. Beijing Hyundai with its 11 key models. Around the market trend of young and fine differentiation, this show for the first time in the modern Beijing auto show scene with the release of three heavy vehicles: accept the production version of the world’s first, and the same period on sale; Beijing modern high-end D+S two flagship also ushered in the new Huan 2017 upgrade, the ninth generation Sonata and 2017 new Shengda more precise positioning, enhance the sense of luxury, and into a number of new intelligent technology. In addition, the ninth generation Sonata hybrid version, figure 1.6T, ix35, ix25, new Tucson 1.6T star models also shine Beijing modern booth, and set up a special T power area and hybrid area, showcasing Beijing modern T in power, new energy and other areas of science and technology innovation achievements. This year’s Chengdu auto show on the world’s first version of the Wyatt production model once again become the focus of the audience. As a location for the "made in the new energy of fine car, pleasing circle powder 25-29 years old self, intelligent, confident about the trend, young people full of energy and enthusiasm. The unique advantages of its design, space and intelligent technology. Acceptable body size is 4380*1728*1460mm, which at the same level of competitive 1728mm 2600mm maximum car width and wheelbase, create a head, leading the knee space. Interior design to the driver as the center, with the interior color and color seat Shuangpin rich, bring a sense of great quality free exclusive travel experience for consumers. It is reported that accepted not only equipped with VSM vehicle stability control system and a series of active and passive safety configuration, is also equipped with a number of unique intelligent technology, Carplay& Carlife, integrated Bracelet intelligent key — H-Band and intelligent as pleasing intelligent technology into the trunk of gene. In addition, pleasing with Kappa 1.4L and gamma 1.6L D-CVVT exhaust VVT engine, matching the competing products in a unique 6 speed manual and automatic transmission, to create the lowest combined fuel consumption of 5L 100km at the same level, to bring consumers intelligence, experience and leading technology, strong economic driving experience. In addition to this show released the four door version of the three car models, the future will also launch five door hatchback models and sport models. In addition, in the production version released the same day, acceptable pre-sale has also started simultaneously, and will arrive at the end of September national distributor to meet with consumers. 10 months late, the new generation of small cars officially listed, the strongest combination will form the small car market and Rena, provide sufficient energy for the Beijing modern million. A sense of the future into the ninth generation Sonata refresh D car ceiling in June following a hybrid version of the model after the listing, Beijing as a modern D flagship, the Chengdu auto show 2017 Sonata ninth heavy launch, through the design of intelligent technology upgrading and injection, refresh the highest level sense of the future, D class car market sense of technology and luxury sense..相关的主题文章: